Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hayward Should Fire Fountain!

“Last week, I received the disappointing news from the State Attorney’s Office that Bill Reynolds chose to leak a confidential employee complaint. The wellbeing of the City’s hardworking employees is one of my top priorities. Mr. Reynolds’s actions violated this sacred responsibility. This is unacceptable to me."

These were the words issued by the Mayor when Bill Reynolds, former CAO, leaked information regarding an employee HR issue.

Questions for the Mayor:
  • Is the Airport Director an employee?
  • Is the written reprimand (threat) of the Director by the COO a confidential employee matter?
  • Is the wellbeing of the employee's a top priority?
  • Did Fountain leak this internal City matter outside the City processes?
  • Did Tamara Fountain violate this sacred responsibility?
  • Is this now acceptable to you?
How can the Mayor possibly justify this breach of the employee's trust in the process?

Fountain must go.


Anonymous said...

Hah! Like Hayward gives a damn about the well being of city employees. He treats them in a demeaning manner. No respect or concern for them. Fountain should be fired, but the mayor won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Hayward has acted this way his whole life and been left to slide. Guy has never run a successful business and the people of Pensacola still voted him in not once but twice. Pensacola got what it wants...the King of Boutique culture in Pensacola. What makes you think he will start acting different now? The sewage treatment plant has been gone for years but it still stinks downtown and it will not change any time soon.

Anonymous said...

The City preaches "consistency" in dealing with employees. "What you do for one, you must do for all." Mr. Mayor, you have no options in this situation if you are to uphold the City's policies.

Anonymous said...

Why does Hayward habitually associate himself with vain, shallow, and otherwise morally worthless individuals that inevitably crash and burn???

Anonymous said...

Life imitating art at City of Pensacola City Hall -


Well sort of, it was actually pretty recent and the galaxy (Pensacola) is not really that far away at all. But to play on Chip Henderson’s personal passion (sci-fi; according to his facebook page) and knowing that he billed tens of thousands of dollars to the city to rename the airport the intergalactic spaceport so that he could profit on his personal passion and become a hero to his Pensacon friends here we go…

The galactic empire (City of Pensacola) is clearly being run by Emperor Fountain, NOT the shiny and always visible poster-boy for the Dark Side-Darth Hayward. Hayward is a good guy deep down but has fallen to the nasty persuasion and rule of the unattractive and evil Emperor Fountain. The Emperor rules from her secluded confines of the dark upper level of city hall (well, actually it’s quite bright and pleasant with all the glass and windows overlooking the bay, but stay with me here).

The Emperor lets Darth run around the galaxy and act impressive (most impressive!) at all the media, social and city events, but SHE is really controlling the empire. C3P0 (Dick Barker) is a good, loyal protocol droid, but often has to cower down and be a slave of the dark side. He KNOWS it’s wrong, but he has to do as she says in order to prevent his legs from being cut off (fired).

Emperor Fountain has an army of fiercely loyal storm troopers who blindly do EXACTLY as they are told by Fountain for fear of losing their lives (jobs) – just ask Derek Cosson of Campfire LLC, Rebecca McClellan and others.

Meanwhile back at the intergalactic spaceport, the likeable Lando Calrissian (Robert deVarona) was ousted as the sole provider of food for star travelers. His often-at-odds but good friend Han Solo (Greg Donovan), the affable and confident leader who never outstays his welcome, hopped on the Millennium Falcon (Honda Accord) and headed to another system and spaceport (Melbourne) at light speed once all this got out of hand. Solo hates drama!

Since Solo (who Darth Hayward actually admires and respects) left, Emperor Fountain has taken over and unleashed an unprecedented volley of executive orders and changes to take complete control of the spaceport while Darth focuses on more important matters such as the completion of the Death Star (community maritime park).

Her first move was to hire (WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE SUPREME SENATE [city council]) the vile and disgusting Jabba the Hutt (Chip Henderson) to secretly mastermind and execute much of her restructuring plans and eliminations while making them look like “marketing initiatives”. HOW CLEVER! The Emperor will stop at nothing to get her way!!!!!!

Henderson (Jabba the Hutt) is greedy, ruthless, corrupt, suffers from morbid obesity, and speaks a different language that most can’t understand (just do a records request for his invoices to the airport – you can’t understand them other than “pay me a bunch of money so me and my family can buy new cars and take vacations on the idiots (taxpayers) dollars!!! HUUU HUUU HUUU HUUUUUUUUUU [insert Jabba the Hutt laughing sound effect here].)

His sidekick and partner in crime, Salacious B. Crumb (Laura Bogan of Campfire LLC) serves as his loyal companion, confidant, Darth Hayward stalwart, secret communicator and source of inside info from the Emperor’s chambers on the seventh floor.

As tensions rise to never before seen levels, Yoda (Dan Flynn), the diminutive but ever-present leader at the spaceport who has always fought for and protected the Rebellion (taxpayer), is now sadly losing battle after battle with the Emperor despite his best efforts to circumvent her evil reign. Based on this email, it looks like he will eventually succumb to Emperor Fountain and will have to hang up his light saber in disgrace and go into exile (retirement in the FRS system) leaving the fledging rebellion (taxpayer) with little hope for the future at the spaceport.

Anonymous said...

At least the citizens can see now who is really running the city.....What a joke.

Anonymous said...

My oh my, the things I have learned from working on other projects with Laura Bogan as she ran her mouth about municipal gossip. This is the real transparency I have observed with this administration. Henderson will never recover from the bitterness obviously associated with being picked on in high school and the result is the literal chip on his control freaked shoulder.

Loose lips sink ships. When you're divisive by nature, your talents cease to matter once the election is over. It is nice to make piles of money from city contracts, but what happens when power inevitably shifts and you've been nothing but terrible?

Let's build the competition needed to outshine and outperform this mediocre brood of amatures. It can and will be done by self-made millennial.

Anonymous said...

We don't have to "build" competition that can outperform and outshine the Mayor's staff ... it already exists.

However, these much more qualified and competent people are shut out of the opportunities by the Mayor and his "band of idiots."

The Mayor has no substance to his vision and leadership and therefore only surrounds himself with mediocre people that will never question his actions.

Anonymous said...

"Why does Hayward habitually associate himself with vain, shallow, and otherwise morally worthless individuals that inevitably crash and burn???"

Because he likes to surround himself with "like-minded" people.

What do we expect from a "model" with no business experience and no ethics?

Exactly what we have, all image and no substance and no ethics.

Anonymous said...

Hayward should fire himself.

Anonymous said...

Show me one photo (with no faking} anyone using his tax payers' dollars for bicycle parking?

Trying to be nice, not succeeding.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone of you describe the perfect mayor and what you would have him do?

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is looking for or expecting a "perfect mayor."

However, we do want and expect an "honest Mayor" that shows leadership and not continuously doing "back-room" deals with his friends and not providing incompetent administration from the staff he hires.

Anonymous said...

I, along with many others, use our taxpayer-funded bicycle racks for both work and avoiding event parking fees. Thank YOU, Pensacola.