Friday, June 5, 2015

Selfie Stick Would Save Taxpayers Thousands

I figured it out!

For $4.99, the City could do away with Laura Bogan altogether. 

Get the Mayor a selfie stick so that he could still get those self promotion photos without dragging Bogan around to every type of event (personal, city, social, etc)

  • A downward angle gets his good side (Bogan has a bit of an up angle to all her photos)
  • No candid photos outside his control (ie barefoot in a suit....really???)
  • The I-phone GPS function could let us know where he is all the time and what he does with all that Mayoral time.
Below is a PNJ photo of his royal highness barefoot in a suit....with a tie...and a hanky


Anonymous said...

What a schmuck.

Anonymous said...

PNJ and Ashie need to get a room!

Anonymous said...

Is this gift worth more than $100.00

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes....what a douche.

Anonymous said...

While I am not excited about a lot of things happening or has happened during Mayor Hayward's administrations I do know a lot about yachts. I am QUITE POSITIVE that he as well as others that did not have deck shoes or while soles on was asked to remove their shoes when they boarded. Looking at the mooring cleat, railing and teak deck... it did not surprise me at all.

I think that he gets a pass on THIS instance.