Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fountain Telling Folks Not to Email Her...Because of Me

I understand Tamara Fountain is openly asking people not to email her as she is attempting to keep her City emails to a minimum since I keep asking for copies of them.

If she was proud of the actions she was taking, she shouldn't mind the review.

If you flip on the lights, they scatter.


Anonymous said...

By name....she's telling people that "Maren DeWeese" asks for public records and not to e-mail her but to call her. Blatant attempts to operate outside of the sunshine and to malign members of the public who dare ask for public records.

Anonymous said...

So much for Government in the Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

So, instead of using this opportunity to improve her governing/communication skills in the face of strong opposition, she's embarrassed by transparency? Someone help these people. I'm ready for the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

"Someone help these people?" Yes, someone please help them find the door. And don't let it hit you on the way out. Better yet, please escort them to the county line and point them in the right direction.

The problem with the mayor's election, AND the election of city council officials, is the lack of candidates running against these morons!

Anonymous said...

So how does that conversation look? "Ok folks... stop emailing me or I will take the weekend to decide if I'm going to fire you."