Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hayward Fountain Disregard Charter and Approved Budget; City Org Chart is a Lie!

A few weeks ago I got a threatening letter from attorney Rob (Independent Investigator) Larkin regarding my contention that under the City organizational chart, on the airport website and in the budget approved by City Council, the Airport Director reported to the City Administrator as all department heads do in the official city organizational chart in the Budget submitted and approved by Council.

I sent the following to substantiate my position:


Well evidently the City's organization structure has changed and no one with the City Council, PNJ, Inweekly, Pensacola Today, WEAR, etc. etc. etc. noticed or cared.

The airport website now states:

A Department of the City of Pensacola Interim Airport Director reports to the City's Chief Operations Officer Carries out policies set by the Pensacola City Council


Now in the City of Pensacola, Department Directors must be approved by Council, but report to someone that is a political flunky who then reports to someone approved by Council.

Approved by Council.....Political flunky....Approved by Council


Only in Pensacola can you interject a person politically appointed into a direct employee chain specifically stated in the Charter to be subject to Council approval.

If there is a mishap, incident or situation at the Airport, Mr. Flynn needs to pick up the phone and call the Marketing Princess rather than the Mayor or she will send another insubordination email like she did when he emailed the Interim City Administrator regarding the out of control marketing contractor.

Hot Mess!


Anonymous said...

So doesn't that make Ms Fountain a department head subject to council confirmation?

Anonymous said...

WHO changed the organizational chart, WHEN did they change it, and WHY did they change it? Follow the evidence and I'll bet it leads back to Ms. Fountain, and I'll bet it was done as an afterthought to cover up actions that had already occurred.

With the Hayward administration, the rules are made up (or changed) to reflect what they have already done!

Anonymous said...

by the looks of things, one might think someone might inject someone so they can have "billable hours"...I wonder what the split is?

Anonymous said...

Maren you should post the letter you got from Mr little man syndrome (Larkin) on your site so everybody can read what a horses rear end he really is.

Anonymous said...

Maren, the city and county officials just don't care. It's all about them... they don't care what you say or reveal - they just keep breaking laws and getting away with it... very embarrassing.