Friday, May 8, 2015

Economic Development Hayward Style: Give Crony Cosson A No-Bid Contract

Only in the cesspool of cronyism that is the Hayward Administration can the following be allowed and not reported by the media.
  • Political beast Derek Cosson caught catfishing on blogs.  Letter of reprimand.
  • Cosson caught beating up Council and rivals on Dicksblog.  He resigns in December but keeps working at City Hall for months.
  • In January he forms a new company. No, not Campfire, another one.  Verse and Voice Media LLC.

  • COO Tamara Fountain's husband is the Registered Agent. Shocker!!
  • Cosson "leaves" City Hall and gets a nice, fat, no bid City contract.  He will receive $60 per hour of OUR tax dollars to provide the City with such critical services as:
    • Speechwriting...with taxpayer dollars
    • Copywriting...with taxpayer dollars
    • Copyediting...with taxpayer dollars
    • Strategic message development...with taxpayer dollars
    • Research...with taxpayer dollars.

Waste by this government is disgraceful. 

The PNJ is beating Gulf Breeze and Ed Gray up over giving donations to charities such as the wounded warriors and sponsoring events from a financial engine that powers that City.

The PNJ won't touch the fact that a City of 50,000 has a no-bid contract to the Mayor's crony to write speeches and press releases.

Even watchpup Outzen who tried to have Cosson arrested over Dick's Blog won't touch it.

Aunt Ginny isn't working for Studer...yet.  Why not give her a chance to pimp you too, Mr. Mayor? 

Queue the circus music.


Anonymous said...

Why would the COO's husband of the Hayward Adminstration use a Navarre based real estate atty to establish a simple LLC that coukd have easily been done through legal zoom, or a local corporate atty? For whatever reason, it was important for Cosson to use Fountain as his legal frontman for his new venture, because....why??? I also couldn't help but notice that Derek was listed as the "manager" on the documents, and there was no mention of any partners? Did I overlook that portion of the contract, or am I missing something else? It just doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cosson could star in the Mayor's movie. Or even direct it. "Liar, Liar 2" could be filmed in Pensacola. Film Commissioner Hayward I'm sure will be beating off Hollywood agents with a stick because lets face it, Pensacola is a hot commodity. Forget the crime, lack of good paying jobs in our area. We need to showcase Pensacola. Start on Cervantes St.

Anonymous said...

Wait...The COO of the city's HUSBAND is the registered agent for an LLC receiving NO BID CONTRACTS from the city?

Anonymous said...

Might be getting time for Cosson, Fountain, Bogan and Henderson to LAWYER UP!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you get enough VV LLC and CF LLC and the like, JUST ONE OF THEM BILLED 40 hours a week for 52 weeks is $124,800 times two is oddly almost $250,000. Hummm times 10 of these you looking at 1.24 MILLION. All billed at the little ole amount of $60 an hour. Any big mortages been paid off lately?

Anonymous said...

If you ask our rickshaw peddling friend, he will be glad to inform you that none of this is unusual. If absolutely no other tasks pops up, I am sure that Cosson could fill up 40 hours doing "research." Surely, the city's taxpayers are gaining a tremendous benefit from his research. We all know that a lot of very important research can be found simply by watching TV or cruising the internet.

And $60 per hour is certainly justified due to the tremendous overhear that is required to be a "consultant" in the city of Pensacola. After all, he works out of his house, so his mortgage, utilities, etc. are part of his expenses. And food! He has to eat food, so food is part of his overhead.

I would have to agree with the mayor. Paying $125,000 to a 28 year old high school graduate is money well spent. The taxpayers should probably give Cosson a raise on the merits of his speech-writing alone!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very talented...talented enough to write political speeches for the Mayor on taxpayer clock...illegal and priceless!