Thursday, June 4, 2015

WTH? How is a FEDERAL Courthouse worth City tax dollars?

The PNJ reports today:

"The Mayor is focused on being a great Mayor for the City of Pensacola," City Hall spokesman Vernon Stewart wrote in an email. "The rumors are just that, rumors."
Coincidentally, Hayward met with Miller in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The mayor's office said the meeting was to discuss the mold-ridden federal courthouse in downtown Pensacola. Miller and other congressmen toured the courthouse in April."

Why are our tax dollars being wasted on a trip so best buddy Federal Judge Casey Rodgers doesn't have a mold problem?


FYI.  Fire Station 3 has had mold since before the yipyo took office.  He promised to fix it while running THE FIRST TIME but he has not lifted a finger in over 5 years.
No one calls him on it.


Two coughs from Judge Rodgers and FEDERAL criminal investigation target Mayor Hayward jumps on a plane for DC to lobby for the judges lungs!

Hmmmm!  Did we pay for the Mayoral Photographer to go to DC for this photo?


Anonymous said...

I will tell you why, this trip was an exploratory trip for a possible congressional run under the cover of City Business. That is why, it was a "Meet and Greet" and we paid for it. There is NO POSSIBLE CONNECTION what so ever between Mayor Hayward and the Federal Court House other than it is planted in City Limits. The building is privately owned and leased to GSA for the Courthouse on another sweetheart deal (Another Story).

I cannot believe that the owner of that building is not being held responsible! The same person who wrote that contract must have written the Wahoo's contract too.

Anonymous said...

Simply a fun trip, photo opp, and name drop. Ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

and there is that approx $90,000/year in property taxes going to the CRA. if they move out of the city or even county.....

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm!  Did we pay for the Mayoral Photographer to go to DC for this photo? the picture is framed and in good focus so it couldn't be taken by the the tag along girl.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY! He's already campaigning using City tax payer funding. If he cared so much about mold, he would repair the City owned Fire Station and numerous city owned buildings that have mold problems.

Anonymous said...

He's fooling himself if he thinks he would actually have a chance at winning a campaign outside of Pensacola.

Ashton=Big fish
Pensacola=Little Pond

He's not ready to swim with the sharks, they'd eat him alive. I would suggest Hayward takes some English night classes at PJC first.

Anonymous said...

If the sharks would eat him alive, then I vote for him running for higher office. We should only be so lucky.