Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Where does Brian Spencer draw the Line in his various roles?

In the email below, Brian Spencer, using his IPhone clearly mixes his roles in life.

Spencer for Hire

He signs his email 

Brian K. Spencer

Principal, SMP Architecture
Member of City Council, District 6
City of Pensacola

He is either using his City email account to promote his business or his business email account to conduct City business?

Wonder which it is?


Anonymous said...

He doesn't draw the line. He & the Mayor & Asmar & ...... are only worried about themselves & not the citizens of Pensacola. It's sad, but not surprising.

Downtown Pensacola Historic Resident said...

I think Mr. Spencer could enjoy his wife and take lavish trips if he wanted, but he has made a decision to be on City Council, CMPA, non-profit boards, and run a very good architectural firm. That's entrepreneurship and by signing "disclosing" his connections in emails is better than the back door most politicians use.

Have you seen the design of the Wahoos Stadium, Downtown Credit Union, Baylen Lofts, townhomes along Bayfront Drive, Jacksons... these are great buildings and enhance the architecture of the city. Everyone has their opinion, but I think he has certainly enhanced downtown's aesthetics and therefore downtown's tax base for everyone.