Thursday, July 9, 2015

Peacock the Puppet asks his Master What to Do...Asmar to Represent Bar Owners

The PNJ is just throwing darts at the wall.  Gallery Nights are all about the Mayor's desires.

Peacock is nothing but the Mayor's stooge on the DIB.  Blah Blah Budget,  Blah Blah Cost.

The Mayor wants 6 gallery nights but wants political cover.  It will be six!

Speak John,  Good Boy!

Unless Asmar threatens the Mayor to talk to the Feds, then it might be Gallery Night every night!!

There is a meeting currently scheduled for 5/13 at 5. To discuss with bar owners.  Will city attend?

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To: John Peacock
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Yes. The Mayor strongly feels six a year is enough.

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> On May 5, 2015, at 1:40 AM, "John Peacock" <> wrote:
> We can regulate the number of gallery nights correct?
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> From: Tamara Fountain <>
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> Subject: Re: Gallery night
> Councilman Bare asked an important question of our new City Attorney.
> He asked if the DIB has the authority to regulate alcohol sales. We have all operated under misinformation that the special permit pulled allowed the event sponsor to regulate the rules regarding alcohol sales (DIB sponsors Gallery Night).
> According to our new City Attorney, the DIB is not a regulating authority.
> The right of way is owned by the City. The City can regulate alcohol sales in the right of way.  Possession of a liquor license does not qualify you to sell alcohol in the City's right of way.
> I will get back to you with an official position.
> T
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>> On May 4, 2015, at 3:21 PM, "John Peacock" <> wrote:
>> I understand the bar owners may be lawyering up and hiring Asmar.  May need support
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Anonymous said...

Then, is the DIB's only responsibility parking? Ron has done a great job over the last few years and it was a challenge to take on 12 gallery events, but everyone stepped up and were present. There are businesses that put on activities at out-of-pocket cost because they love what the DIB was doing for the community.

Six gallery nights a year will be easier on the vendors and participants (minus the loss of revenue and charitable donations), but the DIB provides a forum for these participating vendors to have a voice and to make compromise with whatever problems spring up. It's just disappointing.

Anonymous said...

"According to our new City Attorney, the DIB is not a regulating authority."

Does this mean that I can take any parking ticket issued downtown, set it on fire and throw it in the garbage? Thanks, Pensacola!

Anonymous said...

Parking tickets and the DIB.....Interesting....How are they authorized to ticket if they aren't a regulating authority?