Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Item 1.5 Big Hair Girl McClellan is Self Titled But Where Does She Work

When I declare Big Hair Girl Rebecca McLellan I am just quoting her directly.

So step off haters. The girl is speaking her truth.

The bigger question is what does she do and where is she charged to?

Her email signature states:

Rebecca A. McLellan
Communications Assistant
Office of the Mayor
City of Pensacola
222 West Main Street
Pensacola, FL  32502

The City Webpage has her on the Mayor's Staff


Press releases have her as the spokesman for the City of Pensacola




Then we must answer the below questions:
  • Is her salary charged to the Mayor's Office Budget?
  • If so why is her office at the Airport?
  • How does CFO Dick Barker and her mother, Budget Manager Yvette McLellan allocate her?
  • Is allocating her salary to the Airport a Federal violation if she is truly on the Mayor's staff?
  • The Airport budget has FEDERAL restrictions on what can and can't be charged to the Airport.  Does any FEDERAL organization need to start reviewing airport finances?
Time to alert the City's Auditors!



Anonymous said...

OMG it’s true!

From Instagram –

“This little Southern Belle has been teasing and back combing her hair since she was a little Mini Belle!”, then a photo of her in kindergarten! How cute!

It’s nice to have a Mommy in high places. What kind of salary is she getting from us low-life taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Self-absorbed much?

Is all of Instagram like that?

Narcissism devours souls.

Anonymous said...

Aren't City salaries public record?