Monday, July 27, 2015

Hayward Has Done...Nothing

Over the last week, you have seen the dismal racial history of the Pensacola Fire Department.  You have seen the neglect by the City leaders over 25 years to not just address the issues but their insistence that the issues detailed in the Federal lawsuit were, according to Chief Dixon to the PNJ when the suit was filed:

"mostly lies and innuendos"..."Their accusations are so off based and so wrong, it would take me a long time to sort it out."

PNJ Article

Many have asked

  • "Did Hayward know?"  YES HE DID!  He told the black firefighters, black community leaders, city council members (including me) and the Fire Union that things would be different when he was elected.
  • "Has Hayward done anything?"  YES HE HAS! 
    • He has continued to pursue the defense of the lawsuit against the City by the Firefighters spending thousands of dollars on his lawyers Allen Norton & Blue to deny the claims of the firefighters, to call them liars, and resorted to years of legal maneuvering to have their case dismissed.
    • He has refused to make the changes necessary in the leadership at the PFD, including leaving an interim chief in place for 5 years who is not remotely as qualified as several others within the department, both white and black.
    • He has not advertised for a chief in 5 years.  At all.
    • He has continued to neglect the facilities in which ALL of the firefighters must live including buildings with severe noted mold problems SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE.
    • He had his Chief of Staff (Asmar) say that no changes would be made UNLESS the officers drop the lawsuit.
    • He had his City Administrator (Castille) say that no changes would be made UNLESS the officers drop the lawsuit.
Ashton Hayward has met a party to the lawsuit and stated to his face that he would not promote him due to the lawsuit against the City.

Ashton Hayward has no courage!  That's why he:
  • No longer takes questions from the press
  • Never personally attends meetings that are anything more than PR opportunities.
  • Communicates only through press releases and facebook posts.
  • Only does what his spinmistress Tamara Fountain tells him to do.
His lack of leadership on this issue is shameful.

This week I will detail further evidence of his inaction.


Anonymous said...

Bravo! He's all promises and no action.

Anonymous said...

No surprises here...Ashton obviously could care less about the fire department and even less about how black firefighters were mistreated. His I naction says it all.

Anonymous said...

Inaction is a sign of weakness, defending something that any reasonable person recognizes as wrong is dishonorable, and refusing to take a stand against the heinous acts that have taken place is downright cowardly. How can this Mayor who apparently has the spine of a jellyfish face any black person now? I would have a serious problem if he showed his face at my church until he explains himself.

Anonymous said...

The leadership in City Hall obvoously doesn't have a problem with what happened to these African American firefighter's. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to work in such an environment.