Friday, May 22, 2015

Post 6 of 6: THE BIG TRUTH...At the Airport, Marketing Before Safety

After all of the pokes and jokes about the new Potted Plant Airport Marketing Manager, the real issue here are the following truths:

TRUTH 1: The Mayor claimed there was no money available for adequate fire protection at the Airport in 2013.  He used that claim to reduce the funding for the Airport Fire Department to levels below the recommended levels of Homeland Security.

I covered that travesty then, noting that with ST Aerospace building and coming, Military training stable to growing, 2 not 1 FBOs, a helicopter rework facility AND regular airline traffic increasing it was stupid and reckless for the Airport to downsize the airport safety crews.

The fire department agreed issuing the following flyer.

TRUTH 2: In 2015, the Mayor can allow his flunkies to fund $50,000 to $70,000 (guess) for a made up position occupied by a hopelessly unqualified daughter of the City Budget Director that has been handled professionally by a senior staff member for over a decade.

TRUTH 3: The overinflated marketing budget can fund almost $50,000 to "sponsor" Pensacon to feed the marketing contractor's Star Wars obsession.

TRUTH 4: The overinflated marketing budget can sponsor the Blue Wahoos on the jumbotron for a league where the Wahoos use a bus and the visiting teams use a bus and the vast majority of the fans are local  and use the Airport regardless.

TRUTH 5:  This Mayor only cares about perception, political gain, pomp and pageantry and does not care a bit about making the fundamentals of any City department, enterprise or service safer, better or more efficient.

and THE BIGGEST TRUTH OF ALL, no one cares a bit until there is another flood, another airline crash, another gas leak, another whatever and when that happens the Mayor will have ample spin masters in place to convince the public the results could never have been expected and are not the Mayor's fault.

Pathetic but true!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's true that no one cares. I know a lot of people who care but who just don't know what to do. Some are afraid of repercussions. Some assume that there's nothing we can do to change the way things are here. But if enough people get together in one direction, I believe we can make a change. You're splashing around in the bucket, what can we do to help you tip it over?

Anonymous said...

Something has got to be done! It's sickening too sit by and watch these people do whatever the hell they want at other people's expense!!!!

Anonymous said...

Firemen don't need the money. Their 20 year old trucks work just fine. The tape is holding up on their uniforms and boots just well. The hoses holes patch up good. The odds of a fire or plane crash at Pensacola International Airport is slim to none. I'd much rather see this money go to the Airport Marketing Managers office decor anyway.
Maren quit complaining!

Anonymous said...

I want to see some real news on how King Quinty is saving Studerville single handedly and follow that up with news about how the Wahoos won enough games to be in next to last place. Let's not forget those blogs telling us about all those new jobs at the Pensacola Port and Pensacola Spaceport that have yet to materialize.