Friday, May 30, 2014

Airport Borrow Pit has been only solution since 1975

In 1975, when I was 7, the Airport Master Plan discussed the usage of the exact same borrow pit as the Stormwater Solution for the airport.

Page 54 "Existing storm runoff facilities at the airport consist of a network on inlets and concrete pipe which outlet through 42 and 84 inch pipes into the Scott Filed Storage Basin.  This retention basin has recently been enlarged to hold 57 acre feet of water and is designed to contain all storm runoff from a 50 year storm.  Water is released from the retention basin directly into Bayou Texar through a 30 inch pipe."

Is that the same 30 inch pipe that caused the Piedmont flood?
Where does that 30 inch pipe run?

It continues.

Page 54 "All stormwater runoff from the airport surface area +/- 1200 acres is collected and retained in the Scott Field Storage Basin"

Page 83 "As the airport is expanded, the drainage system will be expanded to assure that all runoff water will continue to be collected and retained in the Scott Field Storage Basin.  This storage basin has the capacity or can be expanded to retain the expected increased runoff....

"The basin should also be managed to insure its maximum usefulness by enlarging its storage capacity as required, by shaping and grassing the sides and bottom of the basin and by constructing temporary dikes to separate the area that is actively being mined from the area intended to hold runoff."

1975 Airport Master Plan

Lets see what could have changed at the airport since 1975:
  • New terminal?...Yep
  • New rental car facility?....Yep
  • New General Aviation Development?...Yep
  • Runway expansions?...Yep
  • New parking decks?...Yep
  • New and expanded parking lots?...Yep
  • Expanded Apron?...Yep
  • New Fire Station?...Yep
  • New FAA and Tower facility?...Yep
Yet the big Borrow Pit has been ignored.
And does it have the same 30 inch pipe?

Lets see if the following has occurred:
  • Have the sides been shaped and grassed routinely?
  • Has the pit been enlarged as required?
I do not recall seeing a shaped and grassed, maintained stormwater retention facility where the pit is, but rather an overgrown area that was criticized by the FAA for wildlife.


Hayward was just the one left without a seat when the music stopped. 

The City waited until they found someone else to pay for it but it was just a little too late for the residents of Piedmont.

Reynolds Puts on Restore List

This stormwater issue is City wide with many issues.  I will continue to discuss these issues next week.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Airport Borrow Pit is an UNPERMITTED stormwater facility

On Tuesday, I stated that in determining the fault/issues around the Piedmont storm water failure, two questions must be answered:
  1. Was the occurrence caused by the City's drainage system (namely it's airport)? and
  2. Was the situation foreseeable and potentially avoidable?
Based on the statements by the City staff and the City Administrator in the emails I have provided in previous posts, clearly the City's drainage system and specifically its Airport storm water issues were the cause of the Piedmont flood.

Now I will be looking over the next few days at documents that will indicate that the situation at the airport was potentially foreseeable and avoidable.

Exhibit 1

Below is a link to the $2.7 million grant application to FDOT for the storm water grant for the Airport borrow pit.  This grant was set to come before Council in May even prior to the rains.


The City staff summary on Page 2 states:

"The Pensacola International Airport Storm water Management Pit consists of a large excavated area in the southwestern quadrant of the airport that has been utilized as an unpermitted storm water management facility for several decades."


In the document on page 21of 38, the project scope states:

"Conversion of an existing 38 acre borrow pit to a fully permitted regional storm water pond, effectively serving 2458 acre drainage that is multi-jurisdictional, which includes the City the County and FDOT."

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

City Adminstrator Links Cordova Square and Airport

In the email below, City Administrator Castille links the Cordova Square retention pond with the airport borrow pit and states that they both blew out over the night.

But what is her primary issue?

A special trash pickup along Palafox and that Seville Square gets street sweeping to prepare for the Crawfish Festival.

-----Original Message-----

From: Colleen Castille
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 8:45 PM
To: City Council
Subject: Update 5

Close out for today...

Search and rescue, rough numbers

More than 4000 calls to 911, sent to both city and county depending on jurisdiction. About 300

Here is our subset

From 5:00 pm Tuesday to present: (34) Rescues - (1) Code 3 Cardiac Arrest -

(4) Medical calls - (43) Public Assistance calls - (82) Total calls

One confirmed death in the county on Highway 29. Two others suspected after response to stranded vehicles. Insufficient information to make a determination.

City firefighters rescued four people from cars in the Scenic Highway blowout.

Damage assessment

Storm water,

Gabaronne Swamp upper tier pond blown out.

Cordova pond blown out, it connects to Airport Pond which has also blown out.

Admiral Mason pond overtopped.

Maggie's Ditch over by Global Learning Academy beginning of ditch is storm water system, was overwhelmed by the amount of water coming through. It flooded Global learning.

Long hollow pond in North hill way over topped its boundaries flooding significant residences and businesses.

Road, water is receding on many if the blocked roadways but we have kept barricades up to keep people from losing control in the muck.

12 avenue bridge over Texar has been reduced to two lanes and is passible.

We are working with the county to close Belview church shelter and open up the Fricker center as a shelter beginning at 9:00 in the morning.

Garbage pick up will be normal tomorrow and Friday.

A special trash pick up cycle will start tomorrow in downtown to get ready for the Crawfish Festival.

Also street sweepers will sweep street on Palafox and Seville Square for the same reason.

More will be done tomorrow.

Several smaller features across

Sent from my iPhone

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

City Staff...Epic Flood Overran Airport

From: Larry Coen
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 11:42 AM
To: Carl Flowers
Cc: Derrik Owens; Ryan J. Novota
Subject: 4-30-14 rain event problems

Aside from the routine problem areas, these were noted:

 A/Gadsden-SW corner--storm inlet washed out, sank along with +/- 15' curb.

Longhollow-east side (by RR tracks) overflowed banks, washed out RR bed, took down pond fence as well as fence by County records office.

A/Government-NW corner--ECUA valve box blowing water, may indicate a broken main

A/Government-NE, SW corner--Two sanitary manholes (?) blowing lids.  sewerage running into storm drain.

E/Government-SW corner--private property, looks like an abandoned septic tank floated, erupted thru parking lot.

W. Main @ BDI--lost +/- 100' curb, sidewalk, landscaping.  rush of water took down fence by pond/stream.  Pond silted with sand.  E/B Main closed at Clubbs.

Summit/Piedmont--looks like the epic flood over ran airport property, taking out a portion of the tennis center parking lot and washing a little wall of mud down Piedmont to Tronjo and then out to Bayou Blvd.

9th @ Carpenter Creek--Water breached road and caused wash out of road surface on east side.  Transfield barricaded.

12th@Euclid--Major wash,  looks like contractor cleaned roadway.

Scenic Hwy--Several area undermined and collapsed.  Tree down across roadway @ Bayview Way.


Larry Coen

Operations Supervisor II

City of Pensacola, Public Works Dept


The Pit Overflowed....

Dan Flynn, the Airport operations manager sent the following email to Derrik Owens the City Engineer Wednesday morning regarding the Airport's borrow pit it used as an unpermitted storm water facility.

-----Original Message-----

From: Dan Flynn
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 10:57 AM
To: Derrik Owens

Subject: Pit

The pit has overflowed.  It has taken out some our road and is still at the level of the road.

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Piedmont... The whole story

Ever since the City's infrastructure failed causing the tragic flooding on Piedmont Rd in Cordova Park, the City has tried to avoid the obvious questions:
  1. Was the occurrence caused by the City's drainage system (namely it's airport)? and
  2. Was the situation foreseeable and potentially avoidable?
Today I will be posting a series of emails obtained from public records requests that will clearly indicate that the City engineers and the City administrator believed the Piedmont flooding to be caused by the failure of the airport stormwater retention pit and the failure of the Cordova Square retention pond.  I will also show emails that indicate that these two ponds are linked.

As the week progresses, I will be posting various historical documents that show that the City knew the system was inadequate up to showing that at the time of the flood a grant application was pending for the improvements that if acted on earlier by the City administration, could potentially have avoided the loss of property incurred by the residents of Piedmont and those downstream.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Fun... Asmar doesn't pay bills or do his own legal work?

Nothing makes Friday "funner" than exposing the exploits of John F. Asmar.

In the claim below filed in Escambia County Court, a local attorney sues Asmar for allegedly not paying her for doing legal work for him.

You see, from my reading of the documents, Asmar took a case and then subcontracted out the legal work.  The attorney did the work and then allegedly Asmar stiffed the attorney despite numerous collection efforts.

Doesn't seem very nice to me.

Statement of Claim

On another note, on page 51 of the 124 page complaint, a local attorney is discussing selling access to a software called Westlaw to Asmar at an agreed upon flat rate.

The attorney working for Asmar states:  "I was so happy to have access to Westlaw last weekend."

  • does Westlaw allow firms to sell access to the software for profit? 
  • Are their any licensing issues with pimping access?
  • Has another legal issue arisen from these documents?
I have no idea, but below is the link to the Westlaw Subscriber Agreement.

Westlaw Subscriber Agreement

Always seems to be issues when it comes to Asmar.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pensacola International named 10th Most Expensive Airport to Fly from in United States

Talk about a colossal failure not being touted by Mayor Hayward.

With all the Upside hype and other hooey, the facts of this Mayor's failures are obvious to everyone in AMERICA not chugging his happy talk Kool-aid.

A recent study reflected that Pensacola Intergalactic Spaceport is the 10th most expensive airport to fly from in the entire United States.

100 Most Expensive to Fly From


It's real hard to attract good business and industry when the highest rank your city can get in a poll is most expensive airfare.

How do other airports rate?

  • New Orleans #75
  • Jacksonville #58
  • Orlando #95
FYI, I am flying to DC in a few weeks from VPS, saving over $250 per ticket on Delta, even though PNS is only 8 minutes from my house.

How's that for a Southwest Miracle?

Hey Chumps...Just A Reminder...Hayward runs the Commission

A couple of months ago, Mayor Hayward force fed the County Commission HIS deal for ST Aerospace.

  • He used County money...without asking.
  • When the Commissioners were told about the $1 million in the City's economic development incentive fund sitting there unused, they asked Hayward about using those funds, Hayward told them NOPE...not available.
  • The Commissioners finally just did what they were told by Hayward.

Hey Chumps, the million is still there.  Read it and weep.

In Dick (9:15) Barker's second quarter financial report to Council to be presented tonight, Barker states:

"The unencumbered balance in the Economic Development Incentives Fund at the end of the Second Quarter is $ 1,073,611."

See page 46 of 92

Oh, and by the way, the funds you accepted as collateral from the Communication Services tax ain't doing so great according to Tricky Dick.

"However, the Communication Services tax was below budget by $148,000 or 10.21% through the second quarter."

See page 45 of 92

You picked a winner there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Never a dull moment at City Hall

I had to run by City Hall today to pick up a records request.  I got there about 9:15.  In the 10 minutes I was there I saw:
  • CFO Dick Barker arriving for work.  Must be nice to stroll in at 9:15.
  • My Councilmember and his dad coming down from a meeting on the 5th Floor.  Was he there as a Councilman or a business person?  Did the employee he met with know the answer to that question?
  • the Security Guard go nuts when a Citizen went up the stairs to the second floor without permission.  Unsecured Citizen access is now limited to just the 1st Floor I guess.
I think the lobby cam of City Hall should be available on the web and the sign in sheets for each day published on the City site for all to see.

Remember, Hayward claims transparency!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Airport Assessing It's Impact in Piedmont Flooding

An AIRPORT contract was issued on May 15, 2014 whereby the Airport retained Hatch Mott McDonald to do a review of the April rain event. 

Project Description: The project will review the April 2014 rainfall event, which occurred over the City of Pensacola and surrounding areas, and assess the ability of the Cordova Square and PNS Airport Stormwater ponds to store the resulting runoff from the contributing basin as well as the likely route that overflow runoff from the two facilities would follow.
TASK 2 — PNS Stormwater Management Facility Outfall/Piedmont Road Stormwater Trunk Line (Outfall Pipe) Surveying
The Engineer shall perform a limited topographic survey of the Outfall Pipe to establish pipe size, pipe material, invert and rim elevations along the route from the PNS Stormwater Management Facility to Bayou Texar. Topographic surveying efforts shall be limited to the Outfall Pipe only.
Surveying of local stormwater collection/transmission structures and/or pipes, within the Cordova Park area, that connect to the outfall pipe, is not included within the proposed scope of services.
TASK 3 — Addition of Outfall Pipe to Existing PNS Airport Stormwater Management Facility Expansion and Rehabilitation Model (stormwater model)
The Engineer shall modify the existing stormwater model, established for the PNS Airport Stormwater Management Facility Expansion and Rehabilitation project, to include the outfall pipe from the PNS Stormwater Management Facility to Bayou Texar. The Engineer shall include contributing Cordova Park stormwater basin information within the model modifications based upon basin delineations and characteristics completed by Baskerville-Donovan, Inc. as part of the Seville Drive Drainage Improvements. The Engineer shall perform a storm routing simulation, for a storm event approximating the April 2014 event, and review the results to determine the ability of both the Cordova Square Stormwater Management Facility and PNS Airport Stormwater Management Facility to store runoff from the storm event, as well as hydraulic conditions which may have been experienced within the outfall pipe. The Engineer shall subsequently utilize the gathered data in conjunction with available GIS and/or Lidar topographic data to determine approximate overflow runoff routes from both the Cordova Square and PNS Airport stormwater ponds.
It is becoming clearer and clearer that the insufficient stormwater management capacity at Pensacola Intergalactic Spaceport and your City administration's years of failing to act is the reason so many families in Cordova Park have had their lives turned upside down.

Way to go Terry Strickland!

The PNJ reported on the six month financial report included with the Council Agenda.
This is the first time in my memory the PNJ actually did more than a "drive by" on the City.

Real reporting at the PNJ! Who da thunk?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Bill Reynolds Fights Back!

You go Bill!    I can't wait for the depositions!!!

This will be interesting.

Records Search              
Case Number 2014 CA 000863 Case Judge J / GOODMAN , ROSS 
Case Type CONTRACT & INDEBTEDNESS File Date 05/07/2014
Case Action Code Case Status OPEN
Rcd Party Type Name Race Gender D.O.B. / D.O.D.
2 Plaintiff REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H    XRef-ID:
Attorney: ODOM  BRADLEY S 
Rcd Date Description Document Tag #
1  05/07/2014   COVER SHEET
2  05/07/2014   COMPLAINT/PETITION FILED 1.000000000000
3  05/07/2014   CASE FILED 05/07/2014 CASE NUMBER 2014 CA 000863
7  05/09/2014   ISSUANCE OF SUMMONS ASSESSED $10.00
8  05/09/2014   PAYMENT $407.00 RECEIPT #2014044707
9  05/09/2014   FIRST COLLECTIONS NOTICE SENT 2.000000000000
10  05/09/2014   SUMMONS ISSUED 3.000000000000

Recycling...A Pensacola Myth

Today I saw hundreds of Citizens with their City recycling containers out on the street.  These citizens are taking the time and effort to try to recycle materials to avoid dumping them in the earth where it will take hundreds of years for the materials to break down.

All the while the apathetic City sits by not telling its Citizens that the recyclable material is going directly into that landfill and has been for over a month.

No Recycling in Pensacola Page 50 of 92

Quick to jump up and down about the spare-no-expense-embrace-of-CNG and quick to take credit for any small thing they don't screw up, the City Administration sure is mum on their lack of effectiveness in dealing with recyclable materials in response to it's recycler's financial issues.

ECUA is keeping its commitment to recycling by transporting its material to alternative locations.  This requires initiative, commitment and determination.

These traits are scarce to nonexistence on the 7th floor of City Hall.

The only thing being recycled by City Hall is the monthly financial reports by CFO Barker.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Fun...Asmar Sued!

John hasn't even been served yet.  Hope this blog post is how he finds out he has been sued!

Don't know what its about but I'm sure its seedy!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Airport Debacle...Hayward the Hero!

See page 50 of 92

Remember when Hayward made a BIG DEAL of Southwest coming to Pensacola? 

Remember how in actuality all that happened is that Southwest Airlines, who purchased AirTran, replaced the AirTran planes with Southwest planes without adding any net new service?

Remember His Worship proclaiming this was a Game Changer for Pensacola Intergalactic Spaceport?

Well, lets dive into this economic development miracle that Hayward hatched.

"Overall Airport operating revenues were $433,000 below the FY 2013 operating revenue for the same time period mainly attributed to Airline Revenues.  Southwest Airlines replaced (they finally admit it) AirTran Airways in November 2013.  Southwest is currently under a two-year incentive plan, reducing revenues that would have otherwise been received from AirTran."

Now here is Tricky Dick speak at it's best:

"It should be noted that the airport's agreement with the airlines provides for the airlines to fund any shortfall, EXCLUDING INCENTIVES, should that occur."

Why note that Dick?  You just said the $433,000 shortfall was due to incentives! So the other airlines won't make that up!  So if the trend continues the airport will have to eat the $866,000 loss to pay for SouthWest Airlines changing the type of plane they fly into Pensacola.

That's one heck of a economic development job Mayor!  Lose money, same service!


Why don't we offer American the same deal to replace American Eagle with American Airlines?

Then we could lose $2 million.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hey Barker: If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull$#@%

City CFO and financial guru Tricky Dick Barker has included his six month financial review in the City Council Agenda for next week.

I made it all the way to General Fund line 1 before busting a gut at his dribble.

"In total, General Fund revenues exceeded budget for the second quarter and are mainly attributed to revenues."

Freaking genius! Nailed it!

Non Big Brother Link to Agenda

I think W.C. Fields must have known Dick when he came up with the title line.

More to come as I wade through Barker's window dressing today!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mayor's Business Partner Cleans Up on City FEMA work.

It will be a good year for Roads, Inc. and probably for the Mayor's investment in Redfish Harbor.

For late arrivals, Redfish Harbor is the Mayor's real estate investment with Cody Rawson of Roads, Inc.

Redfish Harbor Owners

Roads, Inc.

The land has sat and sat and sat and sat for years after the real estate market tanked.  A bank could not have such a nonperforming asset on its books, so AMFI Insurance picked up the note to make it all ok for everybody.

Bank Mortgage That Had To Go

AMFI Swoops in To Save Everyone's Bacon

At the last Council meeting, Council voted unanimously to approve funding for the flood related work within the City.  In the funding request was the following:

"In accordance with City Code Section 2-4-8(a) the Mayor is given the authority to take such emergency measures as he deems necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens and to ensure the timely reconstruction and repair of structural damage caused by the emergency event and the continued functioning of local government. Along with this authority the Mayor is also authorized to waive or suspend all ordinances, policies, procedures or customs of the City as the Mayor determines necessary for the purchase of commodities and services, for contracts of no more than one year duration, for the assignment of employees and for the facilitation of reconstruction and repair, both public and private, as the Mayor determines necessary."

With the above in place, the Mayor has wasted no time in directing $2 million to his business partner in the Innerarity Point development.
  • Roads Inc.  $      71,615 20th & Lloyd
  • Roads Inc.  $ 1,836,260 Piedmont
  • Roads Inc.  $    251,053 12th & Bayou Texar
If I were AMFI Insurance, I would put Hayward and Rawson on notice that they need to be paying down the principal with the funds that Hayward directed to Rawson under his "Executive Power".

We know the SAO won't do anything.  But maybe there is someone else who might be interested?

44 CFR §13.36   Procurement.

(3) Grantees and subgrantees will maintain a written code of standards of conduct governing the performance of their employees engaged in the award and administration of contracts. No employee, officer or agent of the grantee or subgrantee shall participate in selection, or in the award or administration of a contract supported by Federal funds if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved.

Such a conflict would arise when:
(i) The employee, officer or agent,
(ii) Any member of his immediate family,
(iii) His or her partner, or
(iv) An organization which employs, or is about to employ, any of the above, has a financial or other interest in the firm selected for award.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Today is May 9th... Spencer has not answered.

If you will recall , I submitted a letter with the below listed questions to Councilman Spencer.  The letter was hand delivered to City Hall.  These questions surround his and his architectural firms involvement with DAG Architects, his involvement with their selection as the City's A&E firm for the Woodland Heights and Legion Field Resource Centers, and their past and present business joint ventures.

I  asked the Councilman to respond by May 9th, a reasonable time for just a few short yes or no questions.

No response has been received. 

As a citizen who has questions regarding his actions, I feel I have given him every opportunity to respond and clear up the matter.

·        Have you ever asked for an opinion from the Florida Commission on Ethics?   Yes or No

·        Have you ever received an opinion from the Florida Commission on Ethics?   Yes or No

·        Prior to DAG Architects proposing on the Pensacola Resource Centers, had your company joint ventured with DAG Architects on any projects?   Yes or No

·        In 2008, prior to being elected, did your Company SMP Architecture joint venture with DAG Architects in your joint proposal to provide architectural services for the Pensacola Library?   Yes or No

·        In 2009, did your Company SMP Architecture joint venture with DAG Architects to propose work for the old Molino School?   Yes or No

·        Does your Company SMP Architecture currently share office space with DAG Architects?   Yes or No

·        Did you directly request the Mayor throw out the results of the Initial Request for Proposal for A&E services for the Woodland Heights Resource Center?   Yes or No

·        Did you participate in the drafting of the revised Request for Proposal for A&E services for the Resource Centers?   Yes or No

·        Did you pick the Committee members who would comprise the A&E Services Selection Committee?   Yes or No

·        Did you state on the record at the selection committee meeting that you “were in charge of procurement of professional design services on behalf of the City”?   Yes or No

·        Did you participate in the selection meeting for the procurement of design services that eventually led to DAG Architects being selected to design the Pensacola Resource Centers?   Yes or No

·        On February 9, 2012, did you vote in the affirmative to the Subject: Award of contract for A&E services with DAG Architects for Woodland Heights and Legion Field Resource Centers?   Yes or No

·        Since that time, has your company joint ventured with DAG Architects on any projects?   Yes or No

·        Since that time, did your company joint venture with DAG Architects in a proposal to provide Architectural Services for the proposed Downtown YMCA?   Yes or No

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is How Spencer Talks About Financial Supporters

Councilman Brian Spencer submitted his monthly campaign finance report through April.

Spencer Finance Report

Noteworthy were two donations:
  1. Lee House Pensacola LLC $300
  2. Norma's Potpourri Café $200
Both businesses are owned by Norma Murray.

Spencer doesn't mind hitting up folks for money and cashing their checks. 

But what does Spencer actually think of his supporter Norma Murray and express to constituents?

Spencer about supporter

Spencer in his own words...nothing else needed from me.

Wow!  If that's the way Spencer talks about his financial supporters, how does he talk about his opponents?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Press Hungry Mayor Did Issue Release

Public Information request forthcoming for grant application. 

Is the press release alone an admission that the system was flawed?

Hayward wins $2.7 million FDOT grant for regional stormwater facility at Pensacola International Airport
Continuing his commitment to promote a healthy environment, Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward announced today that he has secured from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) a $2.7 million grant for construction of a new regional stormwater management facility at Pensacola International Airport.

The pond will help prevent untreated stormwater runoff from entering local waterways, improving water quality. The regional facility, which will be constructed by converting an existing 38-acre borrow pit on Airport property, will also eliminate smaller stormwater ponds located throughout the Airport, freeing up more Airport property for future development. 

Since taking office, Mayor Hayward has made cleaning up our environment and local waterways a top priority, using grant dollars whenever possible to fund and enhance projects. Last November, Hayward announced a $2.1 million grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for a regional stormwater facility at Corinne Jones Park, which will be similar to the award-winning pond at Admiral Mason Park.

The new facility will serve a drainage basin spanning 2,458 acres across the jurisdictions of the City of Pensacola, Escambia County and the Florida Department of Transportation. A secondary benefit of the project will be to meet the state stormwater treatment requirements for the new Pensacola Bay Bridge replacement in the very near future. The new regional stormwater facility has been permitted, and will be constructed, in such a manner to properly address the required compensatory stormwater treatment volume generated by the new bridge and thereby providing a significant environmental benefit to the community.

City Staff Knew Cordova Park At Risk for Decade

In the below memo to City Council from 2005, then City Manager Tom Bonfield discusses flood damage from a "torrential rain". 

The memo states:
"The most significant damage to City facilities occurred at the Vickery Recreation Center which was flooded with between 6" to 10" of water and mud.  This happened when Cordova pond overflowed in conjunction with the Airport pit being full creating a surge from manholes and inlets."

This situation is exactly what happened last week until the system failed altogether.

2005 Memo re: Cordova Flooding

The Hayward administration knew the airport drainage was a problem but CHOSE to spend $6 million dollars on Legion Field and Woodland Heights Resource Centers.

In his first budget in 2011 on page 122 of 527, the Mayor lists Airport Stormwater Retention Pond Modification as a project with a $50,000 study in 2012 and $300,000 in work in 2013.  This money went for planning the needed modifications.

But Resource Center Hayward had no money to pay for the needed work.

On March 25,2013, then City Administrator Bill Reynolds distributed to City Council a proposed list of items to be submitted for BP RESTORE Act funding.  The next to last project listed:
  • PNS Int Airport Stormwater Pit Project


You see, the Mayor spends money on what wins him favor with Citizens. 

He told me directly about Fire Station 3 "Spending millions on a Fire Station isn't economic development"  Station 3 still sits with mold.

Stormwater projects aren't sexy. But they are what Citizens expect in a City. Services.

Amazingly, after neglecting the Stormwater issue at the Airport and personally denying and having Airport Director Donovan deny on the radio that the Airport was the problem in the Piedmont Cordova Park debacle, on Thursday night the Council will be asked to accept a $2,700,000 grant by Florida DOT to modify the Airport Stormwater Pit.

Page 3 of 90 in the agenda (add on Item)

Too late for Piedmont! Hey...but he did buy pizzas!

Think about this:



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ole Stinky Gone...New Stinky On!

Quint Studer sent a letter of endorsement for the hatchery project to Council yesterday.  It was forwarded by Colleen Castille to Council before their agenda meeting.


Side note...I'm sure Castille forwards every citizen letter to the Council for their consideration.

A $6,500,000 piece of waterfront property to the State for 30 years for $50 per year.

Wu and Pratt will be absent Thursday.  Here's my take:

  1. Cannada-Wynn - Yes
  2. Terhaar - Yes
  3. Spencer  - Yes; he whined but he does too much work for Studer
  4. Johnson - Yes
  5. Wingate - Yes
I think Spencer and Johnson would have been no's but for Studer support.

FACT:  On Pensacola Bay, winds start from the east in the morning, move to the south as the day progresses and come out of the west in the late afternoon and evening.

Quint, I hope the hatchery doesn't stink like so many other hatcheries around the country and offend Wahoo's fans and your office building because for 30 years,  I don't see any other way to say it my friend, you asked for it!

Google Assignment:  FISH HATCHERY SMELL

Monday, May 5, 2014

Will Council Take the Bait?

Today's agenda conference will decide if City Council will take the Mayor's bait and decide they want to vote on the Fish Hatchery lease at Bruce Beach. 

What a sucker bet.

Here's the rub.

I don't think the Mayor can get to five votes.  I understand two members will not be there on Thursday.  That means Kim Jung needs 5 of 7.  I don't see it.

If they vote it down, will Kim Jung merely approve it anyway like he did the OHM agreement? the Osceola agreement? That would make Council look like idiots again.

Remember, Allen Norton and Blue stated Council Policies regarding leases are not binding on the Mayor under the Charter.

Council should remove the item from the Agenda and refer it to the Mayor for "Executive Action".

Let the Mayor be SOLELY responsible for the pending disaster that the Hatchery entails.

Previous Post on Drawbacks

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fish Hatchery Lease on the Council Agenda fro Next Week

This issue has so many interesting angles.
  • Didn't the City Attorney and Allen Norton & Blue say the Mayor does not need Council approval to enter into leases?
  • If so, why is the Mayor asking for Council approval?
  • Isn't the proposed hatchery far less in scope and employment than when he first brought it to Council?
  • Has anyone with the City done the due diligence on side effects of the hatchery (ie smell)?
  • Didn't the Mayor try to blame City Council for his homeless ordinances when they blew up?
  • If the hatchery does smell, will the Mayor blame Council again for passing the lease?
  • The property appraiser document states the property has a value of $6,900,000.  Is $50 per year a good deal for the citizens?
City Council should vote Monday to remove the item from the agenda.  Let Kim Jung Hayward make the call and sign the lease. Then all the nails go in HIS coffin.