Monday, July 1, 2013

Reynolds and Grover over the Library Issue


Grover calls out Reynolds!


Anonymous said...

Reading the email thread, it appears that Reynolds called out Grover and I am NO FAN of Wimpy Grover at all. I would love to say it was the other way around.

CJ Lewis said...

During the Commission's more recent June 20 Agenda Review meeting they were making noises about not taking over governance and administration of the library system. They seem oblivious to the fact that for years city residents have been double-taxed to support the library system, paying first as city residents and then as county residents. One citizen did speak during public forum explaining the math but it went in one ear and out the other. Unlike the Commissioners, I have "carefully" read the proposed Interlocal Agreement. It shifts all funding for the library system to a countywide MSTU. Period. Escambia County even gets to carve out some for administrative overhead. Nonetheless, Commissioner Robinson seems to think that the City of Pensacola still owes Escambia County a check next year for $1.4 million. With the exception of Commissioner Robertson, who seems to have a firm grasp on reality on this issue, the others were talking in circles with Interim County Administrator George Tourat only adding to the confusion. More ridiculously, the Commission is unable to connect the budget dots seemingly having no awareness that the best use for the $3.1 million no longer needed to run the Library is to fund the creation of new staff positions at the Jail. Commission Valentino described the problem as a "crisis" yet the County's plan seems to be to drag out fixing the problem for "five years or more." However, using the Commission's own math, that $3.1 million saved funding the Library using the new MSTU could be reprogrammed to fund creation of 47 new positions at the Jail; about half the number needed to satisfy the Department of Justice. Most of the rest could be created using the County General Fund dollars no longer needed to support ECAT to be funded starting on January 1 in part using gas tax revenues.

Anonymous said...

The City pays twice for many services. We pay City & county taxes which provide for a high quality police force & a mediocre Sheriff's department that doesn't respond within the City. We pay City & County taxes for the transit services. We also pay city & county taxes for parks & recreation programs. The county provides little & yet they come into the City & use our park facilities & programs. I wish we could opt of paying the county taxes when we don't receive any benefit. Let the county pay their own way!