Friday, January 30, 2015

Insider Dealing Continues at City Hall

Last night in the "hushSherrigate" quasi judicial hearing at City Hall the unspoken fact was that the University Heights project was an inside deal for the law firm of the husband of City Enforcer Tamara Fountain.

According to the bio of Mr. Fountain on his law firm website:

"Mr. Fountain resides in Navarre, Florida with his wife, Tamara White Fountain, originally from Palm Beach, and their daughter, Margaret."

The attorney for the Developer was Kerry Anne Schultz, Partner of Mr. Fountain in the Fountain Shultz Law Firm of Navarre.

Why does a low profile Pensacola development need a law firm from Navarre to represent them?

Only because they need the juice of the Office of the Mayor behind it to get it done.

Insider deals in Pensacola right under everyone's eyes!  You have got to love the stench here.

Here's a link to the citizens objecting at the planning board but Ms. Schultz ramming it through.

See Page 7 and 8

When Sherri tried to bring all this up...she couldn't get a second in order to speak.

Rob Johnson Blows it Again

In today's PNJ, Rob Johnson writes:

"Questions about possible flooding and tree cutting at a proposed subdivision were silenced at a Pensacola City Council meeting Thursday night when the panel declined to hear the concerns of Sherri Myers, who represents District 6."

Well intentioned article Rob, but Sherri represents District 2.  Julius Spencer represents District 6.

But Spencer believes everybody should represent only District 6 anyway so it was kinda factual.

More to come on this story!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Is the Governor Giving Hayward the Heisman still?

Governor Scott was in town today for a press conference at IHMC.  Once again absent from the photos was Mayor Hayward.

Malcolm Thomas was there.
Clay Ingram was there.

Boy wonder...nope!

That's twice now.  When the Governor was here campaigning with AG Bondi and Lt Gov. Cantera, the Mayor was also not in any photos.

Is something up?  :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Russenberger Suit Continues; Reynolds Case Continues

Although it looks like Merrill Land has dropped its case against the City of Pensacola, Seville Harbour is continuing with its quest to sue the City.

As the case passes the one year mark since filing, it appears that production and admissions are heating up in the matter.

In a separate but none the less interesting matter, former City Administrator Bill Reynold's case is continuing against the City.  Whatever You Want I Provide Rob Larkin is handling the festivities for the City on that front.

One interesting nugget. It appears that the Reynold's camp made a motion to "disqualify the trial judge", Judge Goodman.  It worked and Judge Terrell has the case now.

Why object to Judge Goodman in a suit in Pensacola?  Hmmmm.  :)

When is someone going to get the Mayor under oath, on video, on the record, subject to perjury and start peppering him with questions?

I might mosey over to the courthouse and review some case documents.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

City Council Takes the Money and Runs!

Being a City Council member is now a whole lot more lucrative for less work.

Is that how your world goes, less work for more money?

City Council President Andy (Less Means More) Terhaar's crazy concept to meet less for the same pay means that each of the seven council members will see their pay jump from $ 636.27 per meeting to $1,166.50 PER MEETING.


Assuming a generous 4 hours per meeting (which they do not go) that's $291.63 per hour.

Per Hour!

And President Terhaar will see his pay increase from $ 954.55 per meeting to a whopping $1,750 PER MEETING or $437.50 per hour.


Do they pay it back if they don't come?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

PNJ's Rob Johnson Looks Stupid...Merrill Lawsuit Dropped in November 2014

Do you remember the following Rob Johnson article in the PNJ in the dead news, let's create a story, here's what's coming in 2015, end of year news cycle?

December 28, 2014

Fish House Showdown With City Hall Coming

"The battle over lease fees between City Hall and the owners of the Fish House and Atlas Oyster Bar restaurants in downtown Pensacola that began in 2013 will spill into next year.

But it can't be over too soon for Collier Merrill, the managing co-owner of both popular eateries.

"I only get asked a few times a week now if we're in default and the city is going to make us leave. At first, I'd be asked over and over, every day by customers and employees," Merrill said last Friday.

"We have lost customers who have been misled to think we're deadbeats. And we have lost valued employees who wondered if we'd be run out of business," said Merrill. "But we're still here, and we want this settled once and for all."

Tamara Fountain, spokeswoman for Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward, said Friday that the city declines to comment on matters in which pending litigation is involved."

Only trouble is the case was voluntarily dismissed by Merrill on November 17, 2014.

Not much of a 2015 New Year's Showdown!

So did the City win and now want's its $5 million in back rent?


Doesn't look like the City wants anything but costs and attorney's fees from the Court filing.

So what's up?   I'll do some digging.  Obviously you can't count on the PNJ or Phone It In Rob Johnson to actually report.  Just appease.

Monday, January 12, 2015

We bought the King a Scriptmaster...Dark Brown...Leatherette

Do you have a Scriptmaster?  We bought the Mayor one!!  $264.51 for a folder to hold his speeches.  Leatherette.

Custom Made in New York City.

What is it you ask?

The Script - Master™ is the simplest and most elegant speaking tool available. When shut, this speech portfolio is a classy way to carry documents, and while open, it will single-handedly improve your presentation. It displays two entire 8 1/2" x 11" pages of text at one time on the podium or in your hands. Furthermore, instead of wrestling with loose pages, talking points, or note cards, it will keep everything organized and orderly.

When it is time to turn to the next page, simply slide the current page from the right to the left. The right side sits 1/2" above the left side allowing the page to naturally fall into place with mild guidance. The effectiveness of sliding pages rather than turning pages has been proven by over 40,000 politicians, lawyers, professors, religious speakers and others who have purchased the Script-Master™.

Pretentious and wasteful is what it is.

He doesn't think about the cost to the taxpayers, just how HE LOOKS!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cosson Report Issued November 13 Shared with Council December 30 Absolved?

On November 13, 2014, the City's investigator/attorney/ethicsguru/union negotiator Rob Larkin issued his report on the DicksBlog investigation of Derek Cosson.

Did the transparent City share it? No!

They held it until December 30, 2014 to push it under the holiday haze and minimize what it stated.

The PNJ reported under the headline City Hall Investigation Absolves Staffer

"An investigation ordered last September by Pensacola City Hall into alleged political shenanigans by a staffer there has ended with a finding that absolves Derek Cosson."

So what did it say?

The report below states:

"There is evidence to support that Cosson was, at a minimum, the owner of Dick's Blog. Although Cosson denies that he operated Dick's Blog, his actions as owner may violate City policy governing Standards of Conduct.  While the parameters of this investigation do not include the subpoena power necessary to discover the genesis of the posts on Dick's Blog and Cosson has denied doing so, his ownership of Dick's Blog, necessarily implicates his involvement.  Moreover, the Standards of Conduct policy applies to City employees at all times regardless of work hours."

"City policy prohibits employees from engaging in conduct "which is contrary to the order, efficiency or good name of the City, or conflicts with the best and valid interests of the City, its employees and constituents.  As the owner of Dick's Blog website and a City employee, it was Cosson's duty to ensure that the website would not operate in a manner that is contrary to the order,efficiency or good name of the City, or conflicts with the best and valid interests of the City, its employees and constituents best interests.  This would include the City Council.  Therefore, Cosson's ownership of Dick's Blog and/or permitting his name to be used for its registration could be violative of City policy."




Well, Derek joins the ever growing list  of City employees that came and went under the Hayward administration.

I'm sure Derek will do fine on the "outside". I hope he uses his talents for good.

How long will it be before the Mayor, who has stated he has the ability to award no bid contracts, contracts with the Campfire clan?

We will wait to see.