Monday, July 6, 2015

WEAR Now Officially A Propaganda Tool of the Mayor

I will be releasing the next treasure trove of emails from Tamara Fountain, de facto Mayor of Pensacola. 

In the email below from WEAR's Christina Leavenworth to Fountain, Leavenworth confirms in writing what we have all known.  WEAR is just another outlet for the Mayor's spin machine.

Notice Christina was TOLD BY HER GM. Hope she doesn't ask any tough questions or she may end up like previous reporters.

Can you call me now-850XXXXXXX

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> On May 20, 2015, at 10:00 AM, Tamara Fountain <> wrote:

> Great. When are available?

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>> On May 20, 2015, at 9:55 AM, "Christina Leavenworth" <> wrote:

>> Hey Tamara,

>> Our GM told me I would be working with you guys and doing weekly segments with the Mayor. Can we touch base soon and talk about what days/times it would be best to do this

>> Christina

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Anonymous said...

We do not have news outlets in Pensacola, just competing Propaganda Machines. They do not even try to hide it either. Journalism is completely dead in our town... I cannot imagine anything more un-american that a bought off press.

Reminds me of Soviet Propaganda run by the Government and KGB. Except, now it is run by The Mayor's office, Studer and Outzen's little play pen of buddies.

Anonymous said...

WEAR (Sinclair Broadcasting) has always been a Far Right Propaganda Tool.

Anonymous said...

The WEAR news cast is one continuous automobile commercial occasionally interrupted with such hard news events as "Angels in our Midst." The major news of the day is always "First Warning Weather." ( Warning! The sun will shine today! ) The weather is so important that it is actually given two spots in 30 minutes. the objective here is to take up as much time as possible so that no one will have to find any real news stories that day.

The good news is that WEAR is basically harmless as no one pays it much attention. The News Journal, on the other hand, has caused a great deal of harm to our community.