Monday, May 18, 2015

Post 3 of 6: Cosson begins Dumbing Down the Airport Role for McLellan

On March 12 and 13, Mayoral word burper Derek Cosson turned his talents to rewriting a job description that Rebecca McLellan might actually qualify for.  The document below was listed in the last post as "RV-Manager of Air Service Development Marketing.doc"

The effort made by Cosson was to take the job description of the REAL Manager of Air Service Development Marketing and make it fit the former Air Conditioner Service Call Order Taker.

The entire redline document as at the link below.


Items of Note:
  • Notice the Name of the Document and the New Job Classification in the Document.
  • Seven (7) years experience becomes four (4)...oops, gotta drop that to two (2)
  • No aviation/airline experience needed anymore.
  • Must add communications because she actually did that
  • Gotta add in COO or she would work JUST for the Airport Director.
  • Eliminates all aviation related duties
  • Eliminates actually doing anything and makes it just a coordinator.
  • Eliminates required "thorough knowledge of domestic aviation trends and operations
  • Do you actually think McLellan has a "thorough knowledge of Federal State and local laws and ordinances governing the department"?
Cosson's redline crafting is then forwarded to McLellan for her review.

Derek forwarded the revisions without comment.  It would have been rude to say "is this dumbed down enough for you yet?"

Based on other emails to come, she couldn't do most of the stuff in THIS description.

Airport Marketing Potted Plant?


Anonymous said...

That's how Pensacola works. She may not be an expert right now but like Chipper she can acquire that expertise on the City's dime and eventually she will be deemed an expert.

Anonymous said...

Who dumbed-down the job description when Cosson was hired. Someone had to have scratched out "College Degree" and written in "High School Diploma (GED also acceptable)."

Anonymous said...

Seriously?? How is this legal? City Council should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES for letting some doctor and dumb down a senior position with the City of Pensacola and Pensacola International Airport.

If the Mayor couldn't give a rats ass and two fake smiles about this obviously SHADY ACTIVITY that is going on at City Hall, I would expect MYERS, TERHAAR, SPENCER, JOHNSON, WU, WINGATE, CANADA-WYNN, and most of all BARE to be upset at this preferential outlandish treatment of family members at the cost of citizens and taxpayers.

Which other City family members had jobs made for them?

Anonymous said...

"Coordinates" the preparation of a budget!!!

This is simply theft of public funds for making up a job that does zippo...

This is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

This is a travesty & an embarrassment. Why anyone wants to work for the city is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Why anyone wants to LIVE in the city and pay taxes to support this bullsh1t is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

It's simple...It's a great job if you know the right folks.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Ms. Belinda Zephir? Does she still have a job?

Anonymous said...

This is "light- weight" in comparison to LuTimothy May's "job" that is in the organization chart and is funded ... however, there is no performance or even attendance by Mr. May. I hope you expose that one also. This is a pattern of maladministration and possibly malfeasance by the mayor. However, both a crime in Florida for public officials.

Anonymous said...

If Cossen and Big Hair were arrested for conducting public business in private what do you think they would have to say then? Where I think he messed up is forwarding it to her for her review.

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted the "malfeasance" comment must be a current or ex prosecutor...because it is absolutely correct...

Anonymous said...

Didn't they crucify Wilson Robertson for just "lobbying" for a job for a friend a few years back?

This is blatant abuse by the Mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

YES, here is the editorial the PNJ ran about Wilson Robertson, and the job involved was not MADE UP!!!

Editorial: Horseplay never ends

7:50 PM, May 15, 2012

So this is where Wilson Robertson's Great Equestrian Caper has led us:

Three Escambia County commissioners are being sued by Forrest Gibbs, the underqualified former marketing director who was nudged into the job on politically greased rails by Commissioner Robertson and forced out of the job when the story of favoritism came to light in the PNJ.

These are the three commissioners - Marie Young, Grover Robinson and Kevin White - who spoke out against the hiring at a very public, and well-attended, meeting. Now, they'll probably think twice about what they say in public.

Gibbs is suing them for speaking out against not him, but the scheme that initially put him into a position he failed to get a second-time around, when the Hand of Robertson wasn't shuffling the deck.

Go figure.

These are three commissioners who might now have to get private attorneys, perhaps at their own expense to, in essence, defend them for doing their job - watching the taxpayers' money.

Add in a circuit judge, who allowed this ridiculous lawsuit to advance, despite the clear implications of a chilling effect on what can be said in public, and you don't have a horse show, but a circus.

Think about that for a second. Commissioners sued for trying to do the right thing and a judge allowing the suit to go forward.

So, do county commissioners now need a personal attorney with them at all county commission meetings? We hope not. Think of the TV commercials.

Oh, and add another player: The one county commissioner, the aforementioned Wilson Robertson, who was NOT sued by Gibbs. Now there's a shocker.

And let's not forget another commissioner who was not sued: Gene Valentino, who was a no-show at the meeting where three other commissioners did what was right.

For those who have tried to wash the bitter taste of the Great Wilson Robertson Equestrian Center Caper from their mouths, but failed, let's briefly review.

Under-qualified Forrest Gibbs gets the marketing director's job at a cool $80,000 (pay and benefits) to bring in events at the equestrian center.

Wilson Robertson, at best, makes the path easy for his friend, then later calls for an investigation of his own actions.

At a public hearing, with most in the audience crying foul, the county commissioners do what they were elected to do - make it right.

Subsequently, they are sued.

During the meeting, the three commissioners repeatedly were worried that they might be sued. They were, more or less, assured by county legal counsel that they would be protected.


So this is what has come of Wilson Robertson's simple effort to help a buddy get a nice county position for $80,000. More lawsuits, more controversy, more of everything the county doesn't need.

In short, more horse manure.