Friday, June 21, 2013

Wagley Trys to Explain Vision Group Away

Christian Wagley, Restore Committee member and Vision Group participant posted a response to the email chain released regarding the Vision Group and attempted some spin control.

He minimizes the "Vision Group" and its efforts in "getting core members into appointed positions in cities,counties, CRAs, etc... This really shows you the system we are working in and you have to attack cancer from the inside with chemotherapy!" as Vision Grouper Alex Adams stated.

He doesn't address that one Vision Grouper Alan Gray was recently appointed as a City Planner for the City of Pensacola despite reportedly not being the top ranked applicant.

He doesn't address that the same Vision Grouper Alan Gray was Brian Spencer's water toter for the Government Street reopening.

He doesn't address how Vision Grouper Steve Dana and Jerry Pate Design have garnered numerous projects throughout Pensacola on a no-bid basis, as Mayoral dictates or when their bid was not the low bid.

He doesn't address how his group has "pressured politicians" as Vision Grouper  Alex Adams states.

He doesn't address who paid Vision Grouper Alex Adams and Steve Dana to meet with FDOT.  Did they travel on their own? Did Spencer pay?  Did the City pay? 

As much as Wagley tries to spin it.  The words of the Vision Groupers speak for themself.

And as much as he states that he was elected to serve on the Restore committee.  Isn't that exactly what the mission of the "Vision Group" is, to "get core members into appointed positions"



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