Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terrible Reporter Rob Johnson Just Gets Worse

In his article on Deepflex, wonder reporter Rob Johnson screws it up again when he states:

"Although the Port of Pensacola, which is run by the city, owns the land on which DeepFlex is building, the City of Pensacola hasn't invested in the project nor committed to financial incentives."


Yeah Rob, you just wrote down what they told you again, didn't you?

But if you would do your job, you would see there is more there.

Even Pensacola Today, got it right.  They don't even use ink Rob!


Hey Rob, the City has $2 million in incentives claimed to this project, and
  • the State of Florida also has incentives which the City lobbied for
  • UWF also has incentives which the City lobbied for
  • Escambia County also has incentives which the City for
Rob in the words of Goose

"Maybe I should be a truck driver. Hey Mav you know the name of that truck driving school. Truck Master I think it is. I might need that."

It's another day tomorrow Rob!  Sooner or later you'll get a hit!  Just keep swinging kid!


Anonymous said...

Although not a moral excuse...Rob has told several people (probably not to smart) that he would like to report on various stories but his "bosses" won't allow it.

Anonymous said...

Of course they won't. As long as some of the City's worst offenders are also their advertisers they will never change.