Friday, March 28, 2014

The Spencer's are Intellectually Dishonest!

The saddest fact that has come to light in the current charter "crisis" is just how intellectually dishonest Brian and Crystal Spencer are. 

The Spencer's were the driving force behind the Charter Commission and the Pro-Charter PAC Believe in a Better Pensacola. Throughout the Charter debate and in each of the Charter political brochures, Crystal Spencer, the PAC Chair, PERSONALLY approved each statement to be made to the public.

Below is a link to the FAQ flyer distributed by the PAC and noted by Councilwoman Pratt at the March 27 City Council meeting.


Here are the PROMISES approved by Crystal Spencer to the Citizens that her spouse, Brian Spencer is actively assisting our Mayor in breaking each and every month as Hayward seizes more and more power. 

  • Page 2 - Council's role remains much the same as it does with the current charter.
  • Page 2 - (Council) Controls the City's purse strings
  • Page 2 - Council votes to approve or disapprove the Mayor's proposed budget AND ANY ACTION
  • Page 4 - An executive, elected mayor and an elected City Council will offer true checks and balances, giving greater transparency, oversight, citizen involvement and accountability.
  • Page 4 - There is increased focus on budget and budget control.
  • Page 5 - Most of the Mayor's powers are the same as the powers of the current City Manager
  • Page 5 - Mayor proposes agenda, budget and programmatic action and Council must approve
  • Page 6 - Will the Mayor be able to make side deals and back room deals? As part of the checks and balances, all deals must be approved by the City Council.
  • Page 6 - Can the Mayor move forward with special projects without the approval of Council? No, all projects must be in the budget and approved by Council.
All the while Charter Mama Spencer and her Councilmember husband do nothing publicly or privately to attempt to stand up for what they promised the Citizens, vocalize what the true intent of the Charter Commission was or demand that the Mayor act according to the intent of the Charter.

No Boss Mayor was right.  Snake oil salesmen.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Outside Legal Opinion...Mayor is All Powerful

Allen Norton & Blue Opinion

Tallahassee firm Allen Norton & Blue have rendered a legal opinion that the Mayor can enter into any lease under his executive powers without any Council involvement.

The Firm goes as far as stating "It is my opinion that it is within the Mayor's authority to determine whether the City will operate a golf course at all, whether the golf course will offer food and beverages and in what manner, and whether the food and beverage service will be contracted out or performed through City employees whom he would have the authority to employ."

See Castille email below:

From: Colleen Castille
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014 11:38 AM
To: City Council
Cc: Tamara Fountain; Jim Messer
Subject: Osceola Golf Course Food and Beverage Concession Contract

Dear Members of the City Council,

In response to Council’s query on whether or not it was in the Council’s purview to approve the above referenced vendor concession contract, the City sought outside review of the matter. Attached you will find the opinion of attorney Robert Larkin from Allen, Norton and Blue after reviewing the Charter, that the Mayor is conveyed the authority to approve the contract.

As the sponsor of the item, we are rescinding our request to place the matter on the Council Agenda and signing the contract with the sole bidder, Fusion Bistro Investments, LLC.


Colleen M. Castille
City Administrator
City of Pensacola, Florida

Oops... Houston, we have a little problem?

The revelation today by the PNJ (Article ) that the Mayor did not get FAA approval for his autocratic awarding of a 10 year contract is filled with a ton of questions that need to be answered:

  • What is the Policy limit of City Attorney Messer Law Firm's Errors and Omissions policy? Since City Attorney Messer Law Firm approved the contract I believe the City should tell him to put his carrier on notice.
  • What is the consequence on the Mayor CLEARLY violating the Federal law by signing the 10 year contract (on video) prior to obtaining FAA approval?
  • How did Airport Director Donovan let this FAA requirement slip by?
  • What would defaulting on all of the Airport's FAA grants due to the Airports Bond Rating?
  • Does City Purchasing Director Maiberger take the fall for Donovan and Messer's screw up?
  • Does De Varona object to the awarding of the contract to OHM to the FAA and stop the contract dead in its tracks?
  • Will Council show leadership and override the Mayor's veto to have De Varona go month to month until the OHM/FAA debacle is resolved?
  • Does the Charter have a provision whereby the Mayor can repeal a Mayoral veto? (Veto)
  • Can Messer extend the executive powers of the Mayor to override the FAA law?
  • Does Clark Partington Hart who is currently under contract to the City to represent the City and is also suing the City for Merrill and Russenberger add to its lawsuits against the City by suing on behalf of De Varona?
Should be a fun one.  Does anyone besides me think the Mayor has looked ridiculous on just about every issue since he fired Bill Reynolds?

The list of issues THE MAYOR is responsible for creating since Reynolds departure:
  1. Pitts Slip debacle
  2. Homeless Blanket debacle
  3. North Hill Probation debacle
  4. Airport Concession contract process debacle
  5. New FAA issues due to contract debacle
  6. etc etc etc
A prominent Pensacolian stated it best "When you break it down, is Ashton Hayward the type of person a $200 million dollar corporation would look to hire as its CEO?"

Well said!  Would someone give the boy a flashlight to find his way around the hole he is in?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Government Absent Consequence

If you give a mouse a cookie...he'll want a glass of milk.

Mayor Maygarden wrote a viewpoint today.  This public criticism likely would not have been printed by the PNJ a year ago. He stated:

"For decades, it was understood that the City Council had the authority to approve leases and concessions at the airport, the Port of Pensacola and other City-owned property. Now, the mayor claims he has sole authority to enter into long-term leases at the airport, and the City Council has no say in the matter. A City Council is a representative body designed to incorporate the broader community into the dialogue. Unfortunately, that sort of representative government was banished by the new charter. The mayor must rely on the opinions of legal staff to justify his actions. Of course, lawyers’ opinions do not have the force of law. Laws are created by the voters (in the charter), by the City Council (in ordinances and resolutions) and by the courts."

How have we gotten here?

Agenda Gate - When the Mayor seized control of the Council Agenda Process.

Employee Gate - When the City Attorney opined and a court upheld that the Mayor can forbid the Council to discuss items with employees but funnel all inquiries through him.

Veto Gate - When the City Attorney opined that the Mayor could have a new never before seen superpower of a "line item reversal veto".

Staff Gate - When the City attorney opined that the Council did not have the power to hire staff.

Buddy Gate - When the Mayor violated City purchasing policy to give work to his friend Jerry Pate despite his friend not being the low bidder. The City's auditors opined that was ok under the Charter.

All of the above happened while Rick Outzen, drunk on the power of having his "close" buddy John Asmar in the Mayor's office, lauded the Mayor and belittled anyone on Council who objected.  Only after alleged harasser Asmar ( was let go did the Outzen mood toward the mayor change.

Contract Gate - The City Attorney opined the Mayor no longer has to bid city contracts but can issue 10 year contracts without Council Approval.

At each step the Mayor has taken, it is up to Council to question the validity of Mayor's actions.  Some didn't because they didn't want to be beat down by the "press".  Some didn't because they just want to be a Council person to feel important.  Some didn't because they are part of the Mayor's posse of flunkies.  Some did and just got tired of getting beat down.

The point is.  Council has done NOTHING collectively to do anything about it.

In all of these issues, the Council has no one to blame but its self.  Baa Baa Baa

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Growler Gate...Gaetz needs new orders

Papa Bear lost his support.

Anheuser Busch has dropped its growler opposition.

"Anheuser-Busch is supportive of deregulating container sizes in Florida, including allowing for 64 ounce growlers," Doug Bailey, vice president of Industry Affairs at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement.",0,

Looks like Mr. Bear needs to yank the Senate President's leash in another direction.

Down Don! Heal!  Good boy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hayward wants to Close a Healthy Fire Pension

Kim Jong Hayward wants to close the Fire Pension.  Hayward stated that closing the pensions was a priority of his administration.  He has closed the police and general pensions.

But why would he want to close a healthy fire pension?

Look at page 15 of the attached actuarial report and the payment for unfunded pension liabilities.

In the 2017 budget year the annual payment drops 2 million dollars. The payment for unfunded from that point forward will be covered by the 11% the fireman pay along with the insurance money from Tallahassee.

The City will only be paying the normal cost of the plan.

This is savings for the taxpayers of the city. The General and Police cannot even come close to this for 20-30 years even with the plans closing.

Fire Pension Report

Why won't HRH just admit that this plan is not a problem and move on?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Mayor Approves OHM Contract...Jobs available next week


Today, Kim Jong Hayward approved the contract with OHM in front of a press conference at City Hall

In a show of his supreme power, he was flanked by 4 City Council members
  1. Johnson
  2. Cannada-Wynn
  3. Terhaar
  4. Spencer
No statements were made by Council members but it showed the Mayor has his 4 votes to uphold his veto.

OHM Issued the following press release today:

OHM Concessions Group will hold a job fair next week, aiming to fill a number of positions including servers, bartenders, crew members, managers and assistant managers. The new employees will join those currently working at restaurants inside Pensacola International Airport.

OHM is slated to take over food and beverage contract at the airport on April 1; the company, in business since 1998, has major involvement in the concessions at airports in St. Louis and Baltimore.

The Pensacola job fair will be held for three days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (March 25-27), in the public conference room on the airport’s second floor. It will take place from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; on Thursday the job fair hours will be from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Parking is free; applicants merely need to bring their parking ticket to the job fair and it will be validated.
Resumes may also be submitted via email to, or on the Career Opportunities page of the website.

In its bid for the airport contract, OHM said it would create 100 jobs at the airport over a 10-year period. It also offered the airport a total of at least $1 million more than the nearest competitor for the contract.

This Mayor will do whatever he wants whenever he wants in HIS town.  Laws, RFPs, ordinances, policies and rules be damned.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

City Council Agenda Filled with FUN

Next weeks Council Agenda is out.  Here is a breakdown:
  1. The ever so detail oriented Council Executive improperly states in the memo regarding the Parks and Recreation Board that "the following are incumbents that wish to serve again" with a list that lists one as incumbent correctly, lists one as nominated by Spencer although actually an incumbent according to the current Board list attached, and the last one as nominated by Bare and NOT an incumbent. 
  2. East Hill Baptist is back trying to change the zoning for their property at Summit and Spanish.  The first item listed on new possible uses; retail food and drugstore (including liquor package store)
  3. Councilman Bare is proposing clarifying the Zoning for Probation and Parole Offices only into industrial areas. 
  4. In a "duh" item, Councilman Bare proposes limiting SBE designation for contracts from any 325 ZIP code that reaches all the way to Walton County to just to Escambia County.  Nice catch by Councilman Bare.
  5. And the 800 pound gorilla in the room, the Airport Concession Resolution veto.  The only fact missing from the packet is the Mayor's written veto.  Shouldn't the packet include Kim Jong Hayward's imperial decree?
Veto Override Tote Board
  • Pratt - Yes
  • Bare - Yes
  • Myers - Yes
  • Wu - Yes
  • Wingate - Yes
  • Johnson - No
  • Cannada-Wynn - No
  • Terhaar - No
It all comes down to Julius Spencer.  What will he do?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Did Gaetz Say What I Read in the PNJ?

I read this 5 times.  Does it actually say what I think it says?

"While that sounds at odds with his principles, Gaetz acknowledged he will support whatever Pensacola-based Anheuser-Busch InBev distributor Lewis Bear tells him to support."



At least he's honest!  Good to be you Mr. B. 
Does the Senate President do any tricks?

Somebody Call Rodman...Autocrat on the Loose


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

State to Hayward...Don't listen to the Citizens

In the letter below, the State of Florida DOC essentially tells the Mayor they are coming to Palafox regardless of the desires of the Citzens.

Key Points:
  • This is a "Probation and Parole office" not a "Community Corrections Center"
  • Many "offenders" already live in your community.  This is nothing new.
  • "They are interacting with residents on a daily basis at work, social settings and even school events."
  • Arrests do occur at the center.
  • Drug testing does occur.
  • However, Barbara Scala, the sender, is Regional Director, Community Corrections
A few questions:
  • Will a cell(s) be located onsite?
  • Why not get a list of all "offenders" currently supervised and look at their offenses?
Wow!  I hate to say it but Hayward can't stop this train.  His administration passed this permit and the State is going to force feed the facility on Pensacola.



Monday, March 17, 2014

Nathan Lee Head...Lessor to the State of Florida

The owner of 1625 Palafox, Nathan Lee Head, has a unique ability to  know just what the State of Florida needs right when they need it.

It's amazing!

The contractor purchased the 1625 building for $471,300.
Get a loan for $1,500,000 from a Synovus Bank Mortgage
Use the building rents as collateral.Assign
Florida Department of Corrections comes in to Lease

The contractor purchased 2810 Richburg for $610,000.
Get a loan for $1,808,000 from a Synovus Bank
Use the building rents as collateral.
Florida Department of Revenue comes in to Lease State-Leases

Panama City
The contractor purchased 499 Hwy 231 for $550,000.
Get a loan for $1,175,000 from a Synovus Bank
Use the building rents as collateral. Link to Bay Documents
Florida Department of Corrections comes in to Lease State-Leases

Holiday Florida Pasco County
The contractor purchased 2127 Grand Blvd.
Get a loan for $2,450,000 from a Synovus Bank
Use the building rents as collateral.
Florida Department of Revenue comes in to Lease State-Leases

Man, what are the odds that every deal this guy does the state comes in as a major tenant.
All deals have been done since 2011. 

He sure knows how to pick'em!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hayward Train Continues to Derail

What a train wreck!
  • OHM #1 denied
  • OHM #2 pulled for lack of votes or legal issues
  • De Varona passed; Can he sustain a veto?
  • Council doesn't meet again to after De Varona lease ends. 
  • Does he kick De Varona out to have Council put him back in if override in 2 weeks?
  • Does he have another secret option?
  • North Hill up in arms due to the actions of HIS administration
  • North Hill lawsuit
  • BARE comes out the Champion of North Hill.
  • Gonna have to grovel to the Gov to help him out
  • Dollar General round 2 on the horizon for Summit Blvd
  • BARE comes out the Champion of Districts 3 and 4
  • Merrill Lawsuit
  • Russenberger lawsuit
  • The guy who held the bible at his inauguration is the lawyer suing him in both cases

  • Nathan Monk and Occupy take him the woodshed nationally over blankets
  • His homeless expert calls HIS ordinances silly.
  • BARE comes out the Champion of the "caring" people
  • ST Aerospace right up against a District 1 neighborhood
  • BARE comes out the Champion of District 1
  • Jerry Pate opposing his economic development (No Masters tix?)
  • Jerry's flunky and Spencer collaborator Steve Dana opposing his economic development
  • Spencer mad because a 10 year lease for industrial use gets passed and his posse is angry.
  • The Jewel of Pensacola has been on so many losing sides carrying his water she looks weak
Even I am starting to feel sorry for the guy.

Naaaah! 4 more years! 4 more years! 4 more years!

Who is to blame?  Time for a scapegoat.

Friday, March 14, 2014

North Hill Residents...Share your Happiness with Gov. Scott Next Thursday

See below:

Please join Governor Rick Scott along with special guest Finance Co-Chairman Mike Fernandez for the Panhandle Finance Fly-In and Campaign Briefing on Thursday, March 20, 2014.  The event will be held at the The Fish House, 600 South Barracks Street, Pensacola, Florida at 8:30 a.m.

I believe some picket signs and chants at his re-election fund raiser may get his attention.
Make sure you call the TV and newspaper to get the proper coverage.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bare's Analysis of OHM

Councilman Charles Bare has an interesting analysis of the Mayor's resubmittal of OHM as the Airport Concessionaire.

Here is the gist:
  • The previous proposal process is closed.  OHM was selected but rejected.
  • The Mayor is now pushing Council to accept the previous OHM proposal now on a non-competitive basis.
  • Since the item is a non-competitive proposal, Spencer has no conflict.
  • However, the City's policies and procedures state:
1. Concession leasing at Pensacola Regional Airport is offered on a competitive bidding or competitive proposal basis. A thirty (30) day advertisement will be published by the Airport in the local newspaper and in national airport industry publications. The advertisement shall indicate the type of concession that is being offered and the location where copies of the bid or proposal documents can be obtained. The bid/proposal document shall include a more detailed description of the service(s) to be provided, the lease payment to be paid to the airport, and the location, date and time of a pre-bid or pre-proposal meeting that will offer all respondents the opportunity to ask questions and obtain additional information about the bid/proposal.
2. The Mayor will notify the City Council in an information memorandum that a competitive bid or request for proposal has been issued by the Airport. The information memorandum will include a brief description of the concession, the pre-bid or pre-proposal meeting date and the date of the bid/proposal opening.
Here is a link to the City Policy.

Below is a link to the Council's discussion at their Agenda Conference,

Bottom Line - The Mayor is asking City Council to violate its policies with regards to the OHM lease.  This will subject the City to potential legal liability.

This Mayor will break any law, ordinance, charter, policy or internal control in order to get his way.

Once again, this government acts without consequence.

Asmar for Judge - DOA

I understand John Asmar has been eliminated from further consideration for the County Judge appointment.

I still believe his application warrants a Bar investigation.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Partington Could Have Conflict of Interest According to the City

I made a public records request of CAO Castille in December regarding Bruce Partington of Clark Partington having a conflict of interest in representing Merrill Land and Russenberger against the City.

From: Maren DeWeese
Date: Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Information request

Good Afternoon,
I would like to request a copy of the Waiver of Conflict letter completed by the City of Pensacola for Mr. Bruce Partington regarding the Pitts Slip lease. Further I am requesting an appointment to review the entire file Mrs. Pam Childers provided to you regarding her efforts on the Pitts Slip Lease. Upon my review of the content I will provide a public records request for documents that I would like duplicated. Please let me know your availability this week & next. or simply a time that I can review the file. Thank you for your attention to this request.

Maren DeWeese

The above was completely ignored.  Shocker!

Last week I made another request of the same information.  This time I copied Jane Ballard

From: Maren DeWeese
Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2014
Subject: Information request
Good Afternoon,

I discovered the following contract by the City to retain Bruce Partington of Clark Partington Hart.


That contract specifically indictates on page 4 that the law firm may be in direct conflict of interest with the City in as much as they are suing the City on behalf of Merrill Land and Seville Harbor.

FYI on page 7 of the Fortis document CPH "assumes" the City will waive any conflict of interest.

Was this done?

As requested on December 9, 2013, please provide me a:
  •  a copy of any release granted to CPH to sue the City on behalf of other clients
  • any notification they provided the City regarding their representation of Merrill Land and/or Seville Harbor
  • a copy of their termination letter as City Counsel on these projects - an affirmative response that no such waiver has been granted and whether the City is pursuing the perceived conflict.
This is not a detailed records request and I would hope it will not take another 3 months to fulfill. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or issues.

Maren DeWeese
Here is what I received:
Dear Maren DeWeese, 

This letter responds to your public records request to the City of Pensacola, dated and received on 3/4/2014.

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has no records or documents for this particular request. 
I'm not an attorney.  Can an attorney I have on active contract sue me?  Partington himself is the attorney retained for:
  • Project High Hat
  • Project Festival and
  • Project Stallion
Can he bill the City $310 per hour in the morning for Project Stallion and in the afternoon bill Merrill and Russenberger for suing the City for millions?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Does Valentino vote on City Interlocal provide special benefit to his client?

Gene Valentino, County Commissioner and CEO of Collector Solutions,  voted Thursday to have the County fund 100% of the money needed to subsidize the City of Pensacola's ST Aerospace deal.  No payments will be required by the City of Pensacola until after the NEXT term he is presently running for is concluded.

  • No interest is being charged.
  • The primary repayment source is potentially being cut by the legislature.
    • CS/SB 266 - Communications Services Taxes
      General Bill   by Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities and Hukill
      Communications Services Taxes: Reducing the tax rate applied to the sale of communications services; reducing the tax rate applied to the retail sale of direct-to-home satellite services; conforming rates to the reduction of the communications services tax; revising the distribution of tax revenues received, etc.
      Effective Date: Upon becoming a law
      Last Event: 03/04/14 S CS by Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities read 1st time -SJ 120 on Tuesday, March 04, 2014 8:47 PM
  • The second repayment source (LOST) is a tax that hasn't been voted on yet and may be defeated altogether.

Sweet deal for the City.

The only issue for Valentino is that the City of Pensacola is a sizable, long time customer of his Company.  So much so that the following endorsement by the City appears on his Company's website.

They (CSI) clearly established themselves as an expert in this area very quickly. CSI has been very good to the City of Pensacola and they have a dependable, fast, courteous, and innovative staff of employees that support their product.

-Dena Faessel, Administrative Assistant, City of Pensacola, FL

I am no attorney.  Is this a conflict of interest?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Last Thoughts on ST Aerospace Deal

  • Ashton Hayward truly is the Mayor of Escambia County. 
  • The Commissioner's kowtowed to him like obedient children except Barry.
  • Stephen Barry was the only Commissioner to do his job.
  • Valentino's man crush on the Mayor is hilarious and ovious.  At least the Mayor can close a deal.  He even used your money.
  • I can't wait til Valentino gets an Eco Dev nibble and is told he can't do the deal because there are no LOST funds because the Mayor picked the County's pockets.
  • This will be a win for the City of Pensacola regardless of who pays.
  • Thank you Perdido, Warrington, Bratt, Century, Molino, McDavid, Cantonment, Barrineau Park, Belleview and Myrtle Grove.  Sorry you won't get what you need but PENSACOLA WINS.
On the Million
  • Larry Newsom's quote on the $1 million in Economic Development Fund "those funds are obligated" Link to statement From 0:50 TO 1:10  REALLY?  Those funds are unappropriated and require action of Council to "obligate".  Was Newsom lied to or ignorant of the meaning of no encumbrances?
  • Who told Newsom they were "obligated"?  Only Council can do that.

Economic Development Incentives Fund

The Economic Development Incentives Fund revenue and expenditures are recorded in the General Fund. At the end of FY 2013 the Economic Development Incentives Fund had a designated fund balance of $1 million which was carried forward to FY 2014. Currently the only ongoing revenue is derived from Lease Fees.

For the first quarter the “Economic Development Incentives Fund” account contributions equaled $29,098 and there were no expenditures and encumbrances. Before any expenditures or encumbrances occur, a plan will be brought before Council for approval. The unencumbered balance in the “Economic Development Incentives Fund” at the end of the first quarter was $1,029,098.

  • Barker was there and made no attempt to correct the Adminstrator's statement.  Tricky Dick!
  • Council should unappropriate those funds since they are obligated somewhere else or at least ask the CAO where she and the Mayor has illegally obligated those funds elsewhere.
 On the Collateral
  • The only "collateral" the City put up is the Communication Services Tax
  • The "collateral" could be diminishing and the interlocal does not offer any other "collateral"
  • CS/SB 266 - Communications Services Taxes
    General Bill   by Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities and Hukill
    Communications Services Taxes: Reducing the tax rate applied to the sale of communications services; reducing the tax rate applied to the retail sale of direct-to-home satellite services; conforming rates to the reduction of the communications services tax; revising the distribution of tax revenues received, etc.
    Effective Date: Upon becoming a law
    Last Event: 03/04/14 S CS by Communications, Energy, and Public Utilities read 1st time -SJ 120 on Tuesday, March 04, 2014 8:47 PM
    The Mayor's boys!  Maybe one day he will let you off the leash.

Outzen Book for Free...If Interested

One of my sources shared that if you want to read Outzen's "book" for free, you can get it at this link

They created a throw away email account because you have to agree to ad emails to get the "e-book"

After they browsed it they said its not worth paying for.  Just an "I love me" effort.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Verdict...BCC bows to Hayward

Escambia County Mayor Ashton Hayward personally attended the County Commission Agenda Session this morning to force feed his interlocal agreement calling for 100% of the cost of the local portion of the ST Aerospace incentive to be funded using the County's money.

He personally came to suck up to the Commissioners.  "Teamwork".  "Joint process".  "Working together to make this happen".  Every Commissioner got stroked.

Valentino rushed to gush and swoon and admit he is the Mayor's boy.  He stated that when he saw the Mayor and City staff he thought "what are you doing here, its gonna happen."  Kiss the ring Gene!

Not one Commissioner brought up the million dollars sitting on the table the City has appropriated for Economic Development Incentives.

Commissioner Robertson was absent.  His Chumpness is still unknown.

It will only be a discussion item tonight.  Valentino stated he will move to approve even though it is only a discussion item.  Better to do it quickly, while Robertson is gone and before the Citizen's get angry.  May as well pass it, the Commission is afraid to stand up to their new Mayor.  Familiar?

In the end, 90% of the County's LOST reserves will be handed to the Mayor at no cost to the City as the lump sum will be paid in full AFTER EVEN THE NEXT MAYOR'S FOUR YEAR TERM IS OVER.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

OHM Back Before Council

Mayor Hayward is dredging up the OHM contract to parade before Council again next week.

Is he a glutton for embarrassment or has he been twisting Spencer's arm to give up his previous ethical stance.

Last time the contract failed by a 4-4 vote with Pillar of Ethics Brian "Julius" Spencer deciding he had a voting conflict of interest and abstaining.

See Spencer Abstain Page15-16

I guess Brian has decided he likes Chick Fil A over Good Grits and now can vote on the matter.

Remember the Ethics Statute states "to the special benefit or harm of a business associate"

With the "Independent Consultant" hired by Airport Director Donovan going to work for OHM after driving the committee to accept OHM, what could Devarona's attorney possibly have concerns about and want to address in his sure to be filed lawsuit against the City.

See page 9

The power of subpoena of emails and other interactions between the "Independent Consultant" and OHM could be real interesting.

Expected vote tally to come later.

Chumpwatch 2014

Maybe I am missing it but the Agenda for the Escambia Board of County Commissioners for tomorrow appears to be lacking anything regarding the Interlocal concerning ST Aerospace  See March 6 link

PNJ says it is up for vote.  Am I missing something?

Escambia Commissioners or Escambia Mayor Hayward's Chumps?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bad Advise Giver Identified

On January 27, 2014, Outzen asked:

Who is giving Hayward advice?
The other big question being asked inside the city of Pensacola is who is advising Mayor Ashton Hayward. That question is closely followed with the remark: “Whomever he is, Ashton needs to stop listening to him.”

On February 20, 2014, the secret was revealed.

It's Kerrigan!!

The plaintiff attorney has been retained by the City to represent the City against Merrill and Russenberger.

Popcorn anyone.

Commissioners Can't Say Unaware of $1 Million City Eco Dev Fund

If the County Commissioners are proven to be the Mayor's Chumps this week, sell out their districts, and put the Navy Federal land swap in jeopardy, it is on no one but themselves.

In the below email, sent to the Mayor, Council and EACH COMMISSIONER, I identified the Mayor's Economic Development Fund as being available. 

When was the email?? December 6, 2013.

Oops!  Ignorance about the fund is not an excuse now Commissioners. 

Like I said, are you the Mayor's Chumps???

I have been following your discussions and concerns regarding the Economic Development Package being assembled for Project Stallion.

I believe the Commissioner's concerns regarding the City's lack of economic participation are justified.  As a partner, the City should be willing to step forward and work with the Commission to secure this large investment in our City and region.

To this goal, the City has an Economic Development Incentive Fund with $1 million appropriated in the budget.  Not one dime of this appropriation has ever been spent.

In the latest financial report of the City to be delivered to Council Monday, CFO Barker states:

"Before any expenditures or encumbrances occur, a plan will be brought before Council for approval."

See attached

With the potential of 350 jobs and $35-50 million in investment on the line, I believe the Commission and the Council should call on the Mayor to commit to the project with these funds which he has appropriated EXACTLY for this purpose.

If Project Stallion does not happen, those funds can be unencumbered with a keystroke.

Council, I ask you to step forward and lead in this instance and ask the Mayor to bring a proposal to use the funds forward.

That's what an economic development partner would do.


Maren DeWeese


Monday, March 3, 2014

Chump Watch 2014

So far ST Aerospace Interlocal NOT on BCC Agenda

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Dick Quiets Rick...Outzen releases Best Seller

Has anyone else noticed since Dick's Blog has taken some mighty big swings at Outzen and his posse that the self proclaimed "pit bull" has become a little Chihuahua.

Thanks Dick!

And on another front, the "pit bull"  has "written" a book.

Well he has gone back and assembled his previous "Outtakes" into a bound addition.

I'm sure he will sell dozens of copies and it will be come "best selling pit bull".  ZZZZ

Didn't Oprah do something like this?  Oprah, Outzen.  Outzen, Oprah,