Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Efficient Government Hayward Style

Mayor Hayward always claims to be for efficient government, yet the political appointees and directed no bid contracts under his administration continue to swell.   Many of the appointees have no experience in their roles prior to the role being created for them.

The list since he started includes:
  • Rebecca McLellan  - Airport marketing director
  • Laura Bogan - Social media and official photographer
  • Derek Cosson - Official speech writer
  • Clark Merritt - Port marketing director
  • Rita Lee - Email answerer
  • John Asmar - Chief of Staff
  • Tamara Fountain - COO
  • Tim May - Community Outreach
  • Latasha Buchanan - Community Services
  • Alan Gray - Committee facilitator
  • Steve Dana - Owners Rep CMPA
  • Vernon Stewart - PIO
  • Travis Peterson - Spokesman
  • Judith Colburn  - Office Manager
The above is well over $1 million in waste.

Help me add to this list.  I know I am forgetting some.


Anonymous said...

Casey Kelly -7th Floor
Zach Michael -7th Floor
Lauren Williams-7th Floor
Nicole Lowery -7th Floor
Judith Colburn -7th Floor
Hannah Rodgers
Victoria Patton

Now you know why so many City Employees were fired or forced into retirement in 2010. Hayward need to make room and budget for his 7th floor minions.

Anonymous said...

Rusty wells...perpetual trough feeder

Anonymous said...

My 'oops' adding Interim Fire Chief Matt Schmitt to Maren's list of "appointees (who)have no experience in their roles prior to the role being created for them".

He should be on the overlooked list, not the inexperienced list.

A City Fire Chief assumes huge responsibilities.
To be labeled as interim/temporary under Haywood's administration shows no respect for the position.
It is an appointed position.
Is that position open for applications?
This is a position that should have been solidified before creating bogus positions.

Chief of police is also an appointed position.
Chip Simmons is not interim.

Haywood has retreated to his ivory tower.
Polishing pearly whites.

Mayor Hayward ... I signed a ballot for you to run for mayor, with the promise of jobs.

Where are the jobs?
They seem to appear and disappear or hiding in wait for years from now.

The 'jobs' and numbers Hayward posted to the public were NOT immediate openings, nothing any person could budget or count on.

Anonymous said...

In 2011 Ashton Hayward said the City of Pensacola had 58 vacant positions. In 2015 Ashton Hayward has filled all 58 positions with his assistants, 7th floor staff, Facebook photogs, Starbucks refiller, Drycleaner picker upper, Derek Cosson, and teeth whitening grabber.

20 solutions for 2011?

Anonymous said...

We don't need our Mayor working with extremely competent strangers. He needs to be in his comfort zone and having all his buds and babettes working alongside him. Similar to having his childhood blanky at all times.