Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So...Where Are We At? The Extent of Doing Nothing

It is one thing to say Ashton Hayward is doing nothing about the fire department.

It is another to show undeniable proof and let it speak for itself.

Below are the official city job descriptions for the Assistant Chief and Chief positions.

Remember, Pensacola has had an interim Chief for 5 years.  The Chief position has NOT EVEN BEEN ADVERTISED.

After 2009, the Assistant Chief role requires:
  • a 4 year college degree
  • 10 years experience 
  • 5 years with the PFD as a Captain or above
The CURRENT Chief description required ONLY seven (7) years experience and according to the document, reports to THE CITY MANAGER.

Other requirements that preclude anyone from outside the Pensacola Fire Department from obtaining the position:
  • Thorough knowledge of the City building code
  • Thorough knowledge of the geography and street layout of the City.
If Hayward was serious about the PFD, would the job description be so out of date and the position not be advertised.




Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Mayor is using the money not used to pay for a Fire Chief to cover the costs of that new Big-Haired Marketing Manager at the Airport and that shifty PR Consultant (initials DC).

FYI...I witnessed DC posting to Dick's Blog during normal Mon-Fri business hours. He normally posted under names like Blinky, Dinky, Pinky, etc. So to say he did nothing during normal work hours is total BS and the administration on the 7th floor is well aware of these actions.

Anonymous said...

ALL RACISTS ARE DIRTBAGS!!! But the worst racists by far are the closet racists who have to announce to everyone that they have black friends. They're the ones with 300 friends on Facebook and like two of them are black.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I moved away from Pensacola -- it's a God forsaken, racist, sexist place. There's a reason it's known as LA -- lower Alabama. I'd never move back.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY City Hall is unaware of what's being stated in this blog. Yet, true to form they ignore it all hoping that it will all just go away. Ironically, that seemed to be the same strategy that was used when the black firefighters first complained about racism in the fire house. Perfect example of what happens when there is absolutely ZERO leadership in the city.

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes?? Dateline?? !!

Anonymous said...

This city has a perfect record for not getting things right. I could provide a long list of failures and unfulfilled promises made but what's the use. It seems that Hayward can get away with just about anything without being held accountable.

Anonymous said...

So what happened to those who brought nooses into the workplace, who called black firefighters DAN (Dumb Ass Ni**r), who referred to black children as niggletts, who told racist jokes, who denied blacks training, promotions, and many other things that I have witnessed myself? Did these individuals get fired? NO! Did they get reprimands? NO! Did they get suspended? NO! Did they get fined? NO! Did they even get warned to stop? NO! So what did they get? They got support from city leadership by defending them in the lawsuit and they even got promoted up the ranks with NO QUALIFICATIONS after being named in the lawsuit to add insult to injury.