Monday, April 21, 2014

Blatant Use of City Dollars to CAMPAIGN for Mayor

Mayor Ashton Hayward has been Mayor for over 3 years now.  He has never before had a television show.

But now, less than 4 months out from the primary with 2 opponents and $100,000 in donations in the bank, he choses to start a weekly BLAB show at TAXPAYER expense that will entail as Tamara Fountain attests in the below provided contract:

"A 30 minute program where Mayor visits departments within City.  Each show will are in fixed primetime every Sunday evening and again 9 times during two week cycle"

The cost to the TAXPAYERS...$23,555.

The real evidence that is damning to the Mayor's office that this is purely a taxpayer funded campaign ad is the following email to BLAB from Rebecca McLellan at the City.

"Two things... since the election will be happening, Tamara needs the cut off to be around August 15. So we need to reorganize getting all of the shows done in that time frame."

Date of the Mayoral primary...August 26th.

Of all the alleged corruption and inside deals at City Hall, this misuse of taxpayer funds to pimp the Mayor using City employees at City expense is the most disgusting.

Right below in black and white.

Link to BLAB Contract


Anonymous said...

Mr Eddins...are you going to give this practice your stamp of approval??????????????

Anonymous said...

The City of Pensacola website smacks of the same:

Hayward Signs!

Hayward Applauds!

Hayward Announces!

Hayward Wipes His Butt!

It's obvious from the photos on the City's Government Facebook page that he is the most important person at every event. It's all about him - his goofy grin has become a caricature for Government by Narcissism.

What is worse are the wide-eyed sheeple who madly proclaim that he is the all-powerful STRONG MAYOR who is going to save us all from the need to think for ourselves. The only thing strong about that guy is the hair product he uses.

This is all like a bad would be funny if it weren't so damn sad.

Anonymous said...

Maren- He already has renamed everything the city does as "the mayor's". Remember when each city council member would let citizens know it was their district's big item clean-up day? Now it is the Mayor's neighborhood clean up. His sneer is attached to everything; and many events which should be announced on behalf of the City or even associated governmental groups are announced as the mayor's! The sad truth is that Ms. Castille and Ms. Fountain believe that they are serving the citizens by re-electing Mr. Hayward. Both regularly discuss the shame of those citizens who dare criticize any aspect of city hall. Let him spread the largesse and rob this community of honest review at taxpayer expense. The citizens deserve what they tolerate!

CJ Lewis said...

As Castille so truthfully put it when addressing the city's Neighborhood Leadership Academy class, she was hired to get Hayward re-elected. When you look at Hayward's list of campaign contributors, $500 from Castille tops the list.

Anonymous said...

Was that meeting recorded?

Anonymous said...

I believe that Candidate Mark Taylor may have it on his cell phone which he had on during the event, Multiple people have remarked on this Freudian slip!