Monday, September 30, 2013

City Attorney...City Violates Sunshine Law

Even City Attorney Jim Messer thinks the City has violated the Sunshine Law.


Funny how everyone, but the SAO, knows or cares when a law has been broken.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Spencer sells out Council to maintain the Mayor's Supreme Power

Remember the Council Executive search.

In this email, Benedict Spencer reaches out to his 7th Floor masters to make sure the work he does towards the Council Executive upholds the authority of the Mayor.

"Because I am committed to upholding the authority of the Mayor, as is granted in the city Charter, I would like to receive an opinion from the Mayor (or Administration) regarding this staff position and methodology for employment PRIOR to meeting with fellow committee members.

Why doesn't he just put a sign where his name goes now on the desk that says Mayor's Vote instead of Spencer.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reynolds and Messer Go At It! Messer takes Ball and Goes B'ham?

To show the dysfunction inside City Hall, the below "memorandum" from City Contract Attorney Jim Messer to then CAO Bill Reynolds shows the Mayor's two boys couldn't play well together.

Messer to Reynolds...I'm a scrub...Im Out!

Messer notes Reynolds "dissatisfaction" with Messer.  Shocker!  The list is longer than that Jim. 

Messer then flexs his muscles...don't ask my people to do stuff for you, don't tell me how to use my space and don't tell me how to use my budget. Rooooooooooar!

The City Attorney then takes his ball and goes home when he states " I certainly respect your disagreement with me over how to handle the public records requests; therefore I am forwarding the attached state attorney letter to you for your response."'s your job.  Instead of neglecting your job, either quit or get the Mayor to do HIS job and direct the issue.

The City Attorney then sticks his figurative tongue out at Reynolds and ends the memo:

"In as nice a way as I can, I want to inform you that the City Attorney has no intention of being second guessed by you on anything."

Speaking in the third person.  Nice.  Strong.  Ridiculous!

Where is the Mayor...he was copied.

Asmar Practiced Law Using City Email Account

Hmmm.  Is this ok?


On City email

Same old John!

From 2000

"Another investigation was required after allegations surfaced that Asmar conducted private business on city time and used city equipment and staff. Because of that investigation, the Times asked to see a year's worth of e-mails exchanged by Asmar and his city supervisor and private business partner, Assistant City Manager Garry Brumback. Most e-mails of a personal nature had been purged from their computer files before the Times made the request, but a few were overlooked. That's how e-mails conducting private business and swapping raunchy jokes were discovered."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Influencers" gather at Julius Spencer's Office

One month after taking office, Brian "Julius" Spencer is eager to start inserting himself and Jerry Pate's Steve Dana into the Maritime Park.

In the below email once again to Hayward's yahoo account, the savior of Pensacola invites the Mayor to a meeting at his office to plot how Spencer and his cronies can get involved in the CMP before all the contracts are let.

Spencer states his coup over the already in place design committee of the CMPA is "because he cares, period."

We know Dana and Jerry Pate are approaching it with a profit motive based on the money they will make in the next 18 months from the City and CMPA.

Spencer then starts appealing to the Mayor's ego stating:

"The CMP design and oversight process, until your swearing in, did not include you, a strong mayor.  It is a new day, and you have a chance to significantly affect the CRA's single largest project."

Then, in what is the equivalent to Hayward's ego of me throwing a tennis ball for my chocolate lab, Julius entices:

CPM (sic) = Community Mayor's Park?

He's hooked the Mayor.

Community Mayor's Park Email

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Asmar to Hayward...FYI

The more information you have, the more you can piece together.  This one cracks me up!

The letter that launched a lawsuit.
The letter that has caused more controversy than any other in his term.
The famous don't speak to the staff letter.


Written by Asmar on May 15, 2012.

After release, Councilwoman Myers and her attorney object.  They must have contacted the Mayor.

The Mayor must have asked " What did I send out John?" because Asmar sends him the famous letter with an FYI at 5:48 pm on May 23, 2012.


Then at 6:33pm Asmar sends the Mayor what his response should be to Councilwoman Myers.

Oh...then the next morning Asmar copies his real boss, Rick Outzen, on the "Attorney Client Privilege"  communication.

And the final kicker...All of the above Mayoral interactions occur through his email so they are not in any City record if a citizen asked for the Mayors emails on the subject.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Should have listened

A few months ago City Council was changing their rules and procedures.  At that time Dr. Lila Cox, the Council Executive, recommended that Council change their procedures to not allow public comment at their Agenda Conferences.

I tried to warn Council their new procedures violated state law.  Crickets!

Denying the public the right to speak is always a bad idea.  Just ask my former collegue Sam Hall and Judge Lacey Collier.

But, as often happens Council did what they were told by staff and did not allow public comment at the Agenda Conference.

Now on the Council's agenda is a change to allow the same public input that I told them they needed to have in June. 


Council, Dr. Cox has you looking like Keystone Cops. It's embarassing.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hayward Picked Airport Panel to Merrill - No Fake Fish House

Mayor Hayward's hand picked Airport Concession selection committee has selected OHM Concession Group to execute a lease for food and beverage concessions at the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport.

The OHM presentation will bring to the airport:
  • A Chick Fil A
  • 2 Einsteins Bagels
  • A Corona Beach House Bar and Grill
  • and a Surf City Juice Bar

OHM was competing with a group, the Creative Group, that hoped to license the name of four local establishments for its proposal:
  • Bagel Heads
  • Pensacola Brewery
  • Varona's
  • and Mayoral buddy Collier Merrill's, Fish House
In weighing their decision, the committee pointed out that:
  • OHM would make a larger capital investment in the Airport
  • OHM would guarantee the airport over $1 million more than the Creative group over the life of the Contract
  • the menus at the airport of the licensed local restaurants were not the food served at the local restaurants
  • the menu prices of the licensed local restaurants were extremely high
  • OHM's proposal elevates PNS to standards of major Airports in US
  • the Creative Group was under investigation by the National Labor Relations Board
  • OHM has similar operations around the Country and is a respected operator

The Committee was comprised of:
  • Bill Dagnall
  • Greg Donovan
  • Perry Hunter - the only vote for creative
  • Wes Payne
  • Brad Roberts
I understand Nate (Sheboygan Press) Monroe may be doing a little piece on the RFP this weekend but he won't have the graphics above or the actual Committee evaluation, just a few quotes and a picture of the Mayor.

Wonder who approves the pictures of the Mayor since Aunt Ginny's gone?


By the way, based on this success at an RFP process, imagine what proposals the City might get for the Pitts Slip Property.

Hayward & Barker Violate Florida Constitution...Is that a big deal?

In Florida, we have this little thing called the Constitution.  It does get in the way sometimes of some politicians desire to rule in the manner they deem fit.


But not our Mayor and his CFO.  Hasn't the rest of Florida heard we have a new charter?  We have a "strong mayor".  He has complete budget authority.

You see our State Constitution states:

SECTION 3. Religious freedom.—There shall be no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting or penalizing the free exercise thereof. Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace or safety. No revenue of the state or any political subdivision or agency thereof shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.

A few key words:
  • No Revenue - I asked my third grader.  No means no.
  • Shall ever be taken from the public treasury - that includes Barker's cookie jar
  • in aid of any church, sect or religious denomination - including Bethel AME
Recently Bethel AME hosted the 148th Florida Annual Conference.

2,000 people came to Pensacola. I am sure it was a great event.  I appreciate what Pastor Morris does in this community.  Pastor Morris did nothing wrong.  He asked for help for his project.

The Mayor could have picked up his powerful phone and made the dollars flow for the Church.  But why ask people to donate when you have supreme authority to spend City money.  However, our state has laws that even the Mayor and CFO must obey.

The Mayor authorized Councilman Johnson and Councilman Wingate to use their discretionary funds for to sponsor this event.  Please recall that the Mayor retains the right to approve every discretionary fund expenditure.  CFO Barker also authorized the payments.

Bethel AME

Were any other funds made available to the church?  I feel another public records request coming.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Julius Spencer - Influencer

The self importance of Julius Spencer knows no bounds.

In the below email, Spencer expounds on how he envisions Pensacola could be the next Nashville.

The self-appointed savior of Pensacola continues:

"In addition to the CMP park and downtown tour, this may necessitate an "Above Jackson's" dinner-idea-exhange on Saturday night.   Of course this dinner would include An, Crystal and Teri.   I would like for another "influencer" couple to be included -- someone that could engage in the Pensacola-Nashville partnership project."

Lets Influence each other!

What's an "influencer" couple?

Sounds a bit randy!

SAO: Insufficient evidence...Not cleared of wrongdoing

In an opinion issued yesterday, the SAO found insufficient evidence to determine that a crime occurred when a conversation considered by the Complainant to be private was recorded by the PNJ.

In his opinion yesterday, Asst SA Greg Marcille also stated: "Section 934.10 Florida Statutes provides a civil remedy to persons who believe their communication was improperly intercepted."


So the complainant can sue.  Let's see:
  • Aunt Ginny - Terminated
  • Schneider  - Retired
  • Doyle - Retired
He may be happy with those results but then Nate (Leaf Chronicle here I come) Monroe uses a news story to editorialize.

A few nuggets of self destruction:

"Here’s some free advice for public officials:

If you’re being interviewed by a newspaper reporter, you should have no expectation of privacy — unless explicitly told otherwise.

That’s the case even if you don’t like the questions asked, the reporter asking the questions or the story eventually written."

Do news articles start this way???

Monroe keeps digging.

"Marcille wouldn’t provide an estimate of the staff time it took to review Bear’s complaint. But rest assured public resources were expended reviewing the matter.

So please, public officials, know the law and save us all a few tax dollars."

This article sounds like an editorial not a news article.  If this is how the new editors of the PNJ let reporters "report" the news they should just quit printing the paper and start:

Becca's Blog Dot Biz.   People will read it I can promise you.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Barker / Hayward Subvert Segregation of Duties

In what is actually one of the most egregious actions by the Mayor and CFO Dick Barker, the Mayor has delegated to Barker powers that NEVER should be granted to one person in an organization.  In a July 2013 memo, the Mayor states:

"The signature or electronic routing approval of Richard Barker Jr., Chief Financial Officer, on any of the following documents, represents the same authority as the Mayor's signature.

  • Budget transfers
  • Requests for Payments
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Grant Agreements
  • Personnel related forms
  • Contracts
  • Council memorandums
  • Release of Lien
  • Permit Applications
  • Employment Contracts
Barker Authority

Really?  The CFO can do all that alone? I learned that isn't right in my recent Quickbooks 101 class.

I have provided a checklist of Barkers new powers with regards to purchasing.

Purchasing Authorizations

Under this authority, Barker:
  • Could move budget money from any account to another account within any fund without any input from any other City staff, the Mayor or City Council.
  • Could issue a requisition to a Company, approve the purchase order, approve an invoice for payment and sign the check.
Why should Barker be able to sign an employee's pay raise authorization?
Why should Barker be able to sign employment contracts?
Why should Barker be able to sign a building permit?
Why should Barker be able to sign contracts on behalf of the City?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Price Fixing at ESP?

Hey let's get 10-15 companies together in a room and fix prices related to gas hot water heater install?

Anyone bring cookies?


Pensacola.  You have to see it to believe it!

Monday, September 16, 2013

WOB Yes! O'Rileys No!

Julius Spencer thinks his home turf is special.

"My contention is that south of Government St is a different, culturally rich district with Pens Museum of Art, Pens Cultural Center, TT Wentworth Museum, Quayside, historic Plaza Ferdinand."

This declaration by the Supreme Ruler of all Downtown is in response to the City Planning Board and Planning staff's dilemma regarding O'Rileys Irish Pub asking for the ability to have outdoor seating even through they don't serve food.

What do we do?

Julius can Google

You see Spencer wants to grant permission to establishments north of Government Street but not to establishments south of Government Street.

I guess he considers his apartment to be a culturally rich establishment?

Wisely, cooler heads prevailed and now O'Rileys is a great addition to our downtown.  I can't wait til they close the streets for an all night St. Patricks Day blowout.  I might have to get my Irish on!

Good Guys Win One

You won't read about it in the PNJ.
You won't see any discussion in the Mayor's propaganda.

But the good guys win one!


Reynolds to Asmar...Why administrators?

In this email, Reynold's asks the question we all know the answer to.


Well Bill, it's just one more way the Mayor can skirt the Charter.  The Charter clearly states that the City Council must approve Department Directors but it doesn't say the specific word Administrator, so according to "the Leader" Council has no input.

However, what the charter says is:

(7) To appoint the head of each department, with the consent of the City Council by an affirmative vote of a majority of City Council Members.
So actually if it is a department, then it doesn't matter what you call them.

According to the City website, the City has many departments which should be confirmed by Council.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Reynolds: Barker, Owens and Garza are Scrubs! Scrubs are out!

CAO Bill Reynolds wanted to bounce Dick Barker, Al Garza and Derrik Owens when Dick screwed up on funding for the Main Street Project.

Yes, that Main Street project.  The one where Roads, Inc. owned by the Mayor's business partner, got an unapproved $25,000 early completion bonus for not completing early.

From this string of emails it appears that Dick Barker, Mr. Detail, asked Council to approve $1,490,000 for the project but the total cost was $600,000 more.  Oooops!

Reynolds tells Asmar "All 3 need to go. This is yet another Dick screwup.  I haven't been able to understand how he kept his job after the 3.2 mil issue in 2008."

Barker is a scrub! Scrubs are out!

I agree with Reynolds. But, Bill a $3.2 million error is nothing.  He missed his revenue estimate for ESP by $13.5 million on a total revenue of $52.5 million (25%).

Asmar: Spears is a scrub. Scrubs are out!

While still at City Hall Chief of Staff John Asmar recommended "My suggestion is that in April (2013) Mr. Spears be separated from city service."

Good thing Asmar alledgedly harassed another employee before April or Ed would have been voted off the island after all he has done.

Ed have you heard the term WHISTLEBLOWER!  It offers some protections.

Ed Spears needs to go!

The other items in this nugget are also interesting:
  • City Hall renovations.  "Very Modern Look"
  • Escambia Treating (this thing has consummed a lot of staff time in the negotiations with Feds and State based on all the emails.)
  • Port Appraisal for $40,000 (I will post it soon)
  • All of the department consolidations were Asmar motivated.  He wanted "super departments"
  • Airport Land Purchases - "Money ($500,000) will not be available until July 2013.  But I can find the money in the short term."  He must have an extra half mill laying around but they can't fund FIRE at the Airport.
Again notice that the Mayor receives the email at his yahoo account, not his City account during business hours. 

We now know Asmar wanted to fire Ed Spears.  Who did Reynolds want to fire?

Check back later this afternoon!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

SAO Confirms Investigation Surrounding News Journal / Gannett

Now, I have been accused of being in the "black helicopter crowd"...I do believe in black helicopters. I know the guys on them.

But, it seemed odd to me that within three business days at the PNJ:
  • The opinion writer is terminated.
  • The Managing Editor is terminated.
  • The Executive Editor retires and
  • The Publisher retires.
That seemed like a little to much turnover for one organization to endure.  So I asked the SAO what people were whispering.

The Investigation Is On Going

All of the above could be a coincidence.  None of the above could be subject of this investigation.  All of the above could just be leaving at the same time an investigation is started.  It could have all happened at the World of Beers.  But has there been some machinations going on?  We will have to wait and see.

PNJ, Nope
Outzen's Rag, no but a great Pet issue
WEAR, Nada.

Maren's Blog Dot Biz...the truth!

Attention Architects...Julius Spencer Approves your Bills

Brian (Julius) Spencer wears many hats!

  • Principal, SMP Architects
  • City Council Member District 6
  • CRA Chairman
  • DIB Board Member
  • Architectural Firm Selection Committee Organizer
  • Architectural Firm RFQ Writer
  • Former CMPA Board Member
But here's one no one would suspect...Accounts Payable Approver for the the City of Pensacola

Julius Approves Invoices

How many other Councilmen are asked to approve invoices submitted to the City?

Does he just approve Architects invoices or does the power bill get run past Mr. Spencer? 

Charles, Sherri, Megan, Andy, PC, Jewel, LBJ, Gerald....Has Barker given you a call to approve some invoices individually?

You must have missed the call.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Spencer tries to Shut Down O'Rileys Downtown

Julius Spencer is a fan of downtown development.
  • Jackson's - Loves it; his building; he makes money
  • Artisan - Loves it; his fees; he makes money
  • Al Fresco - Loves it; his fees; he makes money
  • Bodacious Olive/Brew - Loves it; his fees; he makes money
  • Maritime Place at CMP - Loves it; his fees; he makes money
  • New Navy Federal - Loves it; his fees; he makes money
  • O'Rileys Downtown - Hates it; no fees; he makes no money
What?  They want to have outdoor seating and he doesn't want it.  Asks for Mayoral intersession.

Did he object to Intermission?  No, doesn't live nearby.
Did he object to Rag Time? No, he doesn't live nearby.
Did he object ot Will Call? No, he doesn't live nearby.
Did he object to Blazzues? No, doesn't live nearby.
Did he object to WOB? No, doesn't live nearby.
Did he object to O'Rileys? Yes, lives across the street.

O'Rileys, if you want support from Spencer it is spelled... F-E-E-S
Spencer can stomach alot if you pay him.

Julius Whines to the Mayor

Hayward Fails Fire Again...Now They Picket the Intergalactic Airport

There's some Upside for ya!  Show up in town and the City's firemen are picketing because the airport you landed at is going to be less safe when you leave.  Nice Mr. Mayor! Upside?

The PNJ article mentions Airport Director Donovan, City officials but not the Mayor?  Isn't it his budget? 

Oink Oink

Monday, September 9, 2013

Messer: City owns the Fish House / Atlas Building...Lease Expired in June 2013

In the below letter in September 2011 to Leo Cyr, President of Ray Russenberger's Marina Management, City Attorney Jim Messer puts Russenberger and the Merrills on notice that they own exactly...Nothing.

Messer states:
"In your letter to Dick Barker, dated February 8, 2008, you stated the building had been sold to Merrill Land LLC.  Pursuant to Section VII of the lease, title to any building or other permanent improvements on the property shall vest with the City upon termination or renewal. It would appear that upon renewal of the lease title to the physical structures will vest in the City."

Congratulations City Residents!  We own the property that houses one of Pensacola's premier restaurants.


As an aside, the City is expecting percentage rent from any new tenant of the little restaurant at Plaza De Luna.  We could use some percentage rent from the Fish House.

How did these good ole buddies let that lease expire without a renewal?

Should we seek RFP's for the space?  It has been 30 years?

Will Mayor Hayward make a sweetheart deal with the Merrills or will this bro fest turn nasty as Hayward forces the Merrills to pay for all of that space?


Oink Oink

Aunt Ginny wanted Ashton's Good Side

Does any other political figure have the managing editor of the PNJ making sure the pictures used of them are the most flattering.  Definitely not me.

Man am I glad she is gone!

Ashton is a Mummy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

But I Abstained!!...Spencer on Al Fresco

Brian Spencer abstained on a vote to change the City code to allow trailers such as Al Fresco since he was the architect of record on the project.



But then again abstaining from a vote doesn't mean you can't use your official capacity to advocate for your clients and use your access to City leaders to clear away objecting concerned citizens and pave the way for you and your clients to profit.

Playing both sides

Councilman or Architect? One

Councilman or Architect? Two

Spencer has done a LOT of work for his clients in the downtown area SINCE he was elected.  Special access to staff and leaders sure does help move projects along to passage even if you abstain from the vote.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spencer Only Firm with No Admin...DAG Supplied?

In reviewing the details of various firms operations submitted with the DAG RFQ, I noted that every firm in the area has administrative personnel but one, Brian Spencer's firm.

How is that?

  • DAG Architects - 29 Employees; 5 admin employees
  • Joe DeReuil Associates - 12 employees; 3 admin employees
  • Premier Engineering - 12 employees; 2 admin employees
  • Jehle - Halstead - 9 employees; 2 admin employees
  • Brian Spencer's Firm - 5 employees; NO admin employees
Just 4 architects and a draftsmen.

Is DAG supporting his firm in that cozy little office?


Spencer DAG Joint Venture Partners

Below is a DAG RFQ submission from 2009 that clearly indicates that Spencer's firm was part of their proposal.

They list Spencer on their list of personnel.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mayor Hayward's Magic Wand

From Pensacola Digest...In his own words

One of Mayor Hayward’s campaign promises was to build new community centers at Woodland Heights and Legion Field, so when a request for qualifications (RFQ) went out last year for the design of the Woodland Heights center, it looked like progress was underway. Then in June, two weeks after proposals were received, a letter was sent out to all the respondents saying the process was being restarted.

Thank you for your firm’s response to the RFQ 11-020 for A & E [Architectural & Engineering] Services for the Construction of a Community Resource Center in Woodland Heights. The Mayor has directed that all responses to the RFQ be rejected. City staff failed to follow City policy which requires professional service or selection committee members to be appointed by the Mayor.

A new RFQ will be issued in the near future and your firm will be notified of the new opportunity.

This raised some eyebrows. There have been enough sordid tales from Pensacola’s past — of selection committees being manipulated by politicians to favor particular vendors — to make people wonder, “what’s going on here?”

Later in the Article

Spencer was familiar with the city’s past reputation for, as he euphemistically put it, “constructing selection committees that could better predict an outcome,” and one of his goals was to change that selection system. Instead of scoring proposals based on how many similar projects a firm had done, he wanted them judged on the quality of the design. Instead of filling selection committees with council members, he wanted firms to be reviewed by their professional peers — people who knew what they were looking at. So when he learned that Purchasing Director George Maiberger had already sent out the first RFQ and lined up a selection committee, he was upset.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh. All this campaigning, all this work, and one of the things that means most to me, I’ve already missed the boat?’” Spencer said. “So I called the mayor, who was very sensitive to the dilemma and I think — with authority, but without toppling the apple cart — said, ‘wait a minute, this got out the door too fast,’ and pulled it back in.”

Here's a link to Joe's Article.

What Joe missed is that the process had gone a little further than he was led to believe.  Joes article states "So when he learned that Purchasing Director George Maiberger had already sent out the first RFQ and lined up a selection committee, he was upset."

What it should have said based on my earlier post today is:

"So when he (Spencer) learned that Purchasing Director George Maiberger had already sent out the first RFQ and lined up a selection committee, and provided the Committee the RFQ's and the Committee had already evaluated and ranked the RFQ's and notified the respondents of the short list, and his joint venture partner had not made the short list, he (Spencer) was upset.

You know the How...Here's the Why

Over the last week, I revealed how Councilman Spencer apparently violates numerous City Policies, the City Code of Ethics, State Ethics laws and State procurement laws by his involvement in the RFQ process that resulted in his business' suite mate and joint venture partner DAG Architects, both located in Suite 201 of the Theisen Building, receiving a City Contract to design not one but two community centers.

Spencer controlled the RFQ, selected the Committee, drove the meetings and surprisingly his business associate gets the contract.  For good measure, he then votes to approve it.

But why did he get involved?

Answer: Because DAG didn't win the first RFQ for Woodland Heights Community Center.

What?  There was a first?  Yes

When the Woodlands Community Center was announced an RFQ was issued for the Center's architectural services.  Did Spencer object?  No!

A Committee was selected encompassing a cross section of the actual community the Center would serve.  It included:
  • Councilman Jerralds - Councilman for the District
  • David Flaherty - City Parks and Recreation Director
  • Derrik Owens - City Engineer
  • Walter Williams - Woodland Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Phylesia Baldwin - President Florida Black Chamber of Commerce
Did Spencer object to the committee members?  No!

The Committee reviewed all of the submissions received for the Woodland Heights Center, including a submission from DAG Architects.

The Committee ranking summary is below:


The Committee did not choose DAG as either a Short List firm or the firm of choice.  It recommended another Pensacola firm.

Only when DAG Architects is not selected does Julius Spencer throw a fit and demand the Mayor repeal the RFQ that was won by another firm.

One that Spencer can ultimately control and drive to his business associate, DAG Architects.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Oops...Hayward and Kuchera put Cosson in Role He Isn't Qualified for

When Derek Cosson asked to be moved to Technology Resources to hide from meanies Outzen and Asmar, Mayor Hayward and/or Sherrer Kuchera decided he should become the City's Webmaster.

Only one problem, the position requirements state:

"Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field."

Derek Cosson to my knowledge does not hold a Bachelor's Degree in anything

Can he be a cop?  Can he be a librarian?  Can he be City Engineer?

What are job REQUIREMENTS?  Not much if you are the Mayor's yes man.

Webmaster Job Requirements

Cosson Asked for Demotion To Avoid Outzen Asmar Vendetta

Former Press Secretary Derek Cosson asked the Mayor for a demotion in an attempt to divert attention from himself and try to stave off the onslaught for attacks from Rick Outzen and John Asmar in the wake of his illegal activities regarding public records.

"However, it has become clear that certain individuals, particularly Rick Outzen and John Asmar, are pursuing a bizarre personal vendetta towards me."

They being mean to me!