Monday, August 17, 2015

Airport Mole? Is the Potted Plant a Spy for Mama?

In the voicemail below from Budget Director Yvette McLellan to HR Puppy Lover Edward Sisson the Finance department employee calls the Chief HR Officer because she has the "scoop de jour" on whats going on at the Airport.

Audio: scoop-de-jour

Could the Potted Plant be a mole for Mama?  Watch your backs at the Airport folks.

That plant has ears!!!


Anonymous said...

For her real mom…maybe. But she was really “planted” there to spy for big mama Fountain and given the fake title of marketing director for which she is NOT qualified. Just do a records search for her emails to co-workers and subordinates…many of them have poor grammar and misspelled words. The peeps that work for her can’t stand her and constantly complain about her lack of experience being a boss. Shouldn’t we expect more from a “qualified” “candidate”? Oh, I forgot, she never had to apply for the job or produce qualifying credentials for it because T. Fountain forced the airport director to make the position hers. And she forced an openly gay employee out of his office and into a smaller one with a tiny window. The gay man has been an airport employee for years and had a lot to do with the redesign and new d├ęcor. He tells me about how much time he has been there and how much he did to make the airport a nicer place.He has a masters degree and several accreditations from professional airport associations but he got kicked out of his office into a storage room at the end of the hallway because Tamara ruled and Rebecca trumps gay guys. She is a joke. Big Hair Becca is a JOKE. Tamara Fountain created the joke. Everyone who knows her mama, Yvette, knows Yvette will lie, cheat and steal to get whatever she wants. People who know the McClellan’s well do not have respect for either one of those losers. Just ask Yvette’s co-workers at City Hall. Some of us who work at the airport for vendors know EXACTLY what is going on ‘cause it’s a small airport and people talk.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pathetic!!! Potted plant needs to follow her mentor Fountain out the door...neither were qualified and deserving of their positions...and while we're at it has anyone done a
records request on mama McClellan's qualifications and salary?!! I bet she falls into the "over paid and under qualified" category like her daughter and queen fountain!!