Thursday, May 28, 2015

The City Administrator in his own words...Lazy!

I came across this nugget in the harvest of Queen Fountain's emails.  It gives us some insight into the Mayor's choice as 2nd in Command (at least on paper, Tamara...calm down)

Here is what we learn:

  • He is waaaaaay too wrapped up in grammer...I'm thinking something that rhymes with peek.
  • And in his own words not mine...he is "lazy"
That's a great thing for a consumer of over $125,000 tax dollars to be.


Maybe this one will stick...around! He may be too "lazy" to find another job.

Someone should tell the Mayor what his goals are sooner or later.  Don't be too lazy!

The Mayor isn't even copied. Typical.
From: Eric Olson <>
Date: February 27, 2015 at 5:56:23 PM CST
To: Tamara Fountain <>
Subject: Standing Goals
Recommend using active voice and perhaps even present tense for the goals.  I left them in passive and future because I am lazy and practical (but not pessimistic).  Departments should have no problem aligning their goals with these upper level goals.  By having a set of standing goals we maintain the flexibility to have additional mayoral goals that go beyond our core City services.

Eric Olson
Assistant City Administrator
City of Pensacola
(850) 435-1696


Anonymous said...

Huh? What did he say?

Anonymous said...

You've been pretty spot on with all of your accusations of city hall "workers" except this one. If there is one sane, level headed employee on the 7th floor, it is Eric Olson. He is what keeps this city going.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Olson is just as culpable for the crimes being committed as anyone else on the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

Eric is not lazy. However, he is running scared because no one is safe in this administration. At any minute, on any day, any employee could be fired without cause.