Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Some Presidents pardon their turkey!!

Congratulations President Andy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Remember that all of the retail businesses in City District 3 are open for business on Black Friday.  Doors open early so get up and shop District 3's exclusive shopping district.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hayward Used Tax Dollars For Lunch with Federal Judge?

Reentry Alliance Pensacola (REAP) is a wonderful not for profit that is the passion of Federal Judge Casey Rodgers.  The program is designed to keep previous offenders on track.

Judge Rodgers has gotten Mayor Hayward involved with this not for profit organization.

In reviewing Mayor Hayward's expense reports I found a nice $49.74 lunch at Jaco's PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYERS on the Mayor's City issued credit card.  The receipt clearly states the purpose was the REAP program.  The Mayor's mileage log shows that the Mayor charged the Citizen's mileage from City Hall to Jaco's and also charged mileage from Jaco's to the REAP community garden.

  • Was Judge Rodger's treated to lunch on the backs of City taxpayers?
  • Did she have the Southwestern chicken, the Palafox or the Tender Bleu Salad?
  • Did Judge Rodger's know that City taxpayer dollars were being used to pay for her meal?
  • Does the relationship between Hayward and Judge Rodgers create any conflict for the Judge if he is indicted?
  • Would Judge Rodgers have to recuse herself if Hayward comes before her?
  • Why should tax dollars be used to feed the Mayor and his guests for a not for profit he is volunteering to assist? How is that a City expense?
  • Did Judge Rodgers daughter intern for Hayward?
  • Has Judge Rodgers been the Judge on any lawsuits involving the City?
  • If CITY DOLLARS were paying for a Judge's meal while CITY cases were before their Court, is that an issue?
Legal readers, please weigh in as to the possible implications?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The King and His Court Luncheon in Private at Fish House

Brown bags not required if you are on King Hayward's Court.

In a private luncheon in the exclusive Bait Shop dining room at the Fish House the Mayor and 8 staffers dined on the taxpayer's dime.

The needless expenditure of taxpayer dollars - $226.24 FOR LUNCH

The taxpayer provide lunch included:
  • 5 Specialty Salads at $14 each (EACH!)
  • 2 Cobia Fish of the Day at $11 each
  • 1 Farmer's salad $9.95
  • 1 MOMA Salad $10.95 with salmon ADD $3.95
  • 1 MOMA Salad $10.95 with chicken ADD $2.95
  • 1 Fish House Club $8.95
If you add that up it's 11 meals.  The receipt states 9 attendees. 


How is "bring me back something" a taxpayer expense?

Some attendees included (trying to read the back of the receipt backwards):
  • Dick Barker. The City's Financial Watchdog stuffed his face at Citizen expense.
  • Bill
  • John Asmar, Contractor
  • Travis Peterson, Contractor

Why does the taxpayer need to pay for expensive lunches for employees and contractors who work together everyday?

Another taxpayer's entire City property taxes consumed in an hour!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hayward Spencer Party Like Rock Stars In Baltimore at Taxpayer Expense

It's good to be the King and his mini-me at the taxpayer's expense.

$137.66 for Spencer and Hayward to have dinner (without drinks)

While attending the Conference of Mayors in Baltimore in 2011, Hayward and Spencer dined at the very posh PAZO restaurant.  Here is what Zagat had to say about PAZO:


"The most beautiful people in Baltimore come to this Harbor East "knockout" from Charleston's Tony Foreman, where "inspired entrees are served in a "dramatic" "renovated warehouse" featuring "soaring ceilings", "sumptuous seating" and "stunning" "jewel-toned décor"; "well executed cocktails" augment the "killer vibe" P.S. the "valet is a plus." Zagat - 2012
Of course the Mayor and Julius must visit where the beautiful people go!!
What did they dine on?  It appears very exclusive tapas.


For those like me that don't know the finer things like Hayward and Spencer let me help you with the help of Wikipedia:
"The first jamones ibéricos were released for sale in the United States in December 2007, with the bellota hams due to follow in July 2008. The basic jamón ibérico is priced upwards of $52 a pound, and the bellota is priced upwards of $96 a pound, making these hams some of the most expensive in the world."
Hayward stayed at the Hilton for 3 nights (16, 17, 18) from the receipt, however, the taxi receipt below shows he left his hotel at 10:15PM on the 18th to go to 1200 Steuart Street.
A quick internet search shows that address is a condo development of high end condos
FYI - Our Mayor logs every cab ride and expense for reimbursement but interesting there is not a return cab receipt to the Hilton from the condo development.
Maybe he went to the wine bar located at the building.
Maybe he walked back to the hotel.
Maybe not?
All of this at your and my expense!  Let's assume best case for Hayward, bar hopping at 10:15pm on the City's dime?  City business at 10:15pm at a condo development?  Hmmm!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Doggin for Southwest

In this little morsel found in the additional documents obtained by the Federal Grand Jury in October was this receipt of the Mayor's buddies and him Big Doggin Southwest Airlines Bob Montgomery in a dinner at the ONLY place to Big Dog, Jackson's.

On the taxpayer funded menu:
  • Salmon $29 per plate
  • Chicken $25 per plate
  • Petite Filet $29 per plate
  • Grouper with lump crabmeat $41 per plate.
  • The KC Strip with Shrimp $66 per plate
  • A splitbone ribeye $49 per plate
  • Regular Filet $34 per plate
The total bill was $628.80 including a $104.80 tip. 

Now what is interesting was the list of millionaires that dined at the City's expense.

I'm sure none of these leaders could afford to go "dutch"
  • Julian McQueen
  • Jerry Pate
  • Jim Andrews
  • Quint Studer
  • Fred Levin
  • Bob Montgomery
Based on the email, Melinda Crawford, the Airport Director, didn't get to go, she just got stuck with the bill.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Evidently Federal Investigation Not Over

I have received via a public records request additional documents which were provided to the US Attorney's office subsequent to the documents presented to a Federal Grand Jury in September.

The additional documents and council videos relate primarily to the Mayor's expenses, the Main Street reconstruction project and the banking relationship with ServisFirst Bank. 

The subsequent documents appear to show that contrary to the Mayor's statements that the investigation is over, the investigation may be in fact continuing.

The most interesting documents noted so far in my review relate to a PNJ article by Jamie Page regarding the Mayor flying on the private plane of Fred Levin to a Reuben Askew event in Orlando early in his first term.  In the article below, an attorney for the Florida Commission on Ethics states that the flight should be reported as a gift or he should have paid the value of the gift back to Levin.


In a previous post, I have established that Hayward has never reported a gift to the State.

The only questions for the Feds is did he write the check he stated he did and did it include not only the flight but his admission cost into the event and if he stayed over the Friday night any other expenses such as hotel and other costs.

It appears that, as the article states Mr. Levin is not only a family friend and political supporter of the Mayor, his law firm was a vendor to the City at the time.

Since that time Mr. Levin has financed the $1 million purchase of Hallmark School for an LLC of which I understand the Mayor is a member.

Even if Hayward paid Levin back, it continues to show a pattern of the Mayor using City vendors for access to political, sports and other events.

Based on the Wernowsky article above and the Mayor's own statements to the press both the Levin contract and the Jerry Pate work were all no bid work, granted by the Mayor, to political supporters and friends, with perks for the Mayor included.

Am I missing something?

And then there is the green Range Rover.....

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mayor's Green Range Rover

I am seeking any information anyone has on a green Range Rover the Mayor was reportedly driving shortly after his first election.

It reportedly had a "Mayor, Official Business" sticker on the windshield and a license plate that was a custom tag with "Mayor" as the tag numbers.

If you have any information, please pass it to me anonymously on the blog, or push it to me through email.



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dicksblog Derek Does Not Like Shoe on Other Foot

Dicksblog Derek Cosson has filed a stalking complaint against Liz Watkins. 

Cosson Complaint

The complaint was filed from City Hall and alleges Watkins:
  • harassed and intimidated him
  • posted defamatory comments
  • disseminated unauthorized personal materials
  • attempted to interfere with his employment.
Cosson alleges Watkins actions have caused him substantial emotional distress.

It is widely known that Watkins has been filming for a documentary on problems with the City Charter, City corruption allegations and the actions of the Hayward Administration.  She has interviewed dozens of people in town for their thoughts on the actions of the Hayward administration including me.  She has noted her documentary dozens of times on the record at Council meetings and Cosson has been undeniably deeply involved in many of the controversies surrounding the Mayor since being hired by Hayward with little or no formal education or experience in 2011.

Cosson has had a turbulent history at City Hall including pleading no contest to sunshine violations, being reprimanded, caught blogging under fictitious names and most recently authoring Dicksblog.

Cosson Charges



I am in receipt of many of the audio and video ramblings of Cosson which are in fact troubling. I obtained them directly from an open source blog on the internet. I have not decided if I will publish them.

In my opinion, they do form a pattern that very much could impact whether Cosson should be employed by the City.

One thing is for sure, if Cosson has formal charges filed, Watkins will hit the MOTHER LOAD of ability to depose UNDER OATH Ashton Hayward, Tamara Fountain, John Asmar, Colleen Castille, and a multitude of others at City Hall to see just what in fact they knew or directed with regards to his actions at the City.

I have inquired about the Mayor's and the City's position about a City employee suing a City Citizen but have not received a reply.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tricky Dick at it Again!

In the Nov 10 agenda conference package is a year end budget reappropriation proposed by CityAdminstrator/CFO/Shellgamer Dick Barker.

In what has become a tradition of shuffling the "budget" for LAST fiscal year around after the year has ended to match what happened, Barker puts a memo forward "informing" council about the proposed changes he is bringing forward.

It is full of Tricky Dick speak, intentional NONSPEAK and glossovers.

Here is a little Barker's spew and then the truth:
  • Barker - "Estimated revenues within the Community Maritime Park Management Services Fund have been decreased based on FY2014 actual revenues"
  • What the Data Shows - Budgeted Event Management Revenue $186,500 Actual Event Management Revenue $0
Hmmm.  Real informative Dick!

The City made more money off of public records requests ($2,432) than managing the CMPA events.  ($0)

Port Dockage exceeded budget but was curiously not noted by Barker in his memo.

Barker spends time detailing explanations for golf and tennis but doesn't discuss most of the nine (9) pages of budget shuffles.

And, oh by the way, no account numbers are provided with big categories such as Personal Services and Operating Expenses used instead of account level detail.  This way the real shuffling is left to Barker on an account by account basis.

Transparent as black hole!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Misuse of Office? Who else has these?

I was coming out of Apple Market this weekend and noticed this sticker on a VW SUV.  It says "Mayor, City of Pensacola, Official Business".  It appears to be the car of City contractor Laura Bogan, the Mayor's personal and campaign photographer.
  • How many stickers have been issued stating "Mayor, City of Pensacola, Official Business"?
  • To who?
  • What benefits do they provide?
  • If they have no benefit, why are they issued?
  • If they do have a benefit, why are they issued to contractors?
  • Why does the Mayor need a personal photographer?
  • We have money for personal Mayor photographers but not for Council staff?
  • Who has bloated the government more, Council or His Royal Highness?