Thursday, July 11, 2013


For the new 1,000 or so daily visitors, thanks for your interest.

I received a note last night regarding my post of the new CAO's lobbying client's and information and asked why I posted it.

I try to provide Citizens with all types of information they will not find in the media  This is posted in 2 ways:
  1. Without comment.  Just the data is posted.
  2. With comment.  This is usually documents that I either want to explain or need to be poked at.
Our new CAO is coming to this project from Tallahassee.  I hope she sees this administration for what it is and has become.  Any help she can offer is more than welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

Remember the purpose of my blog is stated right on page one.

This blog is a place to share ideas and create discussion on issues that affect us all in the City of Pensacola. I look forward to bringing you useful and timely information. Please email me or post a comment to this blog when you have something to share.
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Anonymous said...

good job. your blog is soley responsible for uncovering truths, wrongdoings, and chicago style politics on the city hall 7th floor. it has been a service to the citizens. now the 7th floor mess needs a cleanup. thank you

Anonymous said...

Im with the previous poster, this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

What information do you have on LOST money being spent for fancy furniture and a glass wall on the 7th Floor of City Hall? Can they use those funds that way? We're told that we need to start "tightening our belts" and they're blowing what little we have on cool chairs??

Should they love it, or list it?