Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Remember this traffic stop???

Remember Mayor Hayward speeding down Summit Blvd at approx. 70 mph??


That's the City's CNG vehicle

I understand that Mayor Hayward yelled at the officer, when he finally caught up to him,  and stated he was late for a flight to go promote Pensacola and pay the officer's paycheck that he should feel ever so lucky to have. 


The Lumon May Traffic Stop Video

I like Lumon and LuTimothy May.
I consider them friends.
But the video I saw of the traffic stop was shocking.
Friendships aside, I saw two individuals with no respect for the officers, acting with open defiance and perceived immunity for their actions, attempt to dominate a situation which would have resulted in an arrest on any "other" citizens.

My questions:
  1. Will Mayor Ashton Hayward allow someone (LuTimothy) who is on his staff, paid by the City, to openly disobey a City of Pensacola law enforcement officer?  The officer on no less than 7 occasions demands LuTimothy move or leave the situation, yet he is so brazen in his defiance that he even comes up and puts his foot on the back of Lumon's truck.
  2. Can every regular citizen now demand a supervisor immediately after being stopped by any officer? 
  3. Who are Lumon and LuTimothy on the phone with while all of this is going on?
  4. What will the body cams of the two officers that arrive later reflect?
  5. Would anyone but the May's be in jail for their actions?
  6. Will Sheriff David Morgan have any public statements besides the BLAB interview not being aired about the incident?
  7. I wonder if Lumon will play the video for all of the kids in Southern Youth Sports at the $3.6 Theopolis May Community Center which was built by the City for Southern Youth Sports exclusive use for $100 per year and tell them that's how you act when you are pulled over by the City of Pensacola police?
and a biggy

Will the "strong Mayor" Ashton Hayward:

a) come to the defense of HIS police officers and their actions and restraint and chastise the Mays for there actions?

b) be silent and stay the spineless-do-nothing-Mayor everyone thinks he is?

Lumon and LuTimothy, should I sit my kids down and show them your actions and say this is how you treat police officers?

How many citations were not issued that could have been?

Monday, June 29, 2015

More problems for May?

----- Forwarded message from dstrahan@mail-on.us -----
   Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 09:33:45 -0500
   From: dstrahan@mail-on.us
Subject: Financing of Christian Gospel Concert
     To: alison_rogers@myescambia.com
     Cc: karenaclu@gmail.com

Dear Ms. Rogers:

We were recently advised that the Escambia County Commission has previously approved and recently reapproved the expenditure of $40,000 of public funds to sponsor the Brownsville ALL STAR GOSPEL CONCERT to be held at the Friendship Misionary Baptisit Church on August 7.

We have also been advised that the Church is led by the brother of a sitting County Commissioner.

At first we doubted the accuracy of the information that Escambia County would actually finance a religious music event held at a Church. However after reviewing the meeting video we have verfiied its accuracy.

According to common sense and Wikipedia...Gospel music is a music genre in Christian Music. The creation, performance, significance, and even the definition of gospel music varies according to culture and social context. Gospel music is composed and performed for many purposes, including aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, and as an entertainment product for the marketplace. Gospel music usually has dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) with Christian lyrics.

Article 1 SECTION 3 of the Florida Constitution provides:

Religious freedom.—There shall be no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting or penalizing the free exercise thereof. Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace or safety. No revenue of the state or any political subdivision or agency thereof shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.

According to the cases of Bush v. Holmes 919 So.2d 392 Fla.,2006. January 05, 2006 and Council for Secular Humanism, Inc. v. McNeil, 44 So.3d 112 Fla. App 1 Dist ,2010, no governmental body in Florida can obviously finance such a SECTARIAN EVENT.

"As we discussed in Holmes many state constitutions contain restrictions on state funding to religions or religious institutions, although the Florida no-aid provision is among the most restrictive......"In determining whether such programs violate the no-aid provision, the inquiry necessarily will be case-by-case and will consider such matters as whether the government-funded program is used to promote the religion of the provider, is significantly sectarian in nature, involves religious indoctrination, requires participation in religious ritual, or encourages the preference of one religion over another."

Additionally any citizen has the ability to challenge such expenditure:

"We agree with the trial court that petitioners have adequately alleged grounds for taxpayer standing in Count I to attack the constitutionality of 944.473 and 944.4371, since the state was using legislative appropriations allegedly to aid sectarian institutions."

Nothing could be more sectarian..albeit certainly entertaining, motivating, and  beautiful...than a Gospel Concert held at a church. Every word sung will be to the glory of Jesus. This would certainly be a wonderful event to attend or for Commissioners to make private donations to, but not one public dollar can be so dedicated.

We do not want to be rash and proceed without your input, however this is a rather urgent matter. Therefore, please advise us by end of day this Monday why such expenditure would not be an unconstitutional and a clear illegal expenditure of public funds. If it is your view that such expenditure is in fact not legal, what will be done to remedy last year's similar expenditure?

thank you

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

No Pomp, No Speeches, No Tasty Sandwiches...Here is the Budget!


These documents used to be preceded with trumpets sounding, expensive portfolios to hold the "address", special called Council meetings, a City funded reception and massive press releases.

Now, he just sneaks them up on the webpage.

BTW, I am confused.  According to the budget we are:
  1. America's First Settlement
  2. The Cradle of Naval Aviation AND
  3. The Upside of Florida.
So much for consistent messaging.  That million for Zimmerman was such a waste.

  1. Maximizes misspelled page 1 - mazimizes
  2. Investment misspelled page 1 - Invesetment?  Did Outzen write this?
  3. Vince Whibbs Sr page 7 - There are a few.
  4. rung truer?  rang truer? - page 7
  5. Oops...Marine Hatchery has been delayed - Page 8.
  6. Page 27 - Creation of COO role equal to the City Administrator...no Council approval
  7. Page 28 - The long awaited new flowchart.  Why is COO not Council approved?
  8. Page 123 - No repairs to Fire Station 3 through 2018
  9. Page 137 - United is capitalized in United States
  10. Page 176 - Mayor welcoming Deepflex...That's going well
  11. Page 217 - Love that Aerial view of the airport.  Potted plant at her best!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sheriff Morgan, Rick Outzen, David Craig, and Crew Have a Fan!

A reader told me about this blog.  It is an interesting read.


Scroll down.  Read a few pages.

Dang, I thought I was tough!  Mr. Mayor, I'm a peach in comparison.

Monday, June 15, 2015

5 Things to Check Out Today

  1. Outzens back and you're gonna be in trouble...Hey ya, hay ya...Rick is back.  A great analysis of the OHM bait and switch at the airport regarding concession prices.   http://ricksblog.biz/airport-food-concessions-pricing-outside-contract-limits/
  2. First Pensacola African American police chief to take office.  Congratulations Chief Alexander.  I understand a major reason an African American Fire Chief has not been named is due to the likely nominee objecting to racism.  More to come. http://pensacolatoday.com/2015/06/pensacola-chief-of-police-simmons-to-retire/
  3. London Daily Mail does a story on Blue Angel jets falling apart.  Of course nothing in PNJ. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3117918/Blue-Angel-F-18-Hornets-literally-falling-apart-mid-air.html
  4. Sheriff has dispatched calls on his website.  Why not PPD? http://www.escambiaso.com/index.php/crime-prevention/dispatched-calls/
  5. Baptist Hospital is tired of their neighborhood deteriorating under Hayward.  Check out their plan before the CRA to make changes.  http://www.ci.pensacola.fl.us/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/06152015-918

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Remember State of the City Addresses??

In the beginning the Mayor liked to have fancy State of the City addresses, tasty sandwiches, forced attendance, pretty pictures.

Then he ran out of substance to discuss and too many issues arose. 

Here is a little nugget I found buried in the Potted Plant's emails.


Better view it quick. I bet the link goes off within 24 hours.

Video messages for State of the City.  Preceded and followed up by adoring fans.

After watching this I would have just skipped the address myself.  No substance.

Hey Mayor, where on that website you tout is that Mayoral scorecard??

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Economic Development Mayor is Coming Up Snake Eyes

I was recalling all of the economic "wins" the Mayor has announced over his tenure.  His announcement to completion rate is way south of the Mendoza line. (baseball reference...which applies to several of our Wahoos but not RAY CHANG)

Majestic Candies - http://www.northescambia.com/2012/05/sweet-deal-candy-company-bringing-100-new-jobs

Deepflex - http://www.northescambia.com/2014/07/200-new-jobs-announced

Hixardt - http://archive.pnj.com/article/20111010/NEWS01/111010022/Tech-company-bring-100-new-jobs-downtown

Pen Air Relocation- A small branch did come buhttp://archive.pnj.com/article/20111010/NEWS01/111010022/Tech-company-bring-100-new-jobs-downtown

Batting Average on the above deals - 500 "new"jobs claimed, Zero "new" jobs delivered.

Why does the local press cover the announcements as Mayoral wins, but when the deal falls through they aren't Mayoral losses?

This administration will announce any deal with the minimum or no due diligence on the project.

If ST Aerospace stumbles, somebody may actually figure out the economic development skills of the Hayward Administration are a myth.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Selfie Stick Would Save Taxpayers Thousands

I figured it out!


For $4.99, the City could do away with Laura Bogan altogether. 

Get the Mayor a selfie stick so that he could still get those self promotion photos without dragging Bogan around to every type of event (personal, city, social, etc)

  • A downward angle gets his good side (Bogan has a bit of an up angle to all her photos)
  • No candid photos outside his control (ie barefoot in a suit....really???)
  • The I-phone GPS function could let us know where he is all the time and what he does with all that Mayoral time.
Below is a PNJ photo of his royal highness barefoot in a suit....with a tie...and a hanky

Thursday, June 4, 2015

WTH? How is a FEDERAL Courthouse worth City tax dollars?

The PNJ reports today:

"The Mayor is focused on being a great Mayor for the City of Pensacola," City Hall spokesman Vernon Stewart wrote in an email. "The rumors are just that, rumors."
Coincidentally, Hayward met with Miller in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The mayor's office said the meeting was to discuss the mold-ridden federal courthouse in downtown Pensacola. Miller and other congressmen toured the courthouse in April."


Why are our tax dollars being wasted on a trip so best buddy Federal Judge Casey Rodgers doesn't have a mold problem?


FYI.  Fire Station 3 has had mold since before the yipyo took office.  He promised to fix it while running THE FIRST TIME but he has not lifted a finger in over 5 years.
No one calls him on it.






Two coughs from Judge Rodgers and FEDERAL criminal investigation target Mayor Hayward jumps on a plane for DC to lobby for the judges lungs!

Hmmmm!  Did we pay for the Mayoral Photographer to go to DC for this photo?


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Efficient Government Hayward Style

Mayor Hayward always claims to be for efficient government, yet the political appointees and directed no bid contracts under his administration continue to swell.   Many of the appointees have no experience in their roles prior to the role being created for them.

The list since he started includes:
  • Rebecca McLellan  - Airport marketing director
  • Laura Bogan - Social media and official photographer
  • Derek Cosson - Official speech writer
  • Clark Merritt - Port marketing director
  • Rita Lee - Email answerer
  • John Asmar - Chief of Staff
  • Tamara Fountain - COO
  • Tim May - Community Outreach
  • Latasha Buchanan - Community Services
  • Alan Gray - Committee facilitator
  • Steve Dana - Owners Rep CMPA
  • Vernon Stewart - PIO
  • Travis Peterson - Spokesman
  • Judith Colburn  - Office Manager
The above is well over $1 million in waste.

Help me add to this list.  I know I am forgetting some.