Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Olson Public Records...What City Hall Isn't Telling You...Or Council

I received my first public records request of City Administrator Eric Olson.  I had been told by a Citizen that Olson was caught in a lie.  More to come on this.

What I did learn in the email harvest is interesting.  Let me tell you what is going on.  Council, email me if you want the documents since they won't be shared with you otherwise.

  • The City's lease for the parking lot for the to be built Holiday Inn Express downtown is done.  Beggs & Lane got right on that one, Rick.
  • The Amtrak train station has an offer to be rented by a bar and restaurant for 10 years.
    • 4,535 square feet
    • two five year renewals
    • $2,645 per month plus sales tax
  • A fight broke out at Seville Quarter and an off duty officer was injured requiring 20 stitches with severed tendons and nerves.  If he was hurt off the clock does City workers comp pay and how is his leave handled?  Future chief Tommi Lyter briefed everyone
  • The BP Settlement funds that Escambia County is receiving are HALF of what was expected.
  • SkyWarriors at the Airport has a proposal to the military for $178 million but the owner is proposing a sight other than Pensacola International Airport because his experience with PIA is so bad he would rather propose for somewhere else.
  • The City has a copy of a FTC complaint against UBER.
  • Tim May wanted to take July 14-17 off.  Shouldn't be a problem.
  • The City outsources 311 calls to Panhandle Alarms.
  • Dave Penzone, the Mayor's guru, is working on a massive parking project for the City of Pensacola.
  • The new Economic Policy Coordinator called Rick Harper about everything from fees to best practices for film commissions.  Wasted time Dr. Harper.
  • Key Staff meetings for the rest of the year - Ashton Hayward not even copied.
    • July 15 - Oops missed it
    • Aug 12 - 9 to 10:30 Whibbs Conf Room
    • Sept 16 - 9-10 Hagler Mason Conf Room
    • Oct 7 - 9-10 Hagler Mason Conf Room
    • Nov 6 - 9-10:30 Hagler Mason Conf Room
    • Dec 9 - 9-10 Whibbs Conf Room
I will post emails as able.

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