Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Did McLellan Get Her Made Up Airport Job. Post 1 of 6

The plan to create a managerial post at the Airport for self described big hair Blab and Gaber Rebecca (My mom found the Budget!) McLellan began in early March in the below email from COO Tamara Fountain.

-----Original Message-----
From: Tamara Fountain
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2015 7:42 AM
To: Rebecca McLellan
Subject: Job description

By the end of the week, I want to have our marketing team firmed up. I have to have Chip's revised contract back. I need you to run that down. We need to schedule a meeting toward end of day to go over your job description. Please include Derek.

Also, I need to meet with Randy Hammer on the Woodland Heights Center.


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To sum up this email:
  • Finish up Chip's (not Emagination Unlimited) no-bid crony contract
  • Lets meet about how we can craft a job description you qualify for
  • Any mention of posting for candidates? Nope.
  • Sounds like she's hired for the marketing team before there is a job description.
  • Nice to work on your own job description.  Makes it easier to meet the requirements.
  • Where is any direction from the Mayor in this process?  Fountain initiative?
I wonder if Tamara Fountain had an Easy Bake Oven when she was little?

Sniff Sniff...Rack of Lamb?


Anonymous said...

...Maren how could you? Clearly Big hair McLellan is qualified for a Marketing Management job at an International Airport. Her skills speak for themselves and as such, is listed on her online resume. Stop the haterade. Don't be mad because she has a very particular set of skills; skills she has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make her a nightmare for people like you. These skills include:

1.Blogging =a.ka. texting.
2.Facebooking = trying to remember multiple login & passwords.
3.Social Media= a.k.a. Facebook and Blogging.
4.Social Media Marketing= a.k.a. Facebook, Blogging, & Texting
5.Public Speaking= a.k.a. ordering a round of shots at 5 1/2 Bar.

You're such a hater, Maren. This girl has skills.

Anonymous said...

Only the best employees for our upside jobs.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that the City pays a bunch of money for Social Media, Advertising and the crafting of the "Upyours of Florida" brand.

Anonymous said...

It's really sad how some people have no conscience. How can you feel good about yourself for being handed a job you didn't deserve when there are hundreds of people who work hard for years in order to get promoted to high positions. Even more shameful is Tamara Fountain who has a terrible reputation both in the community and among the city employees. She is an unqualified power hungry bully who thinks she's the Mayor of Pensacola. They are all anxiously awaiting her departure.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, Maren. She just likes big hair; she's not "self-described" as having big hair.

Anonymous said...

Actually you need to feel sorry for Tamara. Only someone with a horrible self image could be so abusive with people she deems "less' than her.

The employees freely rip on her about town.

However it will be satisfying to watch her crash and burn.