Monday, June 24, 2013

Studer is not familiar with the Vision Groupers

Quint Studer reached out to let me know that he was not familiar with the Vision Group.

Probably just Brian Spencer puffing and posturing for Quint and Jerry at his personal efforts at total world domination...or at least a utopian Seaside feel in downtown Pensacola.

Airstream diners...check.  Spencer gets paid.
New First Navy Bank will have that Seaside look...check.  Spencer gets paid.
Custom makeover for Penko building...check.  Spencer gets paid.
Recycled design of Alystock building for Maritime Place...check.  Spencer gets paid..
Remodel and open O'Rileys Irish Pub...Spencer opposes...Doesn't get paid.
Sound of the gulf crashing into the shore...nope, just Global 1200 purring like a kitten.

Welcome back Global!

This is one person's version of public private partnership.

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Anonymous said...

u hit the nail on the head!!