Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Pomp, No Speeches, No Tasty Sandwiches...Here is the Budget!


These documents used to be preceded with trumpets sounding, expensive portfolios to hold the "address", special called Council meetings, a City funded reception and massive press releases.

Now, he just sneaks them up on the webpage.

BTW, I am confused.  According to the budget we are:
  1. America's First Settlement
  2. The Cradle of Naval Aviation AND
  3. The Upside of Florida.
So much for consistent messaging.  That million for Zimmerman was such a waste.

  1. Maximizes misspelled page 1 - mazimizes
  2. Investment misspelled page 1 - Invesetment?  Did Outzen write this?
  3. Vince Whibbs Sr page 7 - There are a few.
  4. rung truer?  rang truer? - page 7
  5. Oops...Marine Hatchery has been delayed - Page 8.
  6. Page 27 - Creation of COO role equal to the City Administrator...no Council approval
  7. Page 28 - The long awaited new flowchart.  Why is COO not Council approved?
  8. Page 123 - No repairs to Fire Station 3 through 2018
  9. Page 137 - United is capitalized in United States
  10. Page 176 - Mayor welcoming Deepflex...That's going well
  11. Page 217 - Love that Aerial view of the airport.  Potted plant at her best!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Who cares really... The budget has become a "bottom line" and not a "Budget". The Council is either in his pocket, too weak, feeble or cowardly to do anything about it. Last year it was said best by a Council Member, this is a waste of time since it does not matter anyway. My take on that comment was that "they were so stupid to realize that they were the only ones that can fix it.