Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Facts No One Bothered to Ask For

Here are the facts that no one has bothered to ask:
·        I had heard from people in City Hall of Asmar’s sexual exploits for months.  People were uncomfortable with what was going on.  I posted nothing. I had no facts.
·        I only post items supported by facts and supporting documents.
·        On March 5, 2013, I met my husband and another member of my family at World of Beers to celebrate my birthday around 6pm.
·        We go to World of Beers because they carry a bier from the town where we lived in Germany.
·        It is not available in stores and it is yummy.
·        Bill Reynolds was there also.  He was not with us.  I said hello and he gave me a hug.  We exchanged pleasantries and I continued my birthday celebration.
·        No tears were shed.
·        No meeting was planned.
·        No drop off was arranged.
·        Two people met by chance in a business. Period.
·        As he was leaving, Reynolds stopped by my table and placed an envelope on it and said “Happy Birthday”.  He left.
·        No one at the table touched the envelope until we were ready to leave a few minutes later around 7pm.
·        As we were leaving, I picked up the envelope.  It had no return address and was addressed to Outzen.
·        In the envelope were the documents I posted on my blog.
·        It included a document written by the alleged victim outlining the alleged actions by Asmar that were appalling including throwing condoms on the alleged victims desk.
·        It included a document written by Reynolds detailing his knowledge and involvement in the matter.
·        The document alludes to the fact that Hayward was removing Asmar for the alleged actions.
·        It included an email from the City Attorney a month earlier informing Reynolds and the HR director that the information should be considered confidential. Messer outlines his 20 year relationship with Asmar and states he will no longer be involved.
·        The next day, I received the same documents I had been given by Reynolds from a friend who had received the documents from someone using the email address TruthatCityHall.
·        I shared this fact with the State Attorney when interviewed but no investigation of that leak appears to have either taken place or been included in the SAO report.  Just the notation of Reynolds and me.
·        I went to the trouble of redacting the document of all references to the employee’s name or other items which would indicate whom it might be.
·        I sent the documents I received to the PNJ, the City Council and other members of the press.
·        The PNJ did nothing with the information and never reported on Asmar’s alleged actions. 


Anonymous said...

Ginny and Schneider are freaked that their firewall protecting Ginny's nephew is irreversibly crumbling.

The PNJ's documented complicity (yes documented, Asmar has the evidence...why else would the PNJ not pursue such a scandalous claim??) and ethics conflict will take a toll with corporate.

They are furious, angry and worse of all... secretly ashamed.

At least soon Nate will be free to say in a news article what he has been saying in private for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

everybody hang on a second here.

it is a well known fact that Asmar has been in a relationship with a 7th floor staffer for months which is highly inappropriate yet no mention here or in any media. You can verify this by visiting one of a handful of local watering holes on any given night. Personally I think high level city employees are spending way too much time in local bars but I digress.
The harassment charge was made by yet another 7th floor staffer (yes - other than the one he continues to carry on a relationship with) who Asmar used in an effort to make employee #1 jealous.
The bottom line is that Asmar is far from the Boy Scout that BFF Outzen portrays him to be. This is not rocket science - do the math.
You are correct - when Gannett corporate gets wind that PNJ management is complicit in crafting the news they will be incensed and we will finally get the long overdue purge of the editorial board.

Anonymous said...

Yes -- it is well known that Asmar was having a relationship with one of his employees. And the City does have a policy against supervisors having relationships with subordinates. The former HR director wrote the policy when the former port director had an inappropriate relationship with one of his subordinates. Most women were very uncomfortable around Asmar. He even called the two highest paid employees in the HR department "his girls." But anyone who objected or disagreed with Asmar was quickly fired -- by Asmar. The City isn't a train wreck waiting to happen. The train is off the tracks and all we can hope for is that Hayward doesn't do any more damage before the end of his term. Shame on the PNJ for turning a blind eye & refusing to publish anything negative about the boy wonder. And shame on Outzen for making Asmar sound like a wronged genius & the only one who got things done.

Anonymous said...

PENSACOLA EMPLOYEES!!! (and contractors!!)

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DO NOT DELAY as stuff will soon hit the proverbial fan.

If you have any questions just post anonymously and I will respond.

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Anonymous said...

Ms. Deweese

thank you for the attorney information.
I will contact one this a.m.


A comforted employee

Anonymous said...

A very respectable and professional handling by you, of this windfall of info from reynolds.... time is coming when we hear from the alleged victim..... and why no one has tracked her down (she was asmar executive assistant all of 2012 to march 2013) is surprising.....Now, with sunday "reynolds" editorial in pnj, past weeks disclosures of the independent news, and now your disclosure of the "deep throat reynolds" connection, it will be soon that an enterprising journalist "finds" the real victim in all this, asmar's former exec assistant....then lots of questions will be answered....perhaps, legal action against city 7th floor may preclude much disclosure, unfortunately....everyone keep're not there yet....

Anonymous said...

holy moly - were the Mayor and City Administrator aware of what appears to be a hostile work environment on the seventh floor of city hall? This is consistent with a pattern of behavior that seems to take place wherever Asmar goes. Contrary to what Outzen and the PNJ portray he is no choir boy.

Sara Beard said...

Rick's reporting that both Cosson & Reynolds were fired. The PNJ is reporting that only Reynolds was fired. Do you have any information on this?