Friday, April 24, 2015

No Bid Contract for Emagination Unlimited Approved April 8, 2015

Another NO BID CONTRACT by Team Hayward

No competitive bid
$72,000 per year base

"to ensure continuity"

"the Mayor of the City of Pensacola has authorized the acceptance of such proposal"

Really?  Here we go with the Jerry Pate buddy plan again!


Anyone shocked?

No where in the proposal does it state staffing assessment, reorganization, HR, or airport security consulting.


Anonymous said...

The Emagination Song

Anonymous said...

The News Journal cannot report on this story. It is too busy reporting on the no-bid contract to sell properties to a guy from Gulf Shores. Why ruffle the feathers of the downtown GOB's who support Hayward?

Anonymous said...

How convenient that the contract was made less than a few weeks ago!!

Anonymous said...

spend spend spend...

Anonymous said...

AH just doesn't get it...Fed investigation and he still doing this stuff?

Anonymous said...

The feds are just letting him hang himself. They know the Mayor's ego will make him think he is getting away with these actions.

The Mayor should get familiar with the US vs Steve Russo and the US vs Bill Campbell.

Both of these former mayors were indicted and convicted with less evidence for the same type of alleged behavior of the Mayor.

Anonymous said...

And where is the City Council? Hayward is only doing this because he knows that no one on the city council will step up and challenge him. Is it the official policy of the city to encourage no-bid contracts? Where are the checks and balances? Oh, I forgot. Members of the city council only know what is happening in city government by what they read in the News Journal, and the News Journal won't cover stories that aren't happy-news.

The disgustful behavior of our city government doesn't stop with the mayor's office.

Anonymous said...

I was an employee at the airport until last year when Varona’s closed. When you work there you are issued a ID badge by the airport that allows you to go through security areas and be in the area where passengers get on the planes if you have work there. They have different color badges for different access. Some of us had white and some were yellow. The yellow ones were for managers and higher ups at the airlines. We still had to go through tsa to be checked just like passengers but the yellow ones didn’t have to go through tsa they could just go through special doors with card swipers. The id office was usually a real pain in the a** and would suspend your badge if even made a small mistake and didn’t close a door just right. They take the security really serious there which is good.

But take a look at the airport facebook page photo album where Silver airlines had a ceremony a couple of weeks ago. In 2 of the pictures you can see the ad man standing in the background with a yellow badge on his shirt. If he isn’t an employee working in the airport for the airlines or food and doesn’t have a direct job involving getting passengers onto airplanes then why does he need an all access badge? What business does this gentleman have as an advertising vendor that requires him to have full unfettered all access authority to be in any and all secure areas of the airport without an escort anytime he wishes???? Something seems fishy here.

Anonymous said...

CH is working 60 hours a month for $6,000...and that's at a discounted rate? Hummmmmmm

Unknown said...

You know Chip didn't even thank me. If it wasn't for me, the Zimmerman Agency would still have all the city's marketing accounts!