Friday, May 15, 2015

Post 2 of 6: Constructing a Job; Step 1 Assemble Current Job Description

Once Blab and Gaber Rebecca McLellan had her meeting with COO Tamara Fountain about constructing her job description for her made up job, then the task turned to making up the role.

You see, there was a problem. 

Since 2001, YES 2001, the Airport has had a role of Air Service AND Marketing Manager.  The role has been filled by Ms. Belinda Zephir.  Ms. Zephir was part of the team that ensured Air Tran's service to Pensacola and helped bring Southwest to Pensacola.

She knows the airline industry and has been in the role since Rebecca McLellan was 12 years old.  McLellan was still over a decade away from sending out air conditioner service calls.

So on March 12, 2015, "Webmaster" Derek Cosson sends the current job description of the Air Service Development Marketing role to McLellan modified to be a Airport Marketing Manager redlined to dumb it down from a seven year experience requirement of airline related experience to a 2 year requirement of general "marketing and communications" experience.

From: Derek Cosson
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 4:25 PM
To: Rebecca McLellan
Subject: RV - Manager of Air Service Development Marketing 1053.doc


Anonymous said...

Well, here's the way it went down. There are a lot of skeletons in those closets at city hall, and Dick Barker knows where they are all buried. Barker has "the goods" on Mayor Hayward.

But wait! Mama McLellan has been there long enough to get "the goods" on Barker. So, playing her cards, Mama was able to get daughter Big Hair a $70,000 per year fabricated job.

This is the way things are done in the City of Pensacola. Those of you who thought that this job was going to be advertised in the classified section of the News Journal are completely out of touch!

Anonymous said...

If you will be at parade tonight make sure you yell congratulations on your new manufactured job to rebecca as she sloshes by on board the crewe of hip huggers float...she might even toss you some beads!!

Anonymous said...

I would be ashamed to take a job just because my mom or dad pulled strings. Pretty pitiful.

Anonymous said...

At what point does some of this activity become illegal? I don't see how you can make a public job, in private, and never put it out for public notice...Call news 5 out of Mobile and email would probably freak out about this and channel 5 wkrg what they would be doing if the mayor of mobile was just making up jobs to place friends in. Would they be covering it? If so, come on over to pcola and ask some quesions.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this same administration eliminate firefighter positions at the airport? If I recall, there was some controversy over how safe passengers would be in the case of an airport emergency.

I suppose if the airport is less safe now we need more "marketing" (a.k.a bloggers, Facebook posters, text senders, social media chatters, etc.) "experts".

Didn't the mayor run on making government smaller and controlling salaries?

Hmmm...Perhaps the real reason legitimate jobs were eliminated from the fire department was so these unnecessarily, fabricated, crony, political flunky, positions could be established.

Anonymous said...

Ashamed? You've got to be kidding! These people aren't ashamed of anything that they do. They are so arrogant that they believe that they DESERVE everything that they can grab, AND MORE.

Anonymous said...

Every position in regards to city government should provide the public with the opportunity to know when an open position is available with the same opportunity to showcase their qualifications and skill.

While I understand that the process of shuffling through numerous and time consuming resumes can be tough for those employees with C level positions, yet have NEVER had to hold interviews for hiring new staff, it is possible to spend a little extra time on the citizens' dime doing so.

While the decision may already be made, at least the citizens of Pensacola can feel better telling their children that, someday, even they might be able to work for their city government without needing to first become best friends with the same boring, mediocre people Pensacola is subjected to today.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I was trying to figure out why the need for all this marketing at the INTERGALACTIC (cause it truly is outta this world) airport. THe more I thought about it the more I realized that these are jobs that essentially no on has to do any real work. Why didn't they go over to ESP and get in the marketing team? Or another city entity. Most of those jobs would involve WORKING. If you have a made up job then think about it, you really don't work, you just get a check.

Anonymous said...

Fake, needless, 7th floor jobs Ashton Hayward has created since 2010.

Chief Operations Officer
Public Information Officer
Chief of Neighborhoods
Constitute Service Administrator
Community Outreach Administrator
Office Manager

Funny how Tom Bonfield and Al Colby ran the City for years without all these extra positions.

Not to mention the made up position Rebecca McLellan has, or Derek Cosson and his title of fake- profile-on social media- for putting a positive spin- on whatever Hayward does- Director.

How many real hardworking employees or citizens have lost out to gaining positions at the City?

Anonymous said...

Rebecca McLellan @RMcLellan88 · Jan 22
This little Southern Belle has been teasing and back combing her hair since she was a little Mini…

Anonymous said...

My question is how does that girl find the time to actually work when she seems to live on Twitter always posting her daily exploits by the minute.

Anonymous said...

The City has lost good people and is going to lose more good people because the good ones that work hard and get stuff done have asked for a raise. Then they are told sorry no there is no budget of them. Workers and Supervisors are in the same boat in the field.

Getting paid like you did out of college with 15 years experience in your industry. Then you see someone with no experience making more or close to what you do. Really makes you feel like your experience in your field is not worth anything to the City.


Anonymous said...

The image our City is trying to portray one that is youthful and forward-thinking... And, fair enough, they have achieved that face lift due to an image-based world: one that depends on marketing and social media prowess.

However, pretty faces in a city whose backdrop is paradise is not enough to maintain the continuing evolution and forward momentum we have today. Do not alienate those who got you to where you are today... There is a lot to be said for lifetimes of expertise and respect for those who came long before you.