Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Post 4 of 6: So how bad is Rebecca McLellan at her Job? Let's See

In yesterday's post, we saw just how handcrafted Rebecca McLellan's Airport Marketing Director job was.  Derek Cosson took the existing position, dumbed it down, then dumbed it down some more for the ill equipped McLellan and let her review it.

Well let's look at the "quality" of her work in how everything she touches has to be revised and reviewed by Cosson.

At the link below are emails where Cosson has to constantly help McLellan or correct her work. 

  • Email 1 - It takes over a week to get a Hayward quote out and numerous revisions.  Note HAYWARD is never even copied on HIS OWN QUOTE.
  • Email 2 - McLellan writes, Cosson revises, McLellan is propped up again.
  • Email 3 - McLellan writes, Cosson revises, McLellan is propped up again.
  • Email 4 - Olson asks for a task to be done; It is way over the Potted Plant's head; She just punts to Cosson; Cosson does her job; The Plant responds "You're the jam"
  • Email 5 - Cosson makes fun of the Plant; the Plant responds "Whatevs"
  • Email 6 - The Plant gets a little testy when Cosson follows up !!!
  • Email 7 - The impatient Plant gets testy with the man doing her job.
  • Email 8 - Mommy can you help?...I think coordinates is just City code for "begs for help from everyone"
  • Email 9 - Press Release for Bowling...Unapproved Plant !!!

Now that Cosson is an external consultant with a no-bid contract, we the Citizen's will have to pay his consulting fee to perform the job given to the Airport's newest decoration, McLellan.

Is she gonna be without her Jam??

Another layer of Hayward waste!!!



Uncle Freddie said...

Hey back off my boy Ash! He has done everything I've told him to do since we brought him on board. So what if he has to visit my office regularly to get his marching orders. He's got a great smile and all the secretaries in my office go ga-ga when he comes for his weekly visit.

Anonymous said...

After reading that email exchange, I don't even know what to say. Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

What do any of her emails have to do with promoting the airport? From the gist of her conversations, it appears that her main function is to promote Hayward, not the airport. Add her name to the already long list of city employees who do nothing else but PR work for the mayor, such as following him around taking his photo.

My guess is that she has been placed at the airport and given a phony title to disguise her true function. What the citizens don't know won't hurt them!

Anonymous said...

SO HILARIOUS!!! Why do they even call them Mayor quotes???

He doesn't even know when to smile unless Cosson tells him:

Remarks – Mayor Ashton J. Hayward September 26, 2012
Press Conference City Hall

Talking Points

Today, I want to speak to you about my relationship with our City Council.

As you know, we haven’t always agreed (pause and smile) . But I respect the process and I believe that a healthy debate makes for better government.....

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sure looks like revenue diversion. It is illegal for a municipality to use Airport funds for anything other than the Airport. Having Rebecca write press eleases for the Mayor does not sound like Airport business. This could jeopardize future FAA funding for the Airport and they could pull back past grant money. The Airlines are the ones who end up getting the shaft on this deal. They have to make up budget shortfalls at the Airport.

Anonymous said...


This will be ignored by our local law enforcement. Otherwise all these characters would have been in jail by now. Nobody at the Airport will be affected. Welcome to the Pensacola Intergalactic Empire.

Anonymous said...

This is why the most talented people that grow up in Pensacola, who normally don't have the insider family and friends connections, move away to work. I have countless childhood friends that work all up and down the west coast, New York, Atlanta, Denver, Ashville. All very liberal progressive cities. Just because we have a young, egotistical failed model Mayor (actually he's never run a successful business PERIOD) does not make this a Progressive city.

Anonymous said...

This is why any self-respecting person would never live or work in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...


I've got to go fluff my hair and write some other stuff. Maybe the silver stuff whenever some peps tell me what it is.

Bye y'all....

- Big Hair

Shan Nick said...

Why are we talking about this when the Studer Institute is currently changing and everything my boss does is the most important thing in town. Read about this and all the other great So-Go and Wahoo's stories we cover at the Pensacola So Yesterday website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for noticing, Shan Nick (not that anyone can help but notice!). But have you noticed that the News Journal's Studer-worship storied always come in THREE'S in a span of only a few days?

1. Bill Vilona will headline the sports page with the glorious fact that the Yahoo's are on a one-game winning streak.

2. The Sunday editorial will be about how much of a success the stadium has been for Studer (while ignoring how much of a failure the "park" has been for the city's taxpayers).

3. Then Studer himself will be featured in an Opinion piece about the fact that his ridiculous "institute" is changing it's name every year.

All this "free" PR comes at a price, or course, and Studer is glad to pay it. He is probably the News Journals biggest source of income. As the News Journal's Studer lovefest continues there will be several full-page and half-page ads placed by various Studer entities.

But, hey, if you want to read fluff pieces about Studer and ignore the cesspool at City Hall, the News Journal is the place for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. The News Journal reports that a bulldozier will show up at Studer's apartment project NEXT WEEK. They are so excited that they are pre-reporting this story! Construction projects are going on all the time in this area but they are never covered by the News Journal because they are NOT STUDER'S and they ARE NOT DOWNTOWN.

In the meantime, a very significant project is being built on the west side of the county with REAL and meaningful jobs, but not a peep is written in the News Journal. I guess they are too cheap to reimburse a reporter's mileage to drive out to Beulah!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Today's PNJ important news story.....Bubba in a Dunk Tank. Two of the Urinals favorite topics in one article....Local athletes that are famous and the Glue sniffing Yahoo's.