Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gallery Night Saga...It's the Mayor not his puppet Peacock

In the email below, Tamara Fountain, defacto Mayor and Hayward's enforcer, takes Joe Abston to the woodshed over his positions and battles on behalf of Gallery Night.

The PNJ has a story today that DIB Chairman John "the Puppet" Peacock is seeking the reduction in the events due to funding.

Peacock just does as he is told.  Sit John, bark John, stay John.  Good John!

Don't get mad at the puppet, get mad at the puppet master.
Fountain pulls the strings on Peacock for the Mayor! 

The PNJ has the story today, but this conversation has been going on privately for over 2 months based on the date of the email below.
Why does Fountain and the Mayor want to reduce Gallery Nights?  Don't ask Peacock!
He just totes the water for Fountain and Hayward.

-------- Original message --------
From: Tamara Fountain <>
Date: 05/07/2015 9:16 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: Joe Abston <>
Subject: What's in the Cup


You are the only bar owner I have talked to about the number of gallery nights the Mayor favors. I told you the Mayor favors six gallery nights. I never once said or insinuated that the Mayor favors no gallery nights.

Rick Outzen published a story stating I told a bar owner that the Mayor favored six or no gallery nights. I know you copied Rick on your correspondence  (received and sent) previously. I hope this is a misunderstanding as I am working with you in good faith. I am happy to confirm any position or correct any misinformation about a position the Mayor takes.

I will see you tomorrow for the meeting at 11:30 with Ron Butlin. I am glad you will able to join us when I called to tell you about the meeting. I think it is much more productive to get everyone in one room to talk.


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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Ms. Fountain is "Self-Projecting."

The only one that is a "Spiteful Bitch" is Ms. Fountain based on her OWN emails.

Thank you Maren, for your blog and un-covering the truth at City Hall.

I look forward to it everyday.

Joy Kristin

Anonymous said...

I too love the way they make it soooo easy for you!!! and this ain't maren either.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tamara, your horns are starting to show.

Anonymous said...

50% of city employee don't like, respect, or admire Fountain. The other 50% doesn't even know who the hell she is. The 7th Floor is a revolving door. She will soon be out on her ass and forgotten along with Asmar, Reynolds, and Castille.
The Mayor is a joke, and most are amazed he's able to figure out how to use the elevator twice a week(He only works twice a week). Someone literally has to come down and press the #7 button because he'd just stand in that elevator all day if someone didn't. City Hall is a joke. Those who are the Mayor's kiss asses who have graduated from The University of East Hill Pensacola who have been there 5 years or less are too stupid to know how to do their jobs, seeking continuously the help of those who have been there much longer yet getting paid much, much less. While those who have put in 15 - 25+ years do the minimum work because at this point they're like "Fuck it".

Gallery Night was once super fun, but leave it to 7th floor to ruin it like they've ruined everything else.

Oh by the way Drew and Derek, this aint Maren either, you two idiots.

John Peacock said...

Great fiction Maren. I've told you this before. If you want to really know what's going on at DIB, my motives or intentions, or what discretion I do or don't get from city hall I would be more than happy to tell you or anyone else. Your mischaracterizations are insulting. You're entitled to disagree and entitled to your own opinions but you're not entitled to your own facts. If you want the facts call me at 712-7466

Anonymous said...

"The Mayor is a joke, and most are amazed he's able to figure out how to use the elevator twice a week."

Now that's comedy gold right there.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed participating in Gallery Night in partnership with the DIB. Ron has done great things for these events to have grown as much as they have. Since the beginning of time, adults + having a fun and relaxing time has gone hand in hand with adult beverages. Common sense. Don't fix what ain't broken. Go Joe.