Friday, July 10, 2015

Fountain Runs DIB...Peacock is...Well a Peacock

When things need to get done or decided at the DIB, Executive Director Ron Butlin doesn't waste his time explaining matters to DIB Chairman John Peacock.

Why explain anything to a guy that is merely dictated to by his puppet masters?

He goes straight to the real boss...Tamara Fountain

Do you see the DIB "chair" copied anywhere on the emails below?  No. He doesn't matter.  Once the decision makers decide how to proceed, the mouthpieces will be trotted out before the press.

City Hall makes decisions, gets no criticism.  The DIB are cannon fodder for the Mayor.

Full Disclosure for "Chairman" Peacock
  • The DIB are volunteers who serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.
  • They all serve for different reasons.  Some want to feel special, others want perks, others want to be buddies with the Mayor. None have power to do anything. 
  • John Peacock is a difference maker...just ask him.
  • Feel free to call him and tell him what a great guy he is. He left his number in a post yesterday.
And finally...often when I express an opinion that is not appreciated by someone on my blog, the sexist, elitist Good Ole Boy's in this town feel the need to contact my husband to "get me in line".  

"Chairman" Peacock did it yesterday.

My email has been displayed on this blog since 2008.  Feel free to use it anytime.

Okay sounds good.  I will come by your office at 11:30 if that is still open.

Thanks Ron

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From: Tamara Fountain []
Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 2015 4:29 PM
To: Ron Butlin
Subject: Re: Gallery Night

I can do Friday. No need for attorneys.

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On May 5, 2015, at 5:54 PM, "Ron Butlin" <>> wrote:

Hi Tamara,

FYI, the DIB is already planning a meeting next Wednesday May 13th at 5:00.  We were hoping to hear the ideas that the bars and restaurants were working on as well as any other interested parties.  I don't think that is exactly the meeting Mr. Abston is requesting, however we can use it to kick things off if you thought it appropriate.  He appears to be interested in rewriting the special event ordinance, which by the way I am also in support of albeit that will take some time.

Would it make any sense for yourself, the City Attorney, the DIB Attorney and I to meet in the next 2 or 3 days so I can explain what I am thinking at this point?

Mike Stebbins and I are available Wednesday the 6th between 2:00 and 4:00 (done by 4:00) or Friday the 8th anytime from 10:00 to 5:00.


Ron Butlin



Anonymous said...

DIB is just another Bureaucratic Entity for the well connected to place yet another title by their names while siphoning local tax money to increase the revenue of their businesses.

CJ Lewis said...

DIB members do not serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. The DIB Act provides that DIB members may only be removed from office by the City Council. As a reminder, the City Council has never reviewed the DIB Act to confirm it to the new Charter, the process seemingly not much more than substituting the term "Council President" in place of the few uses of the term "Mayor" as used in 1972 to represent the City Council member appointed Mayor every two years by the City Council. The DIB Act does provide for an executive branch appointment to the DIB but Hayward refuses to make the appointment perhaps because doing so would undercut his position that he has the power to strip the Council President of the power to make appointments to the DIB as he did in mid-2011 after the Council President made the first appointment to the DIB under the Charter for the new form of government.

Anonymous said...

Their reaction is disturbing, unfortunate & telling!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight....the DIB is an independent state agency, run by a board of directors and NOT the City of Pensacola. According to their committee and board meeting minutes, both of which indicate the desires of the committee and Board to NOT change the number of Gallery Nights and to keep it at 12 events. In fact, their minutes indicate that over two dozen property owners attended their board meeting and indicated that they have moved their businesses to this district based on the traffic and the Gallery Night events and do not want the number of events reduced. Why is Mr. Peacock negotiating anything with the Mayor's office? Why doesn't the DIB Board get rid of Mr. Peacock for going AGAINST their Board's wishes? The property owners in the DIB district pay the extra 2 mils of property taxes into the DIB fund and they should be the ones making all the decisions with their committees and Board of Directors, NOT the Mayor. The property owners in the District need to stand up to the Mayor and tell him Enough is Enough, to stay out of their decisions.