Friday, July 5, 2013

Asmar Claims Crimes were Committed

In the Asmar Weekly article alleging a conspiracy to oust him, the Mayor's former Chief of Staff's below noted quotes stuck out to me:

“I have documents, emails, text messages and video tapes that document a pattern of unlawful behavior in the Office of the Mayor and show a total disregard for Florida law, the city charter and city policies,” he said.

“I am prepared to release all documents to media upon completion of the state attorney’s investigation and when he grants me permission to do so.”

Excuse me! 

When Gene Valentino made similar statements about the Jail, he found himself under oath answering just exactly he knew and who told him.

When the Mayor's former right hand man makes the statement...crickets!  Really??

  • Is the Chief of Police going to ask the State Attorney to subpoena Asmar to come clean under oath?
  • Is the Chief of Police going to ask FDLE to step in to investigate since its his boss?
  • Is Aunt Ginny and the PNJ going to let the man they touted with a fluff piece and a viewpoint say the Mayor of Pensacola has broken Florida law, the Charter and Policy and not even ask any questions?
  • Aren't the documents, emails, text messages and video tapes public documents subject to sunshine?
  • Is the Pensacola City Council going to call for an investigation?
  • Isn't Asmar indicting himself as he was the instrument of that policy for the first 2 years of the administration?
  • he going to claim whistleblower status as an innocent pawn of the Mayor?
Only in Pensacola can the Mayor's enforcer get let go for alleged harassment, claim he has details and evidence of crimes, is ready to spill the beans and the City Council and local press yawn and ignore it for the boy king.

Can you imagine if Rahm Emmanuel had left the White House and turned around and made a statement in the New York Times that he knew of violations of law, violations of the constitution and violations of government policy by the Obama administration? 

I'm sure the press would spend more time covering seabirds nesting on the beach and thousands of ducks run at Riverfest.

Unbelievable...even for here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't overreact. I have heard from an inside source that the State Attorney is in fact investigating this and many issues relating to the City of Pensacola, with an anticipated grand jury.