Friday, June 27, 2014

All the Sudden Hayward Cares What Citizens Think?

This week Kim Jung Hayward announced he has commissioned the Haas Center to do a poll of Pensacola residents to gauge their satisfaction with City services. Below is a link to the poll questions.

Link to Poll Questions

A couple of items:
  • I sure HOPE the Mayor does not try to use the poll results in his campaign.  Conducting polls with taxpayer money to use in your campaign is a no/no.
  • Why has he waited 3.5 years to care what Citizens think of the services?
  • The Haas Center should publish the results BLINDLY before the Mayor and his flunkies have a chance to spin them or kill the poll.  Since it is only for community feedback, why not?
Finally, everyone cross your fingers and pray that this is an EXIT poll on his administration.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

PNJ... Wells UNDERMINED Council; What does Council do?, Hire him AGAIN!

Editorial: Wells has to go

Last year, in developing strategic goals for 2010, the Pensacola City Council adopted a goal that calls for operating a "city government that earns the trust and respect of its citizens." With voter anger at an all-time high, maintaining their trust and respect is crucial.

City Attorney Rusty Wells's behavior at a council committee meeting in April undermines that goal and makes it that much harder for council members to maintain public confidence. Council members have the right to expect that the city attorney will support their efforts, not undermine them - even unintentionally.

There's no way that Wells can maintain the confidence of enough council members to serve effectively. He should be fired.

No question, the kinds of things Wells wrote in e-mails during the meeting to another employee are no different than what employees of both governments and private businesses say in private all the time. Most people have said things about their bosses, coworkers or companies they wouldn't want to see in a published e-mail.
But they say it in private.

Wells put his thoughts - including jokes about porn, drinking on the job and criticism of council members and how they conduct business - on a public e-mail system in messages to another city employee. He did this while attending a council committee meeting in his role as city attorney.

It's inappropriate at best - but especially for a senior member of city administration. Suffice it to say that that's not what the city pays Wells $155,000 a year for.
More, as city attorney, Wells has to set the pace for conduct that doesn't expose the city to litigation or other problems. As the city manager pointed out, in this case Wells didn't follow the advice he gives to other city employees about what is appropriate to put in e-mails.

So while the banter between Wells and the female employee sounds playful and might indicate an informal and friendly relationship, it's not hard to imagine a future scenario in which tensions between them make his mention of porn a potential piece of evidence in a sexual harassment suit - especially if there is more in other e-mails.

Finally, city officials can't ever forget that they represent Pensacola. They are the public face of a city desperate for economic development. We can only imagine what the CEO of a company researching Pensacola might think about all this, especially if he or she has to deal directly with Wells. It might be insignificant - and it might tip the balance against the city.

No doubt some will say it's too harsh to fire Wells for something many other people are guilty of. But it is his responsibility to know better; what he did isn't acceptable.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Welcome to the Jungle Andy!

Time has a way of putting perceptions in perspective.  Two years ago Councilman Terhaar announced he was running for the District 3 Council seat.

Andy felt that the then District 3 council member :) was not being a "team player" for not working with the Mayor.  He was encouraged by City Hall to run for office and even scored a campaign donation from the Mayor's wife.


He put together brochures with statements like:
  • Making progress a priority, not personalities
  • When politicians let grudges and personalities slow down progress, we all lose. 
  • Andy believes that only by working together can we make Pensacola the place we know it can be.
  • Let's work together for Pensacola's future.
Complaints were made that Council members needed to learn their subservient role to the Mayor.  We heard that council members :) were holding on to the past.  We heard that council members :) were not working WITH the strong mayor to support his new assumed powers under the charter.
Fast forward 2 years.  The politician "with a grudge" has not missed a little league game trying to hold the Mayor accountable.  Yet the same dictatorial behaviors by the Mayor that Andy ran on working with him to accomplish now have been brought into perspective.
  • In a special emergency meeting, Council votes 6-1 (a super majority) to establish it's independence from the Mayor. My Council member voting with the majority.
  • Council votes to place recall of the Mayor and changes to it's own powers into charter amendments. My Council member voting with the majority to changes in its powers but against recall.
I listened last night to Andy's statements at the Special Meeting. 
I think he gets it now that he has seen it from that side.
I am proud of my Council member.  Thank you Andy for representing us well.

I'm off to a little league tournament!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

City Fails to Deliver for CMPA

As the boy wonder tries to spin all of his successes to the voters, I stumbled over this juicy nugget of personal Hayward failure.

  • Remember that little park down there on the water?
  • Remember how the CMPA came to Council for $500,000 to add a "back of house" to the amphitheater because that will drive usage?
  • Remember how the CMPA promised to pay the City back?
  • Remember how after they built it they came back and asked for debt forgiveness?
  • Remember how the CMPA requested RFP's to be the "booking agent" for the CMP and Amphitheater?
  • Remember how REAL promoters were shunned for the boy wonder's parks and rec department?
Well, the financial report for the first six months of the year shows just how badly the City failed to make the CMP viable and provide real paying opportunities for the CMPA.

2nd Qtr Report Page 69 of 92

Approved City Budget for Event Management Services - $ 186,500
Actual - $ 3,853
Percent of expected through 6 months - 2.07%

Approved City Budget for Parking - $ 158,000
Actual - $ 36,179


It's OK.  I'm sure the revenue from the Hurricane Awareness event will correct the CMPA shortfall.

Huge crowd!

Here's a post from over a year ago...Nothing has changed.  Hayward fails and fails and fails.

Sorry to be away.  I was finishing up a project.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Funny...AM 1620 Your News Source

I got this in the mail recently.  The sales guy is on it! 

Rob, Branden, Cooper and Andrew, will you guys clue him in please!

He must not listen to AM1620 or he would have known.



Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PNJ Covers Stormwater... Hayward Inaction Costing City Money

In todays PNJ, Ken Ford from IHMC states very clearly it will take action not plans to get him to invest in Pensacola.

"The city is under heavy scrutiny from a grass-roots campaign of key employers such as the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, where President Ken Ford has abruptly tabled plans for an estimated $12 million expansion that could generate more of the non-profit research organization's $100,000-plus jobs.

"IHMC has put our expansion in Pensacola on hold until we can be confident that the flooding problem is addressed," Ford said. "Pensacola would benefit greatly from a thoughtful comprehensive city-wide drainage plan. But a plan, in itself, is not enough."

A $12 million economic development project "tabled" until the Hayward administration acts.  CLEAR AND UNDENIABLE.

Mr. Mayor, tell Dr. Ford about the Upside and show him the swave!  If you do, I'm sure he will build without you doing anything real and substantial.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Studer Development Downtown...City should correct the issue upon demolition

This should be the last month that the PNJ inhabits its Romana Street bunker.  Soon bull dozers will accomplish what many have dreamed of for many years.

In it's wake, Studer's Daily Convo LLC will begin the development process that will bring a new YMCA, apartments, and other amenities to the downtown area.

I'm not a developer, but stormwater issues on that site should be solved prior to construction while the land is relatively empty.

Mayor Hayward, an Upside banner and a ribbon cutting isn't going to cut it here.  Better get your wallet out if you want investors to spend their money with our downtown's ancient infrastructure.

Below are photos of the PNJ building and parking lot after the recent storm.

Notice the water line on the building.

These cars FLOATED out of their parking spaces and over the curbs.  Water up to the doors.

Monday, June 9, 2014

City to Wake Up and Address Issues with Stormwater

In the Agenda for this weeks Council Action, is a request from Brian Spencer to hold a symposium on the City and County stormwater issues in July.

This review will include reviewing the results of the City's post storm event engineering reports.

See page 98

I'm sure his endorsement of the event by Spencer is derived from issues primarily related to downtown/Aragon and the negative impact further inaction by the City could create on attempts to lure business downtown. 

Examples forthcoming.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Stormwater - Admiral Mason...Millions Spent, but did it work effectively

Early in his administration, Mayor Hayward moved in to radically adapt the Admiral Mason Stormwater Retention Pond from being a conventional retention pond surrounded by a high berm to hold water into a showpiece pond that functioned as both a stormwater retention solution and an aesthetically pleasing pond facility.

Based on information I received, a local leader asked the following question regarding the Admiral Mason Pond:

"I recall that Pensacola had a phased plan that included a pumping system at ADM Mason Park.  Part of the first phase was designed and installed to prevent storm surge in the bay downstream from backflowing up the existing stormwater system into Aragon.  It consisted of installing larger piping south of Aragon on Florida Blanca and one-way valves at the outfalls at Florida Blanca and 9th Avenue, and I cannot recall for certain, but perhaps at Alcaniz as well.

It would be worth re-examining why the key second and third phases of the drainage plan were not constructed and if they are still the right solution."

Below are photos that show the actual flooding that occurred in the Aragon and Admiral Mason area in the recent rain event.

Were the pumps in Phase 2 ever completed?
If not, why not and does the lack of the pumps effect the functionality of the pond?
If the pumps were added, was the pond pumped down in anticipation of the rain event?
I would think the Aragon residents and businesses may want to know if the pond is actually an actively functioning retention facility or a just a nice amenity that does not serve the claimed purpose.

Were funds necessary for the true functionality of the pond wasted by Brian Spencer and Steve Dana on landscaping and plants?

Notice the roofs of the cars on 9th Avenue

Aragon flooding