Wednesday, July 3, 2013

11:23 AM on Wednesday and the InWeekly was Available Online. Questions that Need to be Asked

  • The InWeekly is a weekly paper.
  • The State Attorney did not issue their report until Tuesday July 2 in the afternoon.
  • The InWeekly posted by 11:23 am on Wednesday has a cartoon regarding Hayward, Cosson, and Reynolds.
  • The InWeekly posted by 11:23 am contains the article posted by Outzen this morning.
  • The article knew the charges, that they were non-criminal and all of the details of the SAO report.
Questions that should be answered:
  • When was the InWeekly's July 4 edition sent to the printer?
  • Did the issue go to print before the SAO letter was isssued and charges filed?
  • If it went to the printer before the charges were filed did the SAO office inform Outzen the detail needed to include which charges would be filed?
  • Were all press informed of the charges at the same time as the InWeekly or was preference given?
  • How much did the InWeekly drive the investigation by the SAO?
  • Was there an SAO leak?

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