Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Lawsuit

Ashton Hayward took office in 2011.

At that point, the Federal lawsuit from the minority firefighters was in it's second trip through the Pensacola Federal Court System after Judge Rodger's had been overruled by the Appeals Court for ruling for the City in error.

He had a choice at the time, he could be the hero and take this issue head on.  Acknowledge the dismal past of the PFD and heal the current environment.  Or he could take someone's sage advice and continue to ignore the racial discrimination of the past at the PFD and punish the parties to the lawsuit.

Did Ashton Hayward attempt to settle the suit to everyone's satisfaction?  No!
Did Ashton Hayward  put new policies and procedures in place to stop another occurance?  No!
Did Ashton Hayward stop a suit that IN NO WAY would effect HIS administration? No!

He kept paying HIS lawyers to fight the case and object on procedural grounds.

Ashton Hayward thought based on his administration's positions in Court that:

  • The claims of the black firefighters were "untimely"
  • There "was no record evidence to support the remainder of the claims"
Read the appeal ruling for yourself.

Ashton Hayward instructed his attorneys to beat the suit NOT THE FACTS.  

Not timely!!  So go away firefighters.

How do you PROVE words?  
How do you PROVE hostile work environment?

A leader meets with the parties to the issue, works for resolution and finds a win/win.

But as previously stated Ashton Hayward is not a leader!  Your Mayor has stated, to Citizens and Fire Fighters as well, that he can't get past the lawsuit.  So my question is this...Mr. Mayor if you believe the incidents happened and lawsuit aside, why have you done nothing to build a better fire department?

Why has the department gone half of a decade under your leadership without a permanent leader?

Oh, I remember the quotes:
Hayward on Station 3: Who cares about the fire station Maren? It's not economic development.
Hayward on 2 in 2 out: What's the big deal Maren? Nobody's dying.


Anonymous said...

This is maddening...I am completely floored by all of this and if there is no response from the Mayor's office now, what will he respond to.

Anonymous said...

The "City" may have won but Pensacola definitely lost! Who lost? Every person black or white who objects to nooses, KKK, the display of the Confederate flag at fire stations, racial slurs, the acronym DAN, and every other despicable act that is mentioned in the affidavits. The winners are those who defended and supported the pieces of trash who were responsible for taking part in those disgusting acts. Maren, I now fully understand why you call the individuals who endured all of this courageous!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's dying? Would someone please let this brain-dead idiot know that one of our brave firefighters actually died fighting a fire in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Pensacola is an awesome place to live. Where else can you openly discriminate against minorities in the workplace and get infinite support from all of the city's leaders including the Mayor. One thing about trying to sweep $#!£ under the rug; you might not see it right away but it still stinks and once you pull up the rug, it's still the same ole $#!£.

Anonymous said...

Totally disgusting that the Mayor who was sworn in twice to prevent such unbelievable things from occurring; essentially protected the perpetrators and now continues to oppose those who took action to stop blatant racism. I wonder how the black tax payers feel about their tax dollars being spent to defend those who decided to bring nooses to the fire house and who reffered to black firemen as DAN. Welcome to the Upsidedown Side of Florida.

Anonymous said...

^^^So true!!! Congratulations to the city for fighting so hard to defend racism and encouraging more in the future. You all should be so proud.

Anonymous said...

(Read in a Kanye West's voice) "Ashton Hayward doesn't care about black people. He only cares about them during election time or when he wants to look cool by removing the Confederate flag because a Facebook poll told him to. Ashton Hayward only cares about Pensacola to Airport Blvd thru the 500 block of W. Main St. He doesn't care about the West Side of Cervantes thru Mobile Hwy. He has 4 mirrors in his office. He spends 3 hours, 2 days a week, putting M&M's in alphabetical order. He tripped over a cordless phone once. At the bottom of the letter denying Studer the lease where it said "sign here", Ashton put "Capricorn". He tries to pay his phone bill at Taco Bell."

The people of Pensacola have no one to blame but themselves. You voted for him, twice. You made fun of Maren calling her the crazy cat lady. Finally his true colors are being revealed. Just wait until we read his yahoo email account public records.

Anonymous said...

This situation will ONLY be addressed if its politically expedient to do so. It's never about integrity or what's morally right or wrong with this administration.

Anonymous said...

This all goes to show what an arrogant, elitist, insensitive, immoral est├║pido, racista
Hayward is. Hey Jim, Fred, Casey, Tamara, is this really the culo payaso you're hoping will unseat Jeff Miller? I hope Congressman Miller's staff is all over this escándalo.

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me that my tax dollars were not spent to defend racism. Maren, do you know how much was spent on attorney's fees for this?

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Congressman?!?!? ::cough:: ::cough::

That's pretty funny.