Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Boss Mayor Asmar...under contract to Mayor yet supervising City staff???


Leaves little question who ran Derek Cosson in City Hall.

Are there any Labor issues with City Employees reporting to contractors?


Anonymous said...

indisputable that Asmar served as city manager but avoided complying with financial disclosure law by givng him a fake title. ANY employee will tesitfy to this under oath.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It was always a joke -- and a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act -- to call Asmar an independent contractor. Independent contractors don't have desks in city hall, a city computer, a city user ID, the authority to hire, fire, approve leave and generally supervise city employees. It was a scam, as is the contract with Messer.

Anonymous said...

Under the heading of Attorney Profile, Asmar's law firm website describes his duty with the City of Pensacola as "Management Assistant for the City of Pensacola." A more honest position description might have been "Acting Mayor."