Monday, August 24, 2015

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

When driving by the Tech Park on 9th you may (or may not) notice the sign above.  A reader pointed it out to me.

CBRE and Beck jointly marketing the Tech Park.  Hmmm!
Justin Beck & Lee Ann Korst.  Hmmm!
Tenant at the CMP and the Listing Agent for the CMP.   Hmmm!
Client of Beggs & Lane and Agent who still has a listing after B&L ran off Studer. Hmmm!

Who will CBRE propose to buyers?  Tech Park or CMP?
Anyone wonder if CBRE and Beck have discussed the CMP?
Do CBRE leads and proposed projects impact the value of Beck's investment at CMP?
Can Beck steer CBRE to projects that maximize the value of their investment?
If Beck doesn't like a proposed project, does it's law firm tank the deal with lease issues?
Does value for Beck investment increase if more CMP land is for public use or private use?

Pensacola, where the backroom deals may be right in front of your face!


Anonymous said...

This both surprises me and doesn't. It is Pensacola after-all.

The Beck's have been involved in 'questionable' development activities for as long as I can remember.

Anonymous said...

That same sign can also be seen at the new commercial development at the UWF Entrance on HWY 90.

Anonymous said...

The Tech Park and the Community Maritime Park (aka baseball stadium) are two peas in a pod. Both were built “on spec” without any realistic idea of how they could ever be used. Both were built with lots and lots of wasted taxpayer money. Both were used to legally distribute money to the “right” GOB campaign contributors.

The Tech Park was at one time being marketed by the Chamber of Commerce, a bastion of GOB self-interest. A couple of years ago I called the C of C to inquire about the price of the property and could not get a straight answer. There was a lot of wishy-washy talk that sounded like “Let’s Make a Deal.”

If anyone wants a good laugh, read the “land development” rules for the Tech Park. I am sure that those rules will be waived if you are the right person, but if you are the wrong person (such as being from out of town) you would be crazy to build anything at the Tech Park.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if CBRE is rendering any of the Valuations as well?