Thursday, October 31, 2013

One, two...Princes here before you!

In case you were wondering, the 747 at Pensacola Intergalactic Airport is Bahrain's version of Air Force One.  The plane is transporting 2 Princes to the Ironman Florida Triathlon in Panama City this weekend.

Despite Pensacola being the upside of Florida, the Princes are just heading down the coast.

Maybe they will take in the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival.  After an Ironman, they may want a funnel cake.

Anyone get my music reference?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who is the City Negotiating with for Pitts Slip?

CAO Colleen Castille alluded to Council that the City is negotiating with someone for the Pitts Slip property.

It seems we have some issues with who the City should be negotiating with for the Pitts Slip lease.

As you may remember, City Attorney Jim Messer would say the lease is expired and now the City owns the property.

But who is paying rent right now until the City issues an RFP for the sight?

You see Seville Harbor is not the lessee. It sublet the property to Merrill Land LLC

But it might not be Merrill Land LLC because Collier Merrill put the sublease up as collateral on a loan from Ray Russenberger's Network Paging Corporation of Tennessee along with his condo at Plaza De Luna.

This is where I get confused.

The Pitts Slip sublessee, Merrill Land LLC has one member, Merrill Land Company, which is a Florida Corporation, who lists three officers, one of which is Collier Merrill.

So how can an officer of a corporation that owns an LLC that held (past tense since it expired in June) a sublease on a piece of property pledge that sublease that is inside the LLC that is owned by a corporation to a personal debt in his name??

Wouldn't it just be simpler to just do an RFP for Pitts Slip??

The lease expired in June.  When will the City begin seeing the Fair Market Rent for the facility and quit subsidizing a sublessee with a 30 year old expired lease.

Our Mayor keeps saying he wants the best business deal for the Citizens. When he finally enters into a lease for Pitts Slip lets see how much he has wasted since June 2013 by not managing this City asset properly.

Tick tock Mr. Mayor, each month we lose money. 

It's not show friends, its show business! - Bob Sugar

Monday, October 28, 2013

OHM Review

Not much there.  Committee seemed to like the presentation.  I didn't see the Chick-Fil-A issue even come up for the committee.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Airport Concession Committee Transcripts

For a little weekend reading.

Interesting notes of mine from Creative presentation:
  • No one on committee really concerned about Bagelheads quality (bagel is a bagel; coffee is coffee)
  • Committee was skeptical of Fish House quality at airport location
  • Estimated only 50% of Fish House menu would be available at airport location
  • Committee was skeptical of Fish House price points for airport location (will people pay that much?)
  • Committee was worried about meal delivery time for Fish House menu items (20 minutes; will people wait that long?)
  • All local businesses would be licensees except De Varona; he wouldn't play with Creative and wants to be a separate sublessee.
  • Each of these licensees would be in competition with each other at the airport for customers
  • De Varona as a sublessee essentially said he would undercut Fish House prices to win business from them.  Creative tries to laugh off the "competition" aspect but for De Varona it is a fact.  He wants ALL the revenue for himself since he is at risk and not in it for a license fee. 
I will breakdown the OHM presentation this weekend.


Airport Selection-Comm meeting-Creative-Food-8-21-13-pdf



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Which option do you believe?

Based on the picture below, which do you believe is the correct answer.

A) This is how I meet with my sources
B) Due to how many people I have upset this is how I roll in public
C) Since leaving Council I have let myself go a bit
D) Go Sox! Fear the beard!

Who brought up the Maritime Park for the YMCA?

The YMCA at the Maritime Park stirred a lot of debate.  But who was applying the pressure to locate the Y to the CMP?

In the email below, John Asmar emails the Mayor, once again at his private, not subject to retention, account regarding a meeting with the YMCA executive director.  The email clearly shows the YMCA wanted to be "surrounding the ECUA site".

Someone was string pulling to get the Y to push for the CMP.  I feel bad for the Y being made a political football by someone.

By the way, Asmar refers to Parks and Recreation's leader as a Department Head.  OOOOPS!


From: John Asmar
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 11:27 AM
To: 'Ashton Hayward'
Subject: YMCA

Mr. Mayor:

I met with Mike Bodenhausen today regarding the YMCA initiative. First, he has had discussions with First Baptist Church. Unfortunately the Pastor is out on sabbatical for three months. Second, he is searching for a new site for the downtown YMCA. he is interested in property surrounding the ECUA site. Third, he is interested in running our resource centers, pools, youth center programs and senior programs.

This is an exceptional time to review the operation of our parks and recreation programs since we have the vacancy of the department head and athletic supt. Mike may be able to provide interim oversight of the department as well. I recommend holding off on filling any positions until we can speak further about this unique opportunity. Please advise me if this is the direction you wish to take.


John F. Asmar,
Chief of Staff

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why is Julius Spencer invited?

Below is a meeting invitation for discussions between Gulf Power and the City regarding the Gulf Power franchise agreement.

From: Jim Messer
Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2011 1:02 PM
To: Ashton Hayward
Subject: RE: Mtg - Franchise Agreement Gulf Power

Why are we having this meeting. I meet with the CEO on October 11 at 930. Why doesn't the Mayor just come along?

-----Original Appointment-----

From: Elisabeth Buswell On Behalf Of Ashton Hayward
Sent: Monday, September 19, 2011 3:09 PM
To: John Asmar; Bill Reynolds; Brian Spencer; Stephanie Tillery; Jim Messer;
Subject: Mtg - Franchise Agreement Gulf Power
When: Monday, October 10, 2011 1:30 PM-2:30 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).
Where: 7th Floor Conference Room


Spencer invited; Barker not invited?
Does everyone take their architect to a finance meeting?  What is he going to contribute?  Cartoon drawings of the participants?

Even the Mayor's supporters must be scratching their heads on why Spencer would be in a franchise agreement meeting!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who is who at the table?

Below is an email from Julius Spencer to Ed Gray announcing a meeting between our "energetic mayor" and "US Open Golf Champion" Jerry Pate, and Spencer.

A few questions:
  • In what capacity was Spencer included? CMPA member, CRA member, DIB member, Council member, Studer architect, unpaid Construction Owners Rep?
  • Why does the Mayor's golf buddy need to be included in a CMP meeting?  In what capacity? Vendor? Construction Owners Rep?
  • Why is the Mayor involved in a CMP meeting?  In what capacity?  Boss of Ed Spears?
Where in any contract, resolution of any body (City Council, CMPA, CRA) or other document does the Mayor have any authority to meet on behalf of the CMP?

Brian comes off in the email like a groupie more than a leader.


Monday, October 21, 2013



Wallace Landscape Tells Jerry Pate Stadium Problems are Pates Fault

I'm confused!  Is Dana acting as the Construction Owners Representative or the Irrigation System Designer?
Who sold the irrigation equipment to the stadium project?  Jerry Pate Irrigation?
Who was the money saved on irrigation spent on plant material with...Wausau Farms?
Someone needs to hand Mr. Wallace a subpoena!  SAO?


Friday, October 18, 2013

Julius Spencer the String Puller

In the email below, Julius Spencer reveals more of his influence on the Hayward Administration.
  • He notes that was deeply involved in the budget process long before Council was brought in.  (Note the date is in March and the budget didn't come to Council until June or July)
  • He feels free to push people into the City government without regard to the job (Communications or Human Resources.)
  • Discusses the team WE are building.
  • States he has a vested interest in the matter. 
From: Brian Spencer []
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2012 9:06 PM
To: Bill Reynolds; John Asmar
Subject: from Brian: Employee candidate

Guys- i enjoyed our post budget session dinner. Im following up on our conversation regarding hiring. (resume us at VERY bottom if email).Kathy Corwin: Communications?? (see college degree) or Human Resources?? (see experience). Get Kathy in front of you ASAP. She could be exactly the individual that is an asset to the new team we are building. Keep me posted. I have a vested interest in this one due to the scarcity of this caliber in an available candidate. Kathy's husband is a running buddy if mine -- he and Kathy have two boys, AND Steve has loyally served our country. (his military related relocations affected Kathy's tenure as an employee).I share this because time is if the essence in our city's rebirth! The Corwins are not moving anymore, as Steve is now in the private sector.


Brian Spencer

Sent from my iPhone

Other Council members are not allowed to contact staff but Spencer gets to make hiring suggestions and demands.  


Mini-Mayor Spencer!

Where is the Mayor on the email?
Interfering in hiring?
Charter violation?  

Council, just hit that snooze button again!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spencer on Lipp - Patty Hearst Look Alike

In an email with Asmar discussing the new CRA Director, Julius Spencer responds to Asmar:

-----Original Message-----

From: Brian Spencer []
Sent: Sunday, February 05, 2012 8:26 AM
To: John Asmar
Subject: Re: Misc

Contact info coming. You successfully haunt me, don't worry. Thx for super news on Ryan. (Patty Hearst look-alike reincarnated!)

Brian Spencer /


On Feb 5, 2012, at 8:03 AM, "John Asmar" wrote: >

B, still need contact information regarding selection committee. Second, the Mayor signed Ryan's contract. She starts Monday as CRA representative. Will have release Monday at noon w quote from you. U can announce at CRA meeting. However, allow Sherry to run meeting until Ryan gets up to speed. Of coursed, if Ryan wants to she can. Happy Sunday 

Sent from my iPad

Just guy chat I guess. 


Fire Department Locked Out of Rescue Trucks

The Fire Department has been locked out of the City's rescue trucks by the Mayor's office.  I have heard that the department refused to inadequately staff the units and therefore the Mayor's office locked the staff out of the vehicles.

Hope none of the rescue supplies aren't needed in an emergency.

This Mayor seems to care more about his political statements than the Citizen's safety.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hayward and DC Lobbyist Plan GOB Shuffle With City Waterfront Property all on Hayward's YAHOO Account

Back in March, I discussed the backroom shenanigans of an investor that was sniffing around about a possible hotel deal in downtown on the waterfront

Well, not only was I right, but the Mayor was personally brokering the deal along side DC lobbyist and Pensacola native Scott Barnhart, who is a principal in Jenkins Hill Consulting of Washington DC.

About that time I also noted that the Mayor was trying to change the City's policy on disposal of city property to allow him complete authority without Council to broker deals and THEN bring them to Council.

In the email below from February,  Barnhart sends to an email that states:


David would like to find out if Russenberger would be willing to swap his current lease for the lease on the other parcel adjacent to the Port. David would then like to lease the space that Russenberger currently leases. He would then enter into discussions with Homyack about joining him to do the project – hotel, convention center, probably some retail and parking. This would also help David in negotiations with Homyack.

Would you be willing to call Russenberger and see if he would swap properties? Does Russenberger, to your knowledge, have any plans to develop the property he currently is leasing. Please let me know.

Excuse me?
  • AH?
  • Lease swaps?
  • Broker with Russenberger?
So all of you that think that just because Colleen Castille is here the games the Mayor plays with City and taxpayer property will end, then notice who one of the Jenkins Groups clients are... Fiorentino and Hewett

Marty Fiorentino is President of The Fiorentino Group.

Prior to forming The Fiorentino Group, Marty was President and founder of Fiorentino and Hewett.

No connections to Castille?  Where did she work?

Principal at The Fiorentino Group.  Go figure!!

So call me a little skeptical that the Pitts Slip lease is not being negotiated in the public.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Merrill Pitts Slip Lease Being Negotiated in Back Room

In an email to a Councilmember following up on my concerns regarding the Pitts Slip lease, CAO Castille responded:

"The Mayor has instructed me to develop an inventory of all city owned properties, identifying all revenues, existing leases, uses of land without leases, etc...
From a 30,000 foot view, we are starting with our most valuable coastal property, which are looking at. I won’t mince words, because the property owners and lessees know who they are because we’ve been meeting with them. To lay it out to you, the big ones are Pitt Slip, Commendencia Slip, Port Royal and the CMPA. On our northern border, the Airport lands are our greatest asset."


Meeting with them?  When?

The CMPA, the Mayor and a Council representative met with Quint Studer's team in the ole sunshine to negotiate his office lease.  A Fair Market Value appraisal was the basis for the negotiations. 

The CMPA, the Mayor and a Council representative met with the Beck's in the ole sunshine to negotiate his office lease.  A Fair Market Value appraisal was the basis for the negotiations.

  • Has a fair rental value appraisal been obtained for the Pitts Slip property?
  • Why has an RFP not been issued to see what the market will bear for the property?
  • Why won't the Mayor and the Merrill's negotiate in the sunshine?
  • Why won't the City retain an independent expert to handle the negotiations to ensure arms length negotiations?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Management by Contract Extension

I recently posted where CFO Tricky Dick Barker extended the Banking Services contract from 2011 to 2016 by a series of excuses, lies and finally just saying HE THINKS the present contract is fine. 

This is a trend. 

Below is the latest contract with SMG.  In 2004, SMG was contracted to manage the Saenger Theater.
In 2007, that contract was extended to 2009.  In 2009 the contract was renewed to run through 2014.

Well, the Hayward Administration pressured the CMPA to enter into a contract with the City of Pensacola Department of Neighborhood Services to manage the Hunter Amphitheater at the Maritime Park.

In case you haven't noticed, that has been a colossal failure with events rarely occurring in the Park.  The Wednesday Concerts often have more people performing than enjoying.

Well, the Hayward Administration didn't want to issue an RFP for Professionals to do what the City said they could do but couldn't. 

What do we do???

Easy, just ever so quietly expand the scope of services SMG offers for the Saenger to include booking events for the CMP.

SMG...Please Help Us

No failure acknowledgement required.


Who was the other bidder to the CMPA to manage the bookings?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

I Guess Messer and Castille Can't Read

See bottom of page 20

City of Pensacola Employee Manual

Political Activity

While it is important that all citizens take an interest in and exercise their voting privileges, it is likewise of vital importance that City employees not use their position to further or prohibit the candidacy of an electoral applicant. While the City cannot dictate employee involvement off duty, employees should be very cautious about engaging in any political activity for or against any candidate. Such activity may negatively affect the working relationship between staff and elected officials.

Technically, Messer isn't an employee I guess. His Firm is. Does he sign personally as City Attorney on letters or is it "For the Firm"?

And how does the name change from James Messer to Gretchen Messer.  Who signed the check?
If Jim signed and they listed Gretchen, we have a campaign finance violation.

Castille on the other hand is a City employee. No doubt.

But remember. The Mayor decides who is punished and who is excused.

Where did the Mayor accept the contribution?  City Hall? 
Where did he solicit the contribution?  City Hall?
Did he use a City phone? 

If laws mattered here, someone would ask.  But nah.

The Bella News Journal wants you to know that the Greek Festival is this weekend and Hangout Music Fest tickets go on sale Friday.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hayward Campaign Report

The Mayor put up a whopper of a campaign report.  $32,000.  WOW!  Let's break it down!

Hayward Influence Purchases

Julian McQueen Controlled Entities - $ 5,000
Bob Kerrigan Controlled Entitied - $ 5,000
Terhaar and Cronley Controlled Entities - $ 4,000
The Carlans - $1,000
Skip Hunter Controlled Entities - $ 1,000
Bruce McAlpin Controlled Entities - $ 1,000
Fred Vigodsky Controlled Entities - $ 1,000
Jim Messer - $ 500
Colleen Castille - $ 500
Sheriff Morgan Controlled Entities - $ 500

Now its time to follow the money.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barker: The Laziest CFO Alive?

According to the Mayor, City CFO Dick Barker controls all things financial without any input from him.  That means that according to the Mayor, the City's banking relationship rests solely on Mr. Barker's shoulders.

Well Dick, what is up with this??

The City in the last quarterly financial report had over $21,000,000 deposited into Wells Fargo.  This is the City's checking account.  Not to be confused with its short term investments


When was the last time the City bid out our banking relationship? 
2010? No
2008? No
2006? No
2004? No
2002? YEP


Owen Eubanks and Hugh King were still on Council.
AmSouth was still a bank.
First Union Bank still existed
Bank of Pensacola still existed

Bank of Pensacola made the best bid but was denied because converting would cost the same as staying with First Union.

The memo actually states:
"Bank of Pensacola was the least expensive proposal by approximately $5,043.  However, if the City were to switch to this bank from their current bank, First Union, there would be significant conversion costs involved such as additional meetings with the bank personnel to work out daily logistics, additional time by the City Attorney to review numerous legal agreements..."

Really?  Its always good to compare one time conversion costs to annual savings over a 3 year contract that could extend to 9 years with renewals.

But ole' Dick went with it and First Union was cozy for ANOTHER NINE YEARS.  First Union had already held the contract SINCE 1991.

Fast forward 9 years.  I am Council President.  The Mayor (Barker) sends me a mayoral decision that due to Wachovia's merger with Wells Fargo, we need to extend the contract for one more year.

Barker Excuse Number 1

In September 2012, 2 months after the current bank contract extension lapses, the Finance department asks the Mayor for another year extension and makes up a complete LIE stating:

"The financial services department is in the process of issuing a RFP for Banking Services and it should be released next week with responses due at the end of October."

NEXT WEEK???  IT WAS NEVER ISSUED.  How does next week become never?

This extension was granted by the Mayor BASED ON THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT LIES!

Barker Excuse Number 2...Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

NO such RFP is ever issued.

In August 2013, Tricky Dick Barker sends a memo to Colleen Castille, who probably doesn't even know where the breakroom is yet, stating:

  • The initial contract was extended because of the Wachovia Wells Fargo merger
  • Now amendment 2 has changed to morph into it couldn't be RFPed due to the leave of absences of two financial services department accountants.
Barker then admits to the Finance Department LIES by stating:
"It was anticipated that a RFP for Banking Services would be issued during fiscal year 2013, however, due to the loss of key financial services staff  this did not occur."

Pam, they don't know what to do.

Barker then whines on about how he did a cocktail napkin calculation that he thinks we are doing okee dokie as a City based on his cypherin'.

Wham bam the 2002 contract gets extended through 2016. 

Barker Excuse Number 3

From a 1991 contract until 2016 citizens.  And that folks is the definition of CFO laziness.  What has it and what will it cost us...Unknown until 2016.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Part 2 - Hayward takes Office; Jerry Pate Benefits Immediately

In Part 1, we proved:
  1. The CMPA issued the Construction Owners Representative (COR) RFQ.  Not the City.
  2. Jerry Pate Design did not propose to be the COR.
  3. Jerry Pate Design was not a part of the Hatch Mott proposal.
  4. The RFQ stated that if you were on the COR team, you could do not other work at the CMP.
July 5, 2010 - Jerry Pate and his wife each donate $500, the maximum, to the Mayor's campaign
Campaign Report

January 10, 2011 - Hayward is sworn in as Mayor. 

As of the date of his swearing in, Jerry Pate Design had done NO ($0) business with the City in:
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010

The fees above are for the City ONLY.  They do not include CMPA fees paid to Jerry Pate Design by Hatch Mott McDonald

February 21, 2011 - Spencer informs the Mayor of a meeting at his office with Dana regarding integrating him and Dana into the CMP project.  States it should be the "Community Mayor's Park"

February 24, 2011 - Hayward sends an email to the CMPA chairman, the CRA Director and the CMPA Executive Director dictating "I have asked a long time friend and internationally respected professional, Jerry Pate, to assist me in the review of the design submittal that was recently presented in last week's public workshop.

In addition to securing the attention of Jerry Pate, Steve Dana, a landscape architect and senior design associate within the Jerry Pate Company, has been evaluating the design submittal package. He has shared valuable recommendations with me, and I want his professional evaluation and commentary to immediately be incorporated into design discussions.

March 4, 2011 - Jerry Pate and his wife and Mayor Hayward and his wife jet off to Miami for a fun filled weekend.  Jerry Pate pays for the trip.  Hayward reimburses him.

March 21, 2011 - Spencer to Al Coby, Steve Dana and the Mayor discussing Admiral Mason Park.  Email states:
"Steve and I are still working as per Ashton's request..."


Question:  Was Jerry Pate under contract?  Answer:  No, that won't come for a year.

April 15, 2011 - Spencer to Asmar, Hayward and Dana:  We must get the COR contracts restated to include Jerry Pate Design to make their participation legitimate.

April 27, 2011 - Hatch Mott McDonald issues letter to CMPA Executive Director Ed Spears stating"
"Also as requested by the City of Pensacola administration. Hatch Mott McDonald (HMM) will be utilizing the services of Jerry Pate Golf Design, Inc. as a sub consultant to HMM to provide basic COR reviews/responses, landscape architecture reviews and serve as the COR liaison to the CMPA and the City of Pensacola. Mr. Steve Dana will serve in this COR role for Jerry Pate Golf Design, Inc."

Question:  How does "City Administration" have any authority to dictate Jerry Pate Design's involvement in a CMPA contract?

June 27,2011 - HMM sends email to Ed Spears and Ed Fleming stating the CMPA designated Steve Dana as Owner's designated representative.  Hatch Mott again states that "the COR has been requested by City Administration to place Jerry Pate Golf Design as a subconsultant on the team"

HMM attempts to assign the COR contract to JPD.  WHOOOOAAA!  If they did that it wouldn't look so good.  Hmm... Better tell HMM no.

HMM Counsel said no to HMM having the contractual responsibility and JPD being the shot caller.


July 18, 2011 - Hatch Mott projects that going forward Jery Pate Design will receive:

•  Total COR Budget $ 356,256
•  Original amount planned for Jerry Pate Design $ 0
•  Amount in amended COR Budget for JPD $ 138,720
•  Percentage of COR Contract to JPD 39%
•  No proposal
•  No quotes

November 2011 - Admiral Mason Grand Opening;  Jerry Pate Design is listed as "Quality Assurance"

Admiral-Mason Grand Opening

November 17, 2011- the Mayor used Jerry Pate Designs work on the Admiral Mason Park which was not even under contract as the basis for awarding them an additional COR contract for the Main Street project..


January 20, 2012 - CAO Bill Reynolds orders Al Garza to approve the contract for Jerry Pate Design for the Admiral Mason Park COR work 10 months after the email from Spencer showing Jerry Pate Design was working on the project.


February 3,2012 - The contract for the work begun by Jerry Pate Design in March 2011, for a project finished in November 2011 was finally contracted on February 3, 2012 for the work done during all of 2011 and completed in November 2011.


In Part 3, we will see how Jerry Pate Design takes over the Maritime Park and approves specs and purchases as COR from other Jerry Pate owned companies.  We will also see the City drive additional City COR work to Jerry Pate Design when others are cheaper.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spencer Hayward Integrate Jerry Pate Design into Admiral Mason Also without Contract... Foundation Post for Next Timeline

In an email, March 21, 2011, Brian Spencer emails Al Coby regarding the Admiral Mason Park project.

In the email, Spencer states:

"Steve and I are still working as per Ashton's request..."

It continues:

"Steve and I intend to work w/ another designer (volunteer capacity as well) to address this issue."


vol·un·teer noun \ˌvä-lən-ˈtir\ : a person who does work without getting paid to do it


The project was completed in November 2011.  Jerry Pate Design is listed as "Quality Assurance"


On November 17, 2011, the Mayor used Jerry Pate Designs work on the Admiral Mason Park which was not even under contract as the basis for awarding them an additional COR contract for the Main Street project..


On January 20, 2012, CAO Bill Reynolds orders Al Garza to approve the contract for Jerry Pate Design for the Admiral Mason Park COR work 10 months after the email from Spencer showing Jerry Pate Design was working on the project.


The contract for the work begun by Jerry Pate Design in March 2011, for a project finished in November 2011 was finally contracted on February 3, 2012 for the work done during all of 2011 and completed in November 2011.


  • How do you use past performance on a non-existent contract to award future work?
  • Who was the other "volunteer designer"?
and the $10,000 questions:
  • When did Jerry Pate Design's involvement in Admiral Mason move from "volunteer capacity" to paid COR without a contract and /or RFP for those services?
  • Who approved them moving forward without the bid or contract with the understanding they would be paid later?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Part 1: Pre-Hayward CMPA Actions

On April 24, 2009, a year and a half before the Mayor was elected, the CMPA issued a RFQ for a Construction Owners Representative for the CMPA construction.
  1. It was issued by the Community Maritime Park Associates Inc.
  2. The RFQ was signed by Judge Lacey Collier, CMPA Chairman
One key clause that must be individually noted:

Page 10 of 43 - The selected consultants and key higher level employees for this project will be excluded from providing any additional professional services for any aspect of the Community Maritime Park project, except with the specific approval of the CMPA Board.

CMPA RFQ For Construction Owners Representative 4-24-09

19 Firms responded to the RFQ.  One withdrew.  JERRY PATE WAS NOT A RESPONDER

COR RFQ Respondents May 27, 2009 - Jerry Pate NO PROPOSAL

Hatch Mott McDonald's RFQ does not reflect any participation by Jerry Pate Design as part of their team.  Their entire proposal is below.

Hatch Mott McDonald COR Proposal

Hatch Mott won the work.  The COR team proceeded to oversee the project for the CMPA.

Part 2 will begin at the Mayor's taking office.  You will see how swiftly they move to get Pate involved in every aspect of the City and the CMPA possible.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hasta Lasagna Nate Monroe

Happy trails.
See ya...wouldn't want to be ya.
Another one bites the dust.

Ginny says... turn off the lights!

Nate's a scrub...scrubs are out!

Any other thoughts?

Spencer Hayward Asmar Conspire to Get Pate on Contract

In what is one of the most damning emails yet, Spencer emails Asmar and Hayward copying Jerry Pate Vice President Steve Dana to discuss making sure Jerry Pate Design gets on the CMPA COR contract won by Hatch Mott McDonald.

In an email from his business' email account to the Mayor's private Yahoo account, Spencer states:


"Documents that will be renewed and amended for Hatch Mott's role moving forward need to incorporate changes as follows:" 

Forget the CMPA's RFP for COR, shove our boys down their throats.

Whoa!  The COR contract was a CMPA contract, why does the Mayor and his City Council mini mayor have any say so?

FACTS I will once again timeline out with supporting documents this week:
  1. Jerry Pate Design (JPD) did not propose to be the COR for the CMPA
  2. Hatch Mott responded to the RFP and won the contract
  3. Jerry Pate Design's pricing was never bid to join the team
  4. The Mayor unilaterally placed JPD on the COR team by Mayoral decree.
  5. Hatch Mott McDonald protested the inclusion of JPD on the COR team
  6. After being told they must have JPD on the COR team, HMM stated in a memo that the "city administration" insisted on JPD participation. 
  7. JPD stepped in using HMM as a funnel of funds to Pate and Dana
  8. A significant sum of the COR contract funds were diverted through HMM to the Mayor's buddy's company.
  9. The entire time Pate and Hayward are jetting off to weekends with their wives.
Spencer's final statement says it all!

The incorporation of the entity, Jerry Pate Design, is important as it will ensure and preserve Steve Dana and Jerry Pate's individual positions/roles as a "contract legitimate" voice for interaction w/ and presentations to the CMPA Board, City Council, City Staff and the Mayor.

I can't believe Brian Spencer turned this over actually.