Friday, August 21, 2015

Council Meeting Debrief...My Takes

Yes it was a formality but Council as a body once again showed why they truly are irrelevant.  A rubber stamp group mandated by the Charter.

Here is my take on last night:

  1. With a room full of people, Council would not rearrange the order so that people could speak, making them wait hours while such pressing business as setting a date for food truck regulation discussions and extending Al Coby's contract were addressed.  What the Hell-en?  Chalk that one up to business as usual.
  2. PC Wu will do anything to keep his City paid retirement travel flowing.  I have seen his pony show too many times.  It was just a matter of when.  Citizens...blah, blah, blah...never happens again...blah, blah, blah...Vote for the Mayor...What time is my flight to some League of Cities boondoggle at taxpayer expense? What value has the City received from his ever increasing participation in the League? Now he is on the National Board...good thing, he has already stayed at every five star resort in Florida. He needs someplace new.
  3. I loved the guy that stated a few weeks ago the Mayor was discussed as a possible congressman and now look at him.  That one rang in the Mayor's ear.  For him, it's all about HIS perception.
  4. Andy Terhaar was quoted as saying “This was an egregious error in judgement, and I think Mr. Olson knows what he did was wrong,” then the Mayor's boy votes as he was told. Roll over. Vote! Good Andy!
  5. Larry Johnson...whatever. 
  6. CNAP is a force that can mobilize folks.  Hope they remember who supported the Citizens and who didn't when elections come around.
  7. Thank you to the members that did vote to support the will be remembered.
  8. Eric Olson not only brought shame on himself, the City, and the Mayor but I bet Admiral Eric Olson is not going to enjoy every google search of his name reflecting your misdeeds.  LOL
  9. Any hopes Hayward has of further office just keep dwindling away and having his police look up reporters records is just inviting the next crisis.
  10. You opened the door Mayor by not taking Olson out.  Now you get a lawsuit complete with depositions of YOU, OLSON and the rest of your clown show.

Once again the courage of some on Council was overshadowed by the politics of others on Council. Unfortunately, guilt by association for those that continually strive to do the right thing. 

The PNJ photo below says it all!  That is a Mayor who wants to hear from the Citizens!  Photos like that would not be allowed of you if Aunt Ginny was still there!  LOL!


Anonymous said...

Maybe a better photo of Hayward would be of him and Olson talking and laughing while the Citizens were trying to vent their frustrations, because that is what he truly thinks of the citizens and employees of Pensacola.....they are a joke to him!

Anonymous said...

We can all complain until the cows come home, but......

the bottom line is.......

when I go the polls in a city election......

I DON'T HAVE ANY CHOICES...!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayor's race? No legitimate choice, although I reluctantly voted for the loser. What happened to my first choice, Charles Bare?

Why doesn't anyone ever run against the truly moronic P.C. Wu and Larry Johnson?

Get rid of Hayward and you will simultaneously get rid of his lapdogs Spencer and Terhaar. But until Hayward is gone these two will follow him anywhere.

Jewel Cannada-Wynn? What is her story? Go along to get along?

There are NO CHOICES in any city elections and these f---heads know it. They have absolutely no incentive to do anything other than what they have done for decades. Until there is competition for these positions it will always be business as usual in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

You keep at it Maren.

Anonymous said...

Please explain your comment about the mayor having city police run checks on reporters.

Maren DeWeese said...


I have posted the audio of the PNJ Editor's interview where Tamara Fountain was in possession of a reporters "police report"


Anonymous said...

I have pictures of my 3 year old looking the exact same way - "I hate you all. I don't want to be here. I don't know what to say. I want to cry." Great job Ashton. You sure can take it!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are the laughing stock of the community. At a major charity event tonight, the "City" was conspicuously absent. AMAZING!!!! You have been shamed into hiding - or, are you not welcome anymore because you are a detriment?

Anonymous said...

That sums it nailed it!

Anonymous said...


I just moved back to Pensacola after a long time away.

I have a couple of questions for you.

1-Is it normal for there to be so much turnover with the staff of city of Pensacola?

2-I read a comment that stated this Derek Cosson was hired by mayor in order to keep him and his blogs quiet so to speak. Do you really believe Derek Cosson has that much influence in the city of Pensacola? I understand how people would believe the mayor, Eric Olson, and even Tamara Fountain would have a lot of influence/power within the city of Pensacola.

I was just interested in your viewpoint on this.