Monday, August 19, 2013

Purchasing Rules Don't Apply to Spencer

Purchasing rules of the City require that vendors may not make contact with Council members while a RFP is outstanding until a contract has been approved by the Council.

Evidently those rules don't apply to Councilmember Spencer and it had former CRA Director Winterberg-Lipp concerned enough to document the Councilman's apparent inappropriate actions in an email to Asmar and Reynolds.

More curious is the relationship with DAG that Spencer's firm has.

SMP Architecture. 40 South Palafox Place. Suite 201
DAG Architects 40 South Palafox Place, Suite 201

No that's not a misprint.  Same address and Suite.

How come Council rules don't seem apply to Mr. Spencer? Should the CRA have been notified by staff of Spencer's actions?

More on Spencer DAG to come! 


Anonymous said...

Of course they don't apply -- Spender is the Mayor's BFF! Anyone else able to get that sweet deal?! Of course not.

Anonymous said...

I just cannot help but to think, that if this had happened in the County the PNJ would run out of ink plastering it all over their papers.

Anonymous said...

Run DIB director out of town - check
Stack DIB with Mayor's cronies - check
Influence design of all downtown city projects - check
Ply fast and loose with sunshine law - check

Anonymous said...

Where is the SAO on this issues?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

According to State records, the principal address for DAG Architects is 1223 Airport Road, Destin, FL 32541. It must be at Spencer's request that DAG Architects has one of its offices in his office. The online Pensacola Digest wrote about the issue on January 17, 2012.

As for Spencer's shenanigans, those to blame include the City Council. It confirmed his appointment to the DIB, even though he's an elector of the DIB, and it elected him the Chairman of the CRA.