Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Larkin tells Asmar He has No Standing

The City through its attorney has told Eric Stevenson and John Asmar to go away regarding Mr. Asmar's alleged harassment of a city staffer.

Attorney Robert Larkin makes the following statements in his letter below:
  • The employee is the "alleged victim" not Mr. Asmar.
  • Asmar's continued agitation perpetuates the allegations against Mr. Asmar.
  • The City will not be responding to any further correspondence from Stevenson and Asmar on this matter.
Larkin Letter Re Asmar


Anonymous said...

This is what happens to attorneys that practice outside their practice area or comfort zone. SPANK!!!

Mr Stevenson's letter did not intimidate Mr. Larken one bit. Not at all. Mr. Larken was all to happy to school Mr. Stevenson in his response.

Eric should stick to what he knows, criminal defense, "Mr Dui", and some PI and maybe some family...who knows.

My dad used to say, beware of those who are a "Jack of all trades, master of none"

Anonymous said...

the city is "unable to investigate"????

what a complete pathetic joke

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Council does not care. If it did, it might find out what Mayor Hayward knew and when he knew it to include if he directed or knew about and turned a blind eye to the leak.

The document was widely leaked by e-mail all over the place by someone masquerading as "Truth at City Hall."

It can't be that hard to figure out when those e-mails were sent and find out if Hayward's designated attack blogger Derek Cosson was at logged into the server at City Hall masquerading as "Truth at City Hall."

On March 6, Hayward and former City Administrator Bill Reynolds knew the document had been leaked. Reynolds was not fired. That suggests that Hayward knew about the leak. We know that all the Council members knew about the leak on March 6 and said nothing.

Lastly, someone needs to ask Reynolds what he thought he would accomplish leaking the document to Rick Outzen at the Independent Weekly. That seemed like a dumb move.

Anonymous said...

Stick to the DUI's Eric. Trying to big talk for Asmar is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

at some point in the not too distant future Asmar will have a need for Stevenson's criminal defense skills....

Anonymous said...

Has anyone requested seeing the actual withdraw letter that the "alleged victim" allegedly requested and signed? How do we know this isn't just another attempt to cover up? ! Why should we believe that it was closed or that the victim is"satisfied with the results"?

Anonymous said...

There was a comment on here earlier that said that the complaint in fact HAD NOT been withdrawn. It appeared to be typed out on a phone given the lack of punctuation and caps, however, it was very clear.

Maren DeWeese said...

I was asked by the poster to remove the comment regarding the harassment allegation investigation.

I will be following up on it.