Thursday, June 11, 2015

Remember State of the City Addresses??

In the beginning the Mayor liked to have fancy State of the City addresses, tasty sandwiches, forced attendance, pretty pictures.

Then he ran out of substance to discuss and too many issues arose. 

Here is a little nugget I found buried in the Potted Plant's emails.

Better view it quick. I bet the link goes off within 24 hours.

Video messages for State of the City.  Preceded and followed up by adoring fans.

After watching this I would have just skipped the address myself.  No substance.

Hey Mayor, where on that website you tout is that Mayoral scorecard??


Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. Why was this guy re-elected?

Anonymous said...

I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

Anonymous said...

He was re-elected because people of Pensacola are more interested in perception over substance. Face the facts...the Upside of Florida is the poorest part of the State. All of our local Politicians prefer to keep putting more lipstick on that pig instead of fixing the problem because it means making their business buddies straighten up and fly right. Funny how the Conservative part of Florida struggles so hard to be prosperous while the far more Liberal parts of the state are some of the richest in the country. Coincidence?