Monday, July 22, 2013

State of the City?

Mayoral spokeman Derek Cosson told Outzen that the Mayor would give a State of the City Address.

Hayward has historically done it just before the budget rolled out.

Mr. Mayor, budget workshops start today at 9am!   Crickets!!!

From Ricks Blog


A member of the media has advised me that you have published on your blog a report that the mayor will not be delivering a State of the City address this year. As the mayor will in fact be doing so, your report is untrue and we would ask that you promptly correct your error. I’m not sure why you would publish such a statement without a simple call or email inquiring as to its accuracy.


Post Published: 19 June 2013
Author: Rick Outzen


Anonymous said...

Hayward is proposing a tax increase. City property owners will now pay a new Escambia County Municipal Services Taxing Unit (MSTU) to support the West Florida Public Library System.

Hayward does not propose to reduce the city's ad valorem property tax rate in an amount corresponding to the $1.4 million the city will no longer be contributing to support the library system.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cosson,
There are 100s in this community that wonder the exact same thing; Why would Outzen publish something so inaccurate without the simple courtesy of contacting the individual that would know the facts.

The reason, he does not care about the facts; as long as he has some source or lack thereof to substantiate his agenda... he does not care.

I would be willing to bet that Maren herself is a victim of that very same type of propagandist journalism (used loosely)whereas a simple call to her would have cleared up the facts.

This is his mode of operations;
Just take a look at all the things he wrote about the Maritime Park with regard to costs, costs to citizens, content, etc. NOT A SINGLE THING other than a baseball stadium ever came true down there.

Now, we have a Baseball Stadium, 2 office buildings, over a million in subsidies, taxes and expense roll overs by the CRA as well as 2.6 Million in debt service that the CRA cannot afford. ALL OUTZEN and his propaganda.

So pal, stand in line because the people wanting that answer is a mile long.

Anonymous said...

Why should we believe anything that Cosson said?